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0734 classwork_111010

0734 classwork_111010

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Published by bschwartzapfel

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Published by: bschwartzapfel on Nov 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IntelligenceIs smart at certain thingsIntellectualJust because hes smart at one thing doesnt mean hes smart at another.Example of Armyhigh scoreSmart people arent smart at easy thingsSociety decides who is intelligentTest doesnt judge whether youre smart or notIntelligence is not only about academic subjectsAcademic testsMention intelligence of peopleEducationDumb vs. smartHe was smart but only at certain thingsDeaf and dumb jokeAuto repairman was smart to be able to repair the carBecause youre so goddamn educated, I know you couldnt be very smart.Book smart
: Just because youre educated doesnt mean you know everything.
My intelligence, then, is not absolute but is a function of the society I live in.YOUR THESIS:
Educated=confident on reading or writing testA person that knows about a particular subjectSmart=better problem-solver
The difference between being educated and being smartBeing educated is being taught academically, whereas smart means being a good learner.A book-smart person learns in school.A street-smart person learns on his or her own.Prison vs. HarvardMalcolm X vs. Martin Luther King
A book-smart person learns in school. A street-smart person is self-taught. They both communicate,but its important to be both book smart and street smart in order to communicate with differentcommunities.I.
A book-smart person communicates using the language theyve learned in books andreading.a.
Martin Luther Kingexamples from Bible. Doctoratefancy language.
Professor doesnt know the word smut.
A street-smart person communicates using language theyve learned on the street.a.
T.I.went to prison, communicates well using street language
Drake Everybody talks and everybody listens, but somehow the truth always comes upmissing.
The mechanic proves that Asimov wasnt smart by telling him a joke that he didntunderstand
You need to be able to speak both to communicate with both communities.a.
Malcolm X: Learn their language in order to have a conversation with them. Self-educated, learned to speak book language.
Mechanics joke that Asimov didnt understand.
Example of 
 American Gangster 
---learning how to communicate with educated people.
rederick Douglass
Intelligence is an essay by Isaac Asimov. He explains that his intelligence is not absolute but is afunction of the society  he lives in. In other words, just because youre educated doesnt mean youknow everything. He was very smart: for instance, Asimov scored 160 on an Army test compared to thenorm of 100. However, he wasnt smart compared to the intelligence of his mechanic in terms of knowing how to fix cars. The mechanic is street-smart, whereas Asimov is book smart. A
book-smartperson learns in school. A street-smart person is self-taught. They both communicate, but itsimportant to be both book smart and street smart in order to communicate with differentcommunities.
A book-smart person communicates using the language theyve learned in books and reading.They talk how they were taught: the proper way. They use correct language, professional language.They have an advanced vocabulary that other book-smart people can understand.
or instance, IsaacAsimov got a very high score on an Army test because he understood the language of the questions [thetest creators.] Students who apply to Harvard need a certain score and GPA to attend Harvard, or otherhigh-level college; they have to understand the language of the test to get into Harvard. They have tohave the knowledge to answer the questions. Another example of a book-smart person whocommunicate with the language he learned was Martin Luther King. He went to college at a young age

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