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2011 Horoscope

2011 Horoscope

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Published by rsanu_reddy

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Published by: rsanu_reddy on Nov 10, 2010
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2011 Horoscope
The history of the Chinese Zodiac is very interesting! It is said that Buddha invited all of the animals in the worldto join him for the New Year celebrations, but only 12 animals bothered to turn up. As a great reward, Buddhanamed a year after each one of them and they actually run in the order that the animals arrived to celebrate withBuddha, starting with the rat and ending with the last guest, the pig.The Chinese believe that those born during a year of a particular animal would inherit some of the good and badpersonality traits of that animal.Also, each Chinese year is influenced by whatever animal it falls in. The Year of The Rabbit begins on February3rd 2011. Most Rabbit years are quiet, positive and inspiring and 2011 looks to be heading in this direction – arefreshing change after the fast-moving and quite dramatic Year of the Tiger. Family, diplomacy and personaldevelopment will all be highlighted in 2011. Once again alternative sources of energy and green living will beunder the spotlight. The arts and culture sector of society will very busy producing amazing works of art andstaging important exhibitions throughout the year. Love, romance and family life are well-starred, with a renewedappreciation of loved ones and friends. Overall, it should be a fun and relatively peaceful year. Even thoughaggression, violence and war zones will still be in evidence, the Chinese Rabbit year favours peaceful solutionsand diplomacy, so there will be a feeling that all is not lost and that hope is still very much alive.Let’s take a look at each animal, their major personality traits and what the prospects are for 2011, the Year of the Rabbit.
The Rat
 Rats are charming, elegant and clever. They can be a bit gossipy and prone to being distracted. They’re alsothrifty and very good with handling money. Family and close friends are exceptionally important to them. The Ratis charming beyond words and throughout his undoubtedly long life he will always be popular and will have manyfriends.
Forecast for 2011
The Rat will feel glad in a lot of ways to see the end of the Year of the Tiger! There were a lotof changes and the pace was fast - not something the Rat is entirely comfortable with. The Chinese Year of theRabbit is the opposite – its tempo will be slow and steady and the Rat must try to be patient and remain contentwith steady progress throughout 2011. Work will again be highlighted but this time the Rat’s experience andknowledge will be called upon, helping him to advance quite nicely in his career. April, October and November arewell-starred for this. On the love and romance side of life, there could be cause for celebration during the year inthe form of an engagement, wedding or birth. July, August and December and January will be particularly specialmonths. An important aspect of 2011 for the Rat is time for personal growth, hobbies and developing skills thatbring happiness. For any Rats that like to write, this year will see their creativity heightened and whether forpleasure or profit, writing is highlighted in a most positive way. Health wise, the Rat will have felt burnt outsometimes during 2010 and in 2011 his vitality will be improved. He will feel stronger and will also be takingbetter care of himself, maintaining a good diet and steady exercise routine.
Interesting Rat Facts:
Zodiac Stone: GarnetSpecial Flower: NarcissusBest Hours: 11 pm -1 amSeason: WinterHoroscope Colors: Black, White, Purple
The Ox
 Sturdy, earthy, no-nonsense – that’s the Ox. Affectionate and easy-going, the Ox can show a fierce temper whenagitated. He is neat, tidy, quiet and studious, with a great love of his home. Music can be a great love. Family lifeand a loving partner are high on the Ox’s priorities. A wonderful loyal friend.
Forecast for 2011
The Ox will have grown quite a bit during 2010. Its whirlwind moments and suddenchallenges meant the Ox had to adjust his thinking and change direction on a dime! Some may feel a bit lowabout the way things went and it’s important to look forward to 2011 and put 2010 firmly behind them. TheChinese Year of the Rabbit will be encouraging for the Ox. For those who wish to change their career or at least
change the direction of it, February, March and September will bring exciting offers and progress. Romance ishighlighted in a very special way this year, with unattached Oxen finding themselves in exactly the right place atthe right time to meet someone very special. For those in a relationship, this will strengthen and grow. June, Julyand October are wonderful months for love and romance. Friendship will be important during 2011. Whether theOx is looking for new friends or drawing on friendships he already has, it’s important that he stays socially active.March, August and December will be particularly busy socially. The Ox should take time to ensure his diet ishealthy and that he is taking time to exercise and spend time outdoors. Rest and relaxation will be vital for allOxen during the Year of the Rabbit.
Interesting Ox Facts:
Zodiac Stone: AquamarineSpecial Flower: CarnationBest Hours: 1-3 amSeason: WinterHoroscope Colors: Green, Yellow, Black
The Tiger
 Magnetic, passionate and grand! When the Tiger does anything, it’s noticed! Indecisiveness and stubbornness canmar the sparkle of the Tiger personality. On the one hand generous, on the other hand a little mean, it’ssometimes hard to know where one stands with the Tiger. Flexible, honest and truly entertaining, one has afriend for life with a Tiger.
Forecast for 2011
Most Tigers will be feeling quite pleased and energized at the end of their own year in 2010.The Year of the Rabbit will be another positive year for them. Romantic matters are particularly to the forefront,with many born under this sign deciding to get married or to take the relationship to the next level. Single Tigerswill have many chances to meet a partner with June to September particularly well aspected. If they have facedrecent personal trials and tribulations, 2011 will prove to be a much brighter year. Financially, the Tiger will mostlikely see an increase in income, either due to a pay rise or an unexpected windfall. With careful planning andbudgeting, they can enjoy this monetary increase whilst easing financial burdens. Hobbies and outdoor pursuitswill also interest the Tiger this year and will provide relaxation and a social setting, both of which will suit him just fine. Travel and spending holidays with friends will be a focus during late spring and also August andSeptember. If there is a dream location he’s always wanted to visit, this is the perfect year to do so! A housepurchase or change of home could very well feature on the cards also. This will be an exciting rather than overlystressful development and Tigers should thrive in their new environment.
