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Burugkos: The SCUAA 2010 Special Volume 1 Issue 2

Burugkos: The SCUAA 2010 Special Volume 1 Issue 2

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Published by nico

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Published by: nico on Nov 10, 2010
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The SCUAA 2010 Special
 Vl I Isse 2Nvembe 10, 2010
CNSC btes nail CSPC
By: Zand Amad and Ia Jacb
stellar individual perormance by a reshmanplayer plus total team dedication were the keys orCamarines Norte State College’s total dominationagainst the Camarines Sur Polytechnic College in the rstgame o the 2010 SCUAA ootball tournament that banneredthe shocking 13-0 nal score.The wet pitch and drizzly atmosphere did notdampen the Cam Norte based team as Alibert Mera scoredthe rst goal in the 10th minute o the rst hal. Then it wasRolando Maigue’s turn to shine as he scored his rst hat-trick putting in three consecutive goals rom the 28th to the 33rdminute. CNSC pushed the level up a notch as they continuedto harass their rivals on both ends. Nixon Nieva made a goalrom the ar right o the penalty box to push the score up 5-0.Eduardo Cereno capped the rst hal onslaught with a goal inthe 43rd minute.A weary CSPC team looked to make a comeback atthe second hal, but the lack o teamwork at oense coupledwith tenacious deense by their rivals made things difcultor the Camarines Sur team. Their woes continued as RolandoMaigue scored his second hat trick rom the 46th to the 60thminute which completely dashed CSPC’s hopes o makingat least a decent nish. Even with a virtually astronomicallead, CNSC did not let up as theyused their running game and speed advantage to drain theiropponents. Nixon Nieva and Eduardo Cereno scored in the63rd and 65th minute respectively. Maigue scored his 7thgoal in the 70th minute which clearly earned him the Mano the Match honors. Glen Briones made the nal goal o thegame in the 72nd minute.“We are very happy with the result”, Maigue, a rstyear BS Education student said. “We nished the game strongdespite the lack o training,” he added. “We are preparing orour next game which is BU who we consider as the toughestteam in the tournament,” he said.“We consider this as a comeback or the team,” CNSCCoach Felomino Fernandez said. “We are usually in the lowerstandings although we nished 3rd last year and championstwo years ago,” he added. “We wanted to gain a psychologicaladvantage early in the game and we did that. Despite the lack o equipment and limited time to train, we made it up in teamresponsibility and we are very happy with the result,” he said.“We are looking at BU and Sorsogon State Collegeas the toughest teams in the competition.We are looking to nish strong overall butwe will be happy i we make it at least in thetop three,” he said.“It was a very good match but I amvery disappointed with what happened,CSPC Coach Gerald Alteza said. “Wedid not expect the game to result inthat way,he added.
Bu, SSC, CNSC, PSu ace in wmen basetball dels
Tension was high in the basketball women openinggame Tuesday as our pairs o contending teams rom eight stateuniversities and colleges (SUCs) struggled to scoop the win. The rst pair was Bicol University (BU) and CatanduanesState Colleges (CSC) which ended at 44-39 in avor o BU.BU’s Diana Fullo red two successive two-pointers atthe early minutes o the game. BU was able to post a our-pointlead at 12-8 at the end o the rst quarter. CSC however pickedup the pieces as it evened score with BU in the last seconds o the second quarter. The constant motivation o BU Team Coach Cesar Tayam, revived the spirits o his players in the third quarter thatended with a 5-point lead or BU.“BU players are well-trained and we nd the game verychallenging,” Jemari Tolentino and Jennelyn Matecha o CSCteam both said.“Since hal o the (CSC) players were new, they couldnot right away blend with the old ones,” Tayam said. She addedthat BU team has ‘reinorced’ its deense because the team hadplayed against CSC beore so they already know parts o thelatter’s game plan.During the second match, Sorsogon State College (SSC)cagers sealed the win as it secured a 44-25 score over rival Dr.Emilio B. Espinosa Senior Memorial State College o Agricultureand Technology (DEBESMSCAT).SSC scored 20 points during the rst hal, our shotsahead o DEBESMSCAT and added 24 points during the lasthal.Game ofcial Roderick Magayanes said the SSC showedhigh winning potentials right rom the rst quarter. This wasafrmed by reerees Richard Quimio and Arnel Camacho. The Camarines Norte State College Women’s Basketballteam showed no mercy on its counterpart rom Camarines SurPolytechnic Colleges with its 52-25 game which came next toSSC vs. DEBESMSCAT match.An 18-point lead was sealed in the rst hal by KarenDioso, CNSC team’s captain ball. The second hal seemed a replayo the rst hal with CNSC dominating the game all throughout.“We have been practicing or more than a month beorethis event and we really look orward to our college’s success,”said Dioso.Victory was notched by the Partido State University(PSU) women basketball team during the ourth and nal matchor Day 1 as they scored 46 over its opponent Central Bicol StateUniversity o Agriculture which secured 27 points.PSU led the rst quarter o the game with its 11-8score, but CBSUA was able to trail in the 2nd quarter. Thegame was temporarily stopped during the last minutes o the3rd quarter as the rain poured very hard. PSU Coach MariaPacamara approached the coordinating committee and saidthat she would stop her team rom playing i the downpourgets heavier because the court would get very slippery anddangerous or the players. It was then resumed at the BUCollege o Engineering Gymnasium.Beore the game was temporarily stopped, PSUplayer Catherine Rose Bodollo accidentally shot the ball at theopponent’s ring which started tension between CBSUA coach,Sony Corporal and reeree, Rolando Mendoza.According to Corporal, it should be counted butMendoza insisted otherwise because though unintentional itwas still a violation.Despite these hurdles, the joint orces o CBSUA team’sleading ace player, France Laporteza and guard, Laurence MaeGomez enabled them to win in their rst match.
