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Discuss the Issues and Patterns Which Enables Your Institution to Thrive as a Film Business With a Focus on the Production Process

Discuss the Issues and Patterns Which Enables Your Institution to Thrive as a Film Business With a Focus on the Production Process

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Published by footiemadd

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Published by: footiemadd on Nov 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jack Colegrove Media
Discuss the issues and patterns which enables your institution to thrive as afilm business with a focus on the production process
In this essay I am going to look at two Films Companys and describe thecertain techniques they use to advance in the British film industry. My essaywill go into detail regarding the production processs that both Working titleand Warp films work on, I will also compare there production process with thatof Hollywood and outline any key differences between the companies to tryand find out why Hollywood is so superior over the British film makers.The first company I am going to look at is Warp Films; this is a independentcompany which is a British owned and run company. Warp films only employsfourteen full-time staff. It was founded in 1999, as well as making films, warpfilms are also known for making TV programs such as this is England 86. Thereis also a record label known as Warp, the main genre that Warp films makeare social realistic, for example this is England.The second company I am going to look at is Working Title films, this isconglomerate company which means it is owned by a bigger company, theparent company for Working Title is Universal which is a giant film productioncompany is the US. Working title mainly produce comic films that aredesigned for a British public, an example of one of there films is Hot Fuzz.Working title was founded in 1983.The first aspect that I am going to discuss is the funding and the budgets of the companies, because Working title is a conglomerate and is owned by sucha media giant, it has the capacity to secure major funding for there films forexample, Hot Fuzz had a budget of over 8million, which is a big sum of moneyfor a British production, but the big budget worked as they took in a total of $80,573,774. On the other hand, Warp films had a budget of only £1.5 forthere film this is England which is a socially realistic film based on a childgrowing up in the skinhead culture during the 80s. It was directed by WarpFilms director Shane Meadows who earned a lot of praise for his work on thefilm.The part of the production process I am going to describe is the casting, again,Working title has the advantage of being owned by a big company so it is ableto secure big names for there films, for example Hot Fuzz was Directed by
Jack Colegrove Media
Edgar Wright who also directed big hit Shaun of the Dead, and the cast of HotFuzz also contains big names, for example Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost, anotherbig name in the film is Bill Nighy. Because of there big budget films, Workingtitle are also liable to use A-list celebrities in there films such as, Matt Damon-who played the lead role in Working Title Film Green Zone also Jamie Foxx,and Robert Downey Jr who played roles in The Soloist. This list of big namecelebrities help Working Title to become a big name because if the public seesa popular actor that they like, advertising the film then it will make them wantto see the film. In the case of Warp films they do not have a very big budget,nor do they have the awareness of the public, but this does not mean theycannot be successful, this is England was named one of the best films producedin Britain. And its lead role was played by child and first time actor Thomasturgoose, who was found by a talent scout working on the film, the film woncritical acclaim which means that you do not need A-list celebrities and hugebudgets to make a successful film. This is England was directed by ShaneMeadows who, at first was a small time director, but was made famous by Thisis England, Warp films secure there funding from NESTA, NESTA is a lotteryfunded financer and they ask for apitch of a film, and then give the money toWarp Films to produce a film. This an be very limiting and is not suitable forlarge companies such as Working Title who need big budgets in order toproduce films that suit there genre. Editing for Working Title films requires alot of budget as they produce action/comedy films. The action films theymake require a lot of special affects, whereas a socially realistic film producedby Warp Films would not require a lot of special effects as they tend to focus,generally, on the Dramatic side, rather than being action packed, this is not tosay that the films do not contain action- they do, but just not as much asWorking Title films contain.In comparison to a Hollywood Giant such as Twentieth Century Fox whoproduced Avatar the budgets and the casts of Working Title Films and WarpFilms seem tiny, for example the average budget for a Working title film is inthe region of 10million, Warp films around 1-2million, Avatar cost 500milliondollars to create, which is a huge sum on of money. The majority of themoney was spent on the filming and Special effects which was all done in 3D.

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