Interesting Tiger Facts:
Zodiac Stone: SapphireSpecial Flower: VioletBest Hours: 3-5 amSeason: WinterHoroscope Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow
The Rabbit
 Cuddly, warm and affectionate are the attributes of the Rabbit. Mysterious and a great party-giver and host, theRabbit enjoys being the centre of attention once in a while. The Rabbit is occasionally over cautious and can be abit boring. He is also one of the luckiest signs in the Chinese Astrology chart.
Forecast for 2011
The Rabbit will have found the momentum during 2010 quite unsettling, little realizing thathis accomplishments during the year will set him up beautifully for his own year in 2011. This will be a stunningand most favorable year for him, especially in regard to work and career. His ability to interact with others willput him in the lead for any promotions at work. Also, if the Rabbit is considering a completely different career,this is the perfect time to explore his options. Not only will the change energize him but he will feel happier thanhe has done in some time. March to May and October to November will be important times for careerdevelopments. Finances during the Rabbit’s own year are buzzing, with his luck running high! He may see asalary increase, receive a gift or make extra money from a hobby or entrepreneurial idea. Socially, August,September and December will be hectic! Single Rabbits could meet their significant other this year and therelationship could move very fast. Those with partners will find their relationship becomes more serious andimportant. Stress and worry over decisions may drain the Rabbit’s vitality during 2011 and it’s very important hegets enough rest and relaxation. He must also remember to call on friends and loved ones for support and adviceduring any challenging times.
Interesting Rabbit Facts:
Zodiac Stone: PearlSpecial Flower: JonquilBest Hours: 5-7 am
Season: SpringHoroscope Colors: Grey, White
The Dragon
 Assertive, energetic and talented are all words to describe the Dragon personality. On the other hand, the Dragonhas a tendency to be condescending and tactless without realising it. In the Chinese Zodiac, they are born underthe sign of luck. They generally enjoy robust health and tend to be very successful in anything they turn theirhand to.
Forecast for 2011
The Chinese Year of the Rabbit will be a more balanced and secure year than 2010 for allDragons. They will have loved the exciting nature of the Tiger year, but now it’s time to take it down a notch ortwo! Many of them will have had changes in their job and the steadier tempo of 2011 will help them to settle inand possibly even go for promotions. July, September and November will give Dragons a chance to reassess whatthey’re doing and what direction they now want to go in. The opportunity to retrain or take night classes shouldbe considered seriously. The foundations they now lay will greatly enhance their prospects in 2012 – their ownyear. Romance is beautifully starred with opportunities to meet new people all through the year but particularlyduring April, June, September and December. On the whole, this will be a positive and happy year for Dragons.The monetary situation will improve for most and their eye for a bargain will be particularly keen. Travel is alsohighlighted during the Rabbit year and time spent with friends and loved ones will be especially valued. Breaksduring April and May or September will prove to be memorable. Hobbies and talents should be pursued andenjoyed as they will provide great pleasure and relaxation during 2011 and could lead to other interestingopportunities.
Interesting Dragon Facts:
Zodiac Stone: AmethystSpecial Flower: Sweet PeaBest Hours: 7-9 amSeason: SpringHoroscope Colors: Black, Gold
The Snake
 Intelligent and highly intuitive are two of the Snake’s many fine qualities. He makes an amusing and romanticfriend with a definite flirtatious streak. When challenged or criticized he can be a sore loser. The Snake is verylucky with money and is fond of the odd bet or two. He is quick-witted and enjoys reading, music andoccasionally the paranormal side of life.
Forecast for 2011
Snakes like to have plans and follow their itinerary in an orderly fashion – 2010 threw all thisout the window! The Chinese Year of the Rabbit will be a much more appealing year to the Snake and he will feelback on track, albeit still busy and full of activity. The focus of 2011 for the Snake will be to make sure he isdoing something he likes, something that allows him to express his creativity and talents and something that heexcels at. February, March and October will provide windows of opportunities in his career to achieve this.However, he must put in the effort and make his intentions known, or the windows may close again. Financially,things are looking much brighter for the Snake and with planning and saving, this will be an excellent year. Homedecorating and refurbishments are highlighted this year and time at home with family and friends will betreasured. Romance and friendship will be superb in 2011 and he will get much enjoyment from socialgatherings, especially ones connected with work. A word of warning for all Snakes – there is the possibility of alapse in judgement or a piece of harmful gossip – this could lead to awkwardness. Tread carefully! Healthwise,Snakes should take care to have a balanced lifestyle or their energy could suffer.
Interesting Snake Facts
Zodiac Stone: OpalSpecial Flower: PassionflowerBest Hours: 9-11 amSeason: SpringHoroscope Colors: Brown Gold, Green
The Horse
 Fun, charming and attractive sums up the Horse’s traits perfectly. They love parties and crowds and being thecentre of attention. They can also be egotistical, hotheaded and impatient. The Horse is a considerate andprotective friend and partner and when in his company, there will always be excitement around the next corner.

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