By Meljessa B. Balino, Reynard Sevillano, Caryl Gamis, Jessha Marquez,Lorena Fuellas, Marjorie Mae Noble, Mary Joy Red, Josyl Caballes
SSC beats PSU 4-1; to ace-of with CBSUA in game 5
“Magaling sila, pero susubukan pa rin namin. Bilog angbola. Huwag tayong pasiguro, kasi pare-pareho naman kamingamateurs.”Thus said Coach Salvador Andes Sr. o the Sorsogon StateCollege (SSC) about their next match today against Central BicolState University o Agriculture (CBSUA) ater winning their matchagainst Partido State University yesterday.The rst hal ended at 3-0 in avor o SSC. It was PSU’sMarlo Pelo who scored the rst goal at the tenth minute o the game. However, the SSC Team’s Adam Hicotin and ErwinAlmoguerra retaliated with two successive goals and anotherone later in the game.All was well beore an accidental headbutt happenedbetween Mark Huebos o SSC and Pelo. PSU coach Sean Sierrahad to call on rst aiders to cover Pelo’s wound on his upperhead.The reeree, however, didn’t call or a oul because bothplayers received impact rom the headbutt.“It was a small cut which does not need a suturing. We just dressed the wound so it won’t be exposed when he goesback to the eld,” said Sports Coordinator and Head o First AidRuben Gariando.Pelo was back in the game not long ater his woundwas dressed by the rst aid team.While his players were resting at hal-time, Sierra toldBURUGKOS that his team had perormed well but some changesin their gameplay aected much o their perormance.“Two o my players were disqualied because they hadno IDs. So we had no substitutes,” he said.He added that their deense is not enough to keep SSCrom scoring.In the second hal, Lenerd Lora o SSC scored anothergoal in the 65th minute earning or SSC a three-point lead.Two SSC players however received a yellow card each.“I they get another yellow card in their next match,they will not be allowed to play again in the tournament,”Noland Toledo, reeree, said.A ace o is set between SSC and CBSUA in the openinggame today, the second day o the tournament.
By rey Anthny ostia
 A Ssn State Cllee (SSC) playe dives t the baset as D.EmiliB.Espinsa S. Memial State Cllee  Aicltal and Technly (DE-BESMSCAT) playe deends din the wmen’s basetball ame.
To set aside the atmosphere o competition and buildcamaraderie among the athletes rom the eight state universitiesand colleges, the BU University Student Council (USC) launcheda two-part Athletes’ Night tagged as “BU Rocks SCUAA”. The rst night eatured ve local bands (M.Y.G.P,Hostage Drama, PageDown, Perdition, and Mind o Clay) thatplayed acoustic and rock music or the crowd. Meanwhile,nationally-amous bands Grin Department, DAR Wager, andBlack Board added zest to the already wild crowd.BU-USC Chairperson Daisy Lleno said that the athletesmust not see themselves as competitors but as athletes whohave only one goal, and that is to represent the Bicol regionbecause despite the act that they come rom dierent schools,they are all Bicolanos. The concert was meant to start at 7 p.m. but due to badweather it started at around 8 p.m. Only a ew participants werepresent during the early part o the concert because o the rain,but as the night went by, the concert grounds eventually lledup.According to Cyrus Lanuza, executive chairman o thetwo-night concert and USC business manager, the original plano the USC was to conduct the activity or one night only butthey were requested by BU President Fay Lauraya to have it ortwo nights. The BU NSTP shouldered the sound system or therst night while the USC unded the second night.USC Secretary General Alexis Joyce Baldon and VicePresident or External Aairs John Francis Balino were the hostsor the night. The second night eatured seven local bands; theyare Kolopneytsur, Euchapuera Band, Dubista, Muchas Grassas,Kancioneros, Stolenshots, and Tutpick Band.
