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Battle Ready Prayer (for Teens) t Th Sat

Battle Ready Prayer (for Teens) t Th Sat

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Published by Missy Champine
I have modified the Battle-Ready Prayer for Teen use. This is the Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday version.
I have modified the Battle-Ready Prayer for Teen use. This is the Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday version.

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Published by: Missy Champine on Nov 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Battle-Ready Prayer will take about 25 minutes toread aloud. It is designed to help you live a victorious life inChrist. I transcribed an audio file of this prayer (foundonline), then edited it and added Scriptures as the dayswent by, according to my specific needs. I have left plentyof blank space on the pages for you to do the same. This isa covenant prayer; it is meant as a statement of faith to theLord, as well as a petition. If you read this aloud daily, youwill be delightfully surprised at how it shows up in yourdaily thoughts, and even starts to come out of your mouthat times! Also, I initially thought this prayer would losemeaning and become a rote recitation; that concern waswithout merit. Every time I read it, it never fails that somepart of it ministers to me or brings me joy. I think it isbecause the prayer is Scripture-based. I also have addedso many Scriptures to it, just for my edification, that theseare now being "hidden in my heart." I hope this prayerblesses you as it has blessed me, and more!
Battle Ready Prayer forTeens(T TH Sa)
I submit myself to You, God. I come near to You, knowing You will come near to me. James 4:7-8a 
PRAISE & THANKSGIVINGCreator Of the universe, God of Moses,Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The HolyOne of Israel – the Alpha and Omega – the Beginning and End – I give Youpraise!
, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!" 
Rev. 5:12
Praise be to the only wise King who declares the end from the beginning! 
Isaiah 46:10 Holy are You,LORD!
"Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere…" 
Psalm84:10a I give You thanks & praise forYour goodness, Your mercy, and Yourgrace. I give You thanks for a mind topray, a heart to seek Your face, andauthority You have given me over theEnemy and his demons.
Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, who guides me into all truth,
John 16:13
and intercedes for me when my Words and wisdom fall short 
.Romans 8:26 I thank You for this moment,and the opportunity that this day brings. Iknow that each day is a gift from You, andI have unlimited potential to impact Yourkingdom today.THE ADVERSARYHelp me to never lose sight of the fact thatI have an adversary that must be foughteach day. The Word tells me that Satancame to steal, kill, and destroy. But Jesuscomes that I might have life, and have itmore abundantly. In the Name of Jesusand the power of his blood, I bind Satanand his forces of darkness from anyinvolvement, activity, or distractions in thisprayer. Lord, empower my angels to comeagainst every thought, feeling, influence,and hindrance that may come against meas I pray.ARMOR OF GODIn the Name of Jesus and the power of hisblood, I equip myself right now with thewhole armor of God, that I am coveredfrom head to toe in every aspect of mylife. There are no parts of my life that areexposed, but my body, soul, and spirit arecovered by the blood of Jesus.HELMET OF SALVATIONIn the Name of Jesus and the power of hisblood, I put on the helmet of salvation.Thank You for promising me salvationboth for today's battles and for all eternity.This helmet will protect me from the
deception of my enemy. My thoughts aresealed by the blood of Jesus, and no liecan live in my mind.BELT OF TRUTHIn the Name of Jesus and the power of hisblood, I put on the belt of truth. ThankYou, my LORD, for showing me the truthabout Yourself. Thank You for remindingme that You are the only God, the Creatorof heaven and earth, the King of theuniverse, my Father who loves me, andmy Shepherd who leads me. You are mywisdom, my counselor, my hope, and mystrength. You are everything I need eachday. I am Yours. I am Your chosen,adopted, dearly loved child.
Nothing can separate me from Your love! Romans 8:38-39 
BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESSIn the Name of Jesus and the power of hisblood, I put on the breastplate ofrighteousness. I thank You, LORD, forshowing me the truth that on my own Icould never be good enough to live inYour presence. Jesus, thank You fortaking my sins on the cross and for givingme Your righteousness in the greatexchange. Your righteousness protectsmy heart from pride. My own good worksare like dirty rags to You, so I need notworry about being good enough or doingenough.SHIELD OF FAITHIn the Name of Jesus and the power of hisblood, I take up the Shield of Faith, and Ibind the spirit of fear. You have not givenme the spirit of fear, but of power, love,and a sound mind. I trust in the LORDwith all of my heart, mind, body, soul, andspirit. If You said it, then I know that Youwill do it. You do only good things to me,and You are able to perform Your Word inmy life. I believe the promises of God formy life. Every Word You have spokenconcerning my destiny shall beestablished and come to pass; no man ordevil can usurp Your will for my life!SANDALS OF PEACEIn the Name of Jesus and the power of hisblood, my feet are shod with the gospel ofpeace. Peace rests upon me and coversmy mind and heart. I will share the goodnews about Jesus with anyone You bringme. Because of Jesus and what he hasdone for me, I have peace in the midst ofstorms, chaos, and confusion. Your peacecomforts me in times of trial, and sustainsme from being weary. It surpasses allunderstanding and defies logic.SWORD OF THE SPIRITIn the Name of Jesus and the power of hisblood, I am empowered with the Sword ofthe Spirit, which is the Word of God. TheSword of the LORD shall never departfrom me. I pray for holy boldness in myspirit, and for Your Holy Spirit to bring tomy mind the Word of God when I need itto comfort, encourage, exhort, or wagewar with my enemy.CONFESSIONS
I wash my hands of my sin; single- minded, I purify my heart in Your presence. James 4:8b 
if I confess my sins, You are faithful and just and will forgive my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9 
"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me 
and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." Psalm 139:23-24 
I stand before You, LORD,naked – offering no excuses or justifications for my sins. I come, LORD,seeking Your standard, and not those ofmen. Holy Spirit, bring into my mind thesins right now that I need to confess...[just wait - it will come to you]LORD, I am thankful that You haveforgiven my sins. Forgive every thought,deed, action, motive, or intent of my heartthat does not line up with Your Word,Your will, or Your calling and purpose formy life. Forgive me for the times I havetaken You for granted, or moments whereI have allowed my focus and discipline toslip. Uproot any seed of discontent thathas been planted in my life. Forgive me,LORD, if I have held back my time,talents, or resources. Give me a heart torestore every person I have wronged. Justas You forgive me, I forgive those thathave wronged me, and I let go of any hurt,bitterness, resentment, or ill-will that Ihave held in my heart. I will not allow thesin of offense and the bitterness thatfollows to wreck my relationship with You.I will not fall for the devil's bait of offense.You can take care of those who hurt me -I don't need to see things made right -that's Your business! I repent right now, inthe name of Jesus, and I receive thepower of the blood to cleanse me from alliniquity.SUBMISSION
I know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God - if I choose to be a friend of the world, I become Your enemy.I know Scripture says the Spirit You caused to live in me envies intensely.James 4:4-5 
I come before You, LORD,with a heart that is after Your own, and amind that is stayed on You.
Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-" Psalm 103:2 
I choose You,LORD, and all of Your benefits, anddenounce all ties and fellowship with theworld. I have no place in the world, anddenounce everything that it offers. I thankYou, LORD, for saving me from myselfand the consequences of sin. I surrender,LORD, and give You total and completereign over my life. I willingly submit to Youin thanksgiving and praise.SPIRITUAL COVENANTYou have given me a choice, LORD, and Ichoose to be in covenant with You. I havecrossed the line of no return, and I will notlook back. Each day I am becoming morelike You, and growing further from thisworld. My reality in Christ is more realthan what my natural eyes behold, and Iknow that You are near. You are righthere with me, every step of the way. Ithank You for every opportunity to gainrevelation and understanding concerningYou. The truths You have revealed to megive me unshakeable faith - I will notcrumble when the storms of life come my

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