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Zoning Bylaws

Zoning Bylaws

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Published by Town-of Aquinnah

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Published by: Town-of Aquinnah on Nov 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Purpose02.00Use Regulations
02.20Permitted Uses in a Rural - Residential District
02.30Uses by Special Permit in a Rural - residential District02.40Permitted Uses in a Marine Commercial District02.50Uses by a Special Permit in a Marine Commercial District02.60Signs2.70Hazardous Use
2.80Clear Cutting of Trees02.90 Stone walls03.00Dimensional and Density Regulations03.10Minimum Lot Sizes03.20Additions / Structural Density
03.30Use Density
03.50Building Height
03.70Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks03.80Minimum Frontage04.00Special Overlay Districts04.10Island Road District
04.20Goals04.30Boundaries04.40Permitted Uses within the Island Road District04.50Regulations and Restrictions for the Major Road Zone
05.00Regulations and Restrictions for the Special Ways Zone
05.10Uses Permitted
05.20Uses by Special Permit
05.30Uses not Permitted05.40Special Regulations
06.00Special Places District06.10Boundaries
06.20Permitted Uses06.30Uses by Special Permit
07.00Coastal District07.10Goals
07.20Boundary07.30Permitted Uses07.40Uses by Special Permit from the Planning Board Review Committee
08.00Flood Plain Zone
08.10Purpose08.20Requirements08.30Additional Requirements in Velocity Zones08.40Special Permits08.50Administration
09.00Moshup Trail Cultural and Historic District
09.10Use Regulations09.20Signs09.30Construction09.40Vehicular and Pedestrian Ways09.50Stone Walls and Fences09.60Private Parking Areas09.70Dimension and Density Regulations09.80Building Height09.90Conservation Commission09.95Clearings & Vegetation10.00
Gay Head Cliff Area District of Critical Planning Concern10.01
Goals10.02Boundary10.03Uses Requiring a Special Permit10.10Site Review Committee10.20Boundary Description11.00Conservation Regulations11.10Conservation Areas11.20Excavation11.30Uses of Water Areas11.40Clearings and Vegetation12.00Review of Developments of Regional Impact12.10Compact Siting12.20Developments of Regional Impact13.00Non-Conforming Uses and Pre-exiting Lots13.10Pre-existing lots13.20Non-Conforming Uses14.00Administration14.10Board of Selectmen14.20Board of Appeals14.30Planning Board Plan Review Committee14.40Special Permits14.50Site Review Committee14.60Zoning Administrato
Definitions16.00Amendment17.00Validity18.00Penalties19.00Amendments20.00 Subdivision Rules and Regulations Zoning Map of Gay HeadGAY HEAD ZONING BY-LAWS
01.00 PURPOSEThe purpose of this by-law is to promote the health, safety, convenience andwelfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Gay Head, to prevent flood damage, maintain water quality, assure adequate water supply, prevent pollution, promote wildlife habitats, assure themaintenance of cultural and historic sites and values, preserve and enhance the character of views, prevent damage to structures, land and water as a result of erosion, promote economicdevelopment of fisheries and related industries maintain and enhance the overall economy of the Town of Gay Head, and too provide them with the benefits and protection authorized byChapter 808 of the Acts of the Commonwealth of 1975.02.00USE REGULATIONS02.10 DISTRICTSThe Town of Gay Head is divided into the following district:.01Rural - Residential District.02Marine Commercial Districts.03Special Overlay Districts (a district whose regulations areimposed in addition to the regulations of the underlying districts). Thesedistricts include the Flood Plain Zone, the Island Road District, CoastalDistrict and the Moshup Trail District of Critical Planning Concern.(Reference Section 4.00). These districts are located on a map entitled"Zoning Map of Gay Head", on
in the office of the Town Clerk. Thismap, with all explanatory matter concerning the special overlay districts, ishereby made part of the by-law.02.20PERMITTED USES IN A RURAL - RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT Thefollowing uses are permitted in a Rural - Residential District:.01Detached one - family dwellings, not including temporary omobile structures except as provided below;.02religious, educational, or municipal uses;.03farm, forest, plant nursery, or other agricultural or horticulturaluses;.04the harvesting and processing of fish and shellfish
any use customarily accessory to and clearly incidental to a permitted principal use on the lot including any of the following-home occupation employing no more than five persons notmembers of the resident family;-the display and sale of natural products raised or prepared in theTown;-the renting of rooms or boarding of not more than eight personsnot members of the resident family; or their guests;the storage of unregistered vehicles, boats, boat and equipmenttrailers and tents for the use of the resident family, if screened from viewof the public road;the keeping of horses, ponies, small animals and poultry for theenjoyment of the resident family.02.30USES BY SPECIAL PERMIT IN A RURAL-RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTAny uses not specifically permitted above and not prohibited by other  provisions of the by-law are permitted in a Rural-Residential District, butonly if the Planning Board grants a Special Permit for an exception. Such

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