 Athletes’ Niht taed as Burcs SCuAA 
By Saah Man
With reports from Reynard Magtoto
SSC bests CBSuA in thee Badmintn events
By Cevin P. Bais
Sorsogon State College (SSC) raked in all victoriesover Central Bicol State University o Agriculture (CBSUA)in the three badminton events yesterday at the TacticalOperations Group V Aircrat Badminton Gymnasium-CourtNo. 2 in Tagas, Daraga.During the rst game, Lydon Harlie Lim rom SSC wasin close ght with the CBSUA player, Jerome Punga. However,at the end o the game, Lim posted a 21-18 victory or bothsets.In the second game, SSC player Paul Habitan alsowon in the two singles over CBSUA contender Mark Despacio.Habitan controlled the game with a score o 21-19 in the rstset and 21-13 in the last set.Meanwhile, the doubles between SSC’s JohnJeerson Lopez and Giovanni Jalmasco and CBSUA’s JaysonPanga and Rico Earl Bataller also ended up in the take o theSorsogueños at 21-19 and 21-17, respectively.The three games were ofciated by RaymundNuada. ■
CSPC stns PSu in Badmintnmen’s dbles
By Jezaline Naz and Andea gayle Amenta
The Camarines Sur Polytechnic College (CSPC)overwhelmed Partido State University (PSU) with a victory inthe badminton doubles men division yesterday at the TacticalOperations Group V Aircrat Badminton Gymnasium-CourtNo. 2 in Tagas, Daraga.CSPC duo Vicente Priolo and Cedrick Bigioja sweptthe court with a score o 21-13 and 21-16, beating PSUopponents, Junel Pama and Mark Harold Cortes in a straightset.CSPC Badminton coach Maria Reantaso said regularpractice and teamwork were Priolo’s and Bigioja’s strength inevery game.In the previous SCUAA regional meet, the two playersbagged the bronze or placing third in the same event.
CBSuA vewhelms CSCin scce feld
By Edda Mae Mata
With a nine-point lead over its contender, the CentralBicol State University o Agriculture (CBSUA) goaled its rstvictory against Catanduanes State College (CSC) in yesterday’ssoccer match.Despite the marshy ground, the two teams remainedeager to win the match. In the early minutes o the 1st hal,Melvin Importanto scored the goal or CBSUA. However, CSC’sJR Manlangit also scored or their team, tying CBSUA. The latterbroke the deadlock by scoring ve consecutive goals beorethe end o the rst hal. Although CSC’s Garlet Arcilla was ableto score, it was instantly countered by yet another goal romChristopher Carmino o CSBUA.By the end o the rst hal, CBSUA was leading with sixgoals, while CSC only managed two.The second hal was dominated by CBSUA withsuccessive goals rom Erwin Miña, Marco Archimedos and JimOliver. The nal score was 12-3, in avor o CBSUA.Martin Encinares, CBSUA head coach said that goodcamaraderie led to their team’s victory.On the other hand, CSC coach Epianio Rubio saidhis team’s teamwork should be improved. He added that theircurrent players were not the original players who trained orSCUAA.“They were replaced because o certain problems,” Rubiosaid, adding that they will make up or this loss in tomorrow’sgame.“We are going to win the game tomorrow,” Rubiourthered. ■
CSC shuts out DEBESM-SCAT in sotball: 10-0
By Fanc Hnest D. Lasay and Hen gtis
Catanduanes State Colleges (CSC) leaned on thesuperb batting o each team player to hack out a 10-0decision over Dr. Emilio B. Espinosa Sr. Memorial StateCollege o Agriculture and Technology (DEBESMSCAT) at thesecond game in the 22nd SCUAA sotball wars at the BU Oval, Tuesday.CSC, last year’s 1st runner up, dominated the rstand second round o the game with a 4-0 and 3-0 nishrespectively, leaving a slim chance or DEBESMSCAT to keepup. The third round meant nothing to DEBESMSCATwhen the leading team kept a steady pace as their batter,Andylyn Sora, slugged a long hit sending her last teammatehome and a 3-0 game-ender.Sensing an impossible catch-up or DEBESMSCAT,the ofcials decided to nish the game which ended up in a10-0 game.“We did lectures and brieng or strategies beorethe game,” said CSC sotball coach, Vergilio Decano, ater thewin. ■

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