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Tropical Fish Secrets

Tropical Fish Secrets

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Published by Firas Sayyed

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Published by: Firas Sayyed on Nov 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tropical Fish Secrets
The Aquarium
It is important that you get the correct aquarium. This is the base of everything.This is the home of your tropical friends. So, it is very important that you take thetime and effort necessary to ensure your success. There are many questionsthat you need to think about before purchasing your aquarium. It is importantthat you think about what kind of tropical fish you would like, how big they will getwhen they are full grown, what types of plants you want to put in the aquarium.First, let’s start with what kind of tanks there are out there.There are two kinds of tanks- frame tanks which are made with frames made ofanodized aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel and then there are framelesstanks. Both are caulked with silicone rubber. They do not rust even with seawater. Aquariums come in different shapes and sizes and all are suitable forkeeping fish.Plastic tanks are just as durable but they do scratch easier than glass. If you arelooking for an aquarium without sharp edges and corners, then you are lookingfor a plastic tank. Some plastic tanks are too thin and therefore the waterpressure might cause the walls to belly out. Then all of your efforts will be lost. Ifyou are looking to photograph your fish, then you will want to get a glassaquarium. Plastic tanks will distort the look of your fish. The handling of the tankis also important with plastic tanks to ensure that the surface doesn’t scratch.The main advantage to a plastic tank over a glass one is how it looks.A plastic tank with rounded edges and corners looks amazing in your living room.There are a few different styles of glass aquariums. Molded one-piece tanks aregreat for breeding and small fish species and also as isolation tanks. I will speakabout isolation tanks later and why it is necessary to have one on hand. One – piece tanks are also easy to clean and will hold 5 gallons (20 liters) safely. Oneissue with molded tanks is the internal stress may cause larger tanks to crack orbreak. For this reason, it is important to protect your tank for temperaturechanges. It is also common that the glass walls are not even which makes yourfish look distorted.Some people choose to use transparent plastic tanks because they are lighterand less fragile than the glass versions. They are also easier to repair. If aplastic tank should crack for any reason, you can repair it using plastic glue. Theprice is also another reason why people choose it over the glass tank. IF you are
Tropical Fish Secrets
a fish enthusiast, you should have a plastic tank that can be used as isolationtank or that can be used as quarantine. An isolation tank should be 3- 4 gallons(10-15 liters) in capacity. It is also important that it be fully equipped with aheater and a filter. I would recommend that you purchase your isolation tankwhen you purchase your aquarium. The reason for this is that you can use theisolation tank when you first get your fish and while you are setting up youraquarium. Plastic tanks have there place but due to the fact that they are notscratch resistant, it is better to use them only as a temporary solution to yourpermanent aquarium. Plastic tanks are great economically and they arenarrower at the bottom and can be stacked for better storage. You will see asyou expand your love for your aquarium that you will run out of space quickly.Therefore, plastic tanks are definitely an advantage.
What if a relative gives you a tank, how can I fix it sothat I can use it
I am sure everyone knows someone who has tried to build an aquarium and theywere unsuccessful and gave up. It could be a neighbour or relative or friend. Itis possible that this person will give you there aquarium in hopes that you can bemore successful than they were. Okay, so, how do we not make the samemistakes? How do we use what they gave up to start us out for the time being?Most often these aquariums are the old-fashioned frame tank with glass panescemented to the metal frame. You will need to seal the joints with a siliconerubber. Use only a silicone rubber with an acetic base. Ensure that you seal all joints. Don’t forget to seal the lower edge of the frame that runs along the top ofthe tank. Remove all the grease with an alcohol or acetone solvent. Okay, youhave the silicone rubber, now what do you do with it. You squeeze some of it outand put it in the seams. Smooth it out by using your finger. (Tip: adddishwashing detergent to your finger before you put silicone rubber on it so that itdoesn’t stick to your finger.) This will make that tank useable for several years. Itwill be able to give you some time to figure out what kind of fish you would like,what kinds of plants you would like and how big of an aquarium you will need tohave the aquarium of your dreams. The aquarium that your friends will berunning over to see.
What your aquarium should be made of and the format
Most aquariums, as I am sure that you are aware of, are taller than they arewider. The reason for this is so that they fit in with modern furniture. Anotherreason is because a taller tank offers a larger viewing surface which will bebeneficial when your aquarium is full of beautiful tropical fish. The problem withis this that the larger the floor area, the healthier the inhabitants, both fish andplants. Remember any living organism in the aquarium is an inhabitant. Yougoal is the build the best aquarium possible that will create a healthy environmentfor your organisms to thrive in. The larger the floor area the more possibilitiesthat you have to arrange plants, decorate the aquarium. It also allows bottom fish
Tropical Fish Secrets
more territory to stake out and the lighting to be more effective than in a tall,narrow aquarium.Remember that once you fill you aquarium with water, it will look shorter andnarrower. Until recently, if you wanted an aquarium with a larger floor area youwould have to have it custom
built or construct it yourself. Thankfully,manufacturers have realized some of the benefits of a large floor aquarium thatthey are starting to produce them. This is obviously a cheaper option than youbuilding it yourself or having it custom made.As I mentioned before, it is important when you are setting up your aquarium thatyou think about what kind of fish you want to put in the tank, what kind of plants,the behavioral patterns of the fish. Be sure not to start with a tank that is toosmall. A common mistake is that you purchase a tank that is too small for thefish that you want to put in it. IF your tank is too small, it will quickly becomeoverpopulated. Another advantage to a larger tank is the stability of theenvironment that a larger tank creates. The bigger the tank, the more stable theenvironment, the more immune the environment will be to mistake that might bemade in tank maintenance. The less chances you will have to unexpectedsurprises. No one wants to come home and find their tropical friend on the top ofthe tank.I stated before how important it is to think about what kinds of fish you want toput in your aquarium. It is important to remember that large fish tend to beterritorial and require more space. Small fish swim in schools of fish in therenatural environment. A school of fish is at least seven to ten fish usually of theirown kind. They need and want the company. You will need adequate amount ofspace for the school of fish to swim freely. If you have ever been snorkeling orscuba diving, you will know what a beautiful sight it is to see a school of fishswimming by. Now, imagine that sight being in your own living room. It is only abeautiful sight if they have enough room to swim freely. Now imagine that sameschool of fish in a crowded tank, it would like a mall at Christmas time.I know what you are thinking, how do I figure out how much space my fish need.A good rule of thumb is estimate the length of the full-grown fish, and multiplyeach by half an inch ( 1cm) by 1 1/2 to 2 quarts (1 ½- 2 liters). Remember thatthis only represents the water in the aquarium. It doesn’t include the materials atthe bottom of the tank, the plants, or anything that takes up space for that matter.Don’t worry. This is just an estimate. The best advice that I can give you wouldbe to start out with the biggest aquarium that you can afford.Another issue that you are going to have to consider with the aquarium is theweight of the tank once it is filled with water. The weight can be calculated byCapacity in gallons= length X Width X height (in inches)231

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