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Oi Pull Over You Fat Slob a Man Said as He Was About to Get in a Cab

Oi Pull Over You Fat Slob a Man Said as He Was About to Get in a Cab

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Published by www_keaclass

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Published by: www_keaclass on Nov 10, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oi pull over you fat slob a man said as he was about to get in a cab. Here·s tendollars to air brush done and make it quick. That·s a pretty primo drawing matewant a job. What for said the other man in the cab. For my new companybillboards. Sure said the other in the cab called Horhey. By the way I·m Leslie.´Stop here and keep the changeµ. ´Fat slobµ Leslie muttered as he exited thecab.Oh wit oh wit is that your ride no that·s my ride down there bom chicka wawa chicka wa wa what a classic 1964 impala. That·s not my ride I was just beingsarcastic you dumb piece of wet mdf down the toilet. Here is my ride I wasbeing sarcastic. ¶How much did this set you back mate· said Horhey 270,000grand Leslie boasted. Hop in said Leslie.When they got to Leslies company Horey was
flabagasted, amazed,stunned,
overwhelmed, astonished
. I·ve Got the best job in theworld shrieked Horhey. After Horheys performance leslie suggested that theygo inside. Horhey followed Leslie in to his office. Leslie asked Horhey to signsome papers and his signature. But little did Horhey know he was signing hisname to a mischdefise filthy little man. The next day Horhey got a text fromLeslie saying he was needed at omg lol o.p.m.o.a.p. o.p.m.o.a.p. standing for oldpolluted muck of a place. When he finally got there after he got lost numerestimes he got down to bussniss. And by two or three days he was done and readyfor his paycheck. 10.,000 smackaruus. That night Horhey brought a donkey withthree legs / but it managed to find its way home.The next day Horhey payed leslie a vist to see why he airbrushe a pitrue ofLeslie. Leslie told Horhey to take a seat. And then he lecuard Horhey about the
history of him trying to take over South Carolina. And after 3 hours of boringtalk Horhey was ready for bed teeth brushed and in his pjs. As Horhey ran offin fright Leslie gave out an off key evil laugh wich frightened mrs perhins wichmade her choke on her gingernut when she was sipping her cup of tea. Meandimwitted midget Mrs. Perkins said. Mrs. Perkins I·ve never heard those words

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