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How Web Conferencing Technology is Helpful to the Legal Industry

How Web Conferencing Technology is Helpful to the Legal Industry

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Published by Laura

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Published by: Laura on Nov 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How Web Conferencing Technology is Helpful to the Legal Industry
Web conferencing technology allows employees to work and collaborate in a virtual environment. This work space might be a shared database in which employees store and access data in a collaborative way, or it might be as complex as a full-fledged virtual environment. They save their work in a shared database and everyoneworks from the same files and data.Recently, technology has advanced so that you can communicate online through aweb conferencing tool  just like you can communicate on the phone. The only difference is now you can actually see and hear the person onthe other end! Conferencing online is a method of performing interactive video communications over a regular high speed internet connection.Like all other industries, the legal industry has not been insulated from the tremendous changes in informationtechnology over the past decade, and the challenges and opportunities it presents. If anything, the changes havemore bearing on law firms & departments because information management is at the core of what they do -consulting with clients, colleagues or experts; increasing compliance & regulation demands, wading through aconstantly expanding sea of legislation and case law; managing outsourcing partners; keeping abreast with latestdevelopments; or managing a mountain of matter files.To resolve from all these barriers, information technology has come up with the new concept called webconference or online collaboration technology. These days collaboration technologies and tools are the mostimportant developments in legal technology and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Using thistechnology, advocates can focus on highly practical and usable ideas by working together with their colleaguesfrom anywhere anytime. Most importantly, lawyers started using this technology to beat the time andgeographical differences, because they are the ones who don't bother about these two things.Video conferencingand meeting allows great possibilities in the areas of information management, productivityand remote collaboration. Information can be transferred over the internet with greater security. For instance,lawyers could make depositions to courts over the Internet, rather than traveling to another city to deliver their statements. This meeting software is useful for legal professionals to record witness statements and thedeposition of persons under trial who are lodged in jails for it removes the need to bring the prisoner to thecourt, saving on the huge costs of taking those under trial to the courts. It has helped to reduce the backlog in judicial cases for the shortage of policemen to escort the prisoners to court has led to delays in the trial process.And unlike yesteryear, law firms can access these technologies without hefty costs.Usingvideo conferencing software for online collaboration, you have a live, face-to-face communication experience that empowers you to collaborate like never before, and all without having to step foot out of your office. This new technology helps people meet, share content, create high-quality video meeting recordings and presentations, consult with experts and deliver powerful personalized messages. Now you will find some of the best web conferencing software options on the market, offering a variety of  pricing options and convenient features to consider.1.WebEx MeetMeNowWebEx produces the MeetMeNow web conferencing software, which is quite user-friendly, with easysoftware installation and meeting setup capabilities. WebEx is quite accommodating, as it caters toindividual needs, small-to-medium business ventures, and large companies and enterprises. Consumers areoften satisfied with the price of the software.
For example, individuals are able to enjoy unlimited meetings with up to 10 participants for $39 per monthwith an annual commitment or $49 per month without a commitment. This service also provides access todocument sharing, presentations, and decent customer collaboration.2.Citrix GoToMeetingOne of the best web conferencing options is GoToMeeting, where potential buyers may try out services over a free trial period lasting 14 days. A wide range of features is offered, accompanied by a high level of user friendliness, effortless meeting setups, easy installation of software, and a decent cost.3.RHUB CommunicationsRHUB Communications aims to solve that escalating cost problem with the TurboMeeting series of conferencing appliances, which not only brings web conferencing services in house, but also adds remotesupport, remote control and remote access technologies. RHUB Communications offers several models of the TurboMeeting appliance, starting with the entry level TM-200 for just $995, which offers two meetingrooms and 10 concurrent users.For example, the legal industry, you may say the security is among the top selection criteria. An on-premisedeployment such as a web conferencing appliance from RHUB is a better option to consider.4.MegaMeeting:MegaMeeting simply provides the effective marketing tools that allow small, medium, and large businessesto thrive across the Internet. Face-to-face web conferencing, video conferencing services, and VoIPcapabilities are just some of the things offered with MegaMeeting. The price is also decent, as unlimitedmeetings are supplied for $75 per month.5.Acrobat Connect Professional:Acrobat offers many different features with their web conferencing software, which accommodates a widerange of operating systems, as well as provides a high–level of security. Many consumers enjoy the abilityof customizing and elevating their functions through the Collaboration Builder SDK. The software quicklyhelps buyers generate, establish, and track online meetings, trainings, and on-the-spot presentations.Convenient pay options include software licenses, annual subscriptions, monthly payments, or pay-per-usearrangements.Major Benefits of Internet Video Conferencing for the Legal Industry:
Witnesses or experts can give their critical testimony, which is very beneficial for victims who arefearful of being in the same room with the accused.
Legal professionals could easily consult experts regardless of distance or geographical location.
Conduct conferences globally at any time without a reservation.
Accelerate cases faster through the system.
Lawyers could make depositions, schedule and conduct hearings more efficiently.
Legal professionals could even record the conference/hearing for the future reference.

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