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Table Of Contents

Thinking I Can Share With You Magical Numbers That Will Make You Rich
Thinking You Always Need to Undercut
My Realm's Economy Is Screwed Up, I Can't Make Gold In It
I Don't Have Enough Time to Make Gold, I'm a Casual Player
Prices Always Go Down Because People Keep Undercutting Each Other
Getting Started
Tracking Prices
Using the Trade Channel
Expect to Maintain an Inventory
When to Undercut
Using AddOns
Ten Tricks to Dominate the Auction House with Auctionator
Knowing Prices
The Shopping List
Buy Buy Buy
Sell Sell Sell
Splitting and Combining Cosmic Essences
Closing Spreads
No Deposit Items
Adjusting Your Undercut
Finding, Buying and Reselling Hot Items
My Favorite Hot Items (enchanting, crafting mats and gems)
Raid Bind on Equips
Ulduar Normal:
Ulduar Heroic:
Eye of Eternity (Malygos) Normal:
Eye of Eternity (Malygos) Heroic:
Naxxramas Normal:
Naxxramas Heroic:
Obsidian Sanctum Normal:
Obsidian Sanctum Heroic:
Twink Items
Level 40, 58 and 68 Greens
Rare Pets
How to Find your Own Niche to Sell
Miscellaneous Strategies
Artificially Inflating Prices
Pre-Patch Buyouts
Chapter 2 - Gathering Professions
How to Make Gold with Mining
Smelting Titansteel
Farming Ore
Thorium in Un'Goro Crater
Farming Cobalt Ore
Cobalt in Zul'Drak
Cobalt in Howling Fjord
Farming Mithril Ore
Mithril in The Hinterlands
Mithril in Tanaris
Farming Saronite Ore
Saronite in Icecrown
Saronite in Sholazar
Farming Adamantite Ore
Farming Fel Iron Ore
Farming Iron Ore
Farming Tin and Copper Ore
How to Make Gold with Skinning
Arctic Fur
Scion of Quetz'lun - Zul'Drak
Plagued Proto-Dragon
Cobra Scales
Nerubian Chitin
Forgotten Depths NPCs - Icecrown
Hath'ar Skimmer - Zul'Drak
Nerub'ar NPCs - Borean Tundra
Icy Dragonscale
Drakes - Sholazar Basin
Scalebanes - Crystalsong Forest
Rugged Leather
Plaguehounds, etc. - Eastern Plaguelands
Cats & Yeti - Winterspring
Other Locations for Rugged leather
Jormungar Scale
Jormungars - The Storm Peaks
Jormungars - Dragonblight
Borean Leather
Skinnable Mobs - Zul'drak
Skinnable Mobs - Sholazar Basin
Knothide Leather
How to Make Gold with Herbalism
Gathering Icethorn and Lichbloom (lvl 80)
Farming Adder's Tongue, Goldclover and Tiger Lily from Sholazar Basin
Farming Talandra's Rose in Zul'Drak
Farming Tiger Lily in Grizzly Hills and Howling Fjord
Grizzly Hills & Howling Fjord
Farming Goldclover in Howling Fjord
Farming Felweed & Golden Sansam in Hellfire Peninsula (lvl 60+)
Hellfire Peninsula
Farming Plaguebloom & Dreamfoil in Plaguelands (lvl 55+)
Farming Sungrass in Feralas (lvl 45+)
Farming Kingsblood in Arathi Highlands (lvl 35-60)
Arathi Highlands
Farming Bruiseweed in Stonetalon Mountains (lvl 30-60)
Stonetalon Mountains
Chapter 3 - Crafting Professions
How to Make Gold with Alchemy
Transmuting Diamonds
Transmuting Bars
Mixing Potions
Mixing Flasks
How to Make Gold with Blacksmithing
Cobalt Tanking Gear
Titansteel Weapons
Tempered Titansteel (defense)
Brilliant Titansteel (crit, mp5 & spellpower)
Tempered Saronite Tanking Gear
How to Make Gold with Enchanting
Selling Enchants
How to Make Gold with Engineering
Crafted Items
Crafting Guns/Scopes/Ammunition
Crafting Mounts/Pets/Trinkets
Crafting Reagents/Misc
Farming Eternals with Zapthrottle Extractor
Cinder Clouds
Steam Clouds
Arctic Clouds
How to Make Gold with Inscription
Creating Glyphs for Profit
Weapon and Armor Vellums
Darkmoon Cards of the North
How to Make Gold With Jewelcrafting
Cutting Gems
Crafting Epics
Doing Dailies
Shipment: Blood Jade Amulet
Shipment: Bright Armor Relic
Shipment: Glowing Ivory Figurine
Shipment: Intricate Bone Figurine
Shipment: Shifting Sun Curio
Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch
How to Make Gold with Leatherworking
Crafting Leg Armor
Crafting Cloaks
Crafting BoE Frost Resistance Epics
Crafting BoE Epics
Crafting BoE Rares
Crafting Armor Kits
Crafting Heavy Borean Leather
How to Make Gold With Tailoring
Crafting Spellthread
Crafting Bags
Creating Specialty Cloth
Crafting Epic Gear
Crafting Miscellaneous Items
Chapter 4 - Secondary Professions
How to Make Gold with Fishing
Farming Fish
Deep Sea Monsterbelly
Dragonfin Angelfish and Musselback Sculpin
Glacial Salmon
Raw Whitescale Salmon
Fishing Dailies
Blood is Thicker
Jewel of the Sewers
Monsterbelly Appetite
Dangerously Delicious
The Ghost Fish
How to Make Gold with Cooking
What to Cook
Dalaran Cooking Daily Quests
Cheese for Glowergold
Mustard Dogs!
Sewer Stew
Infused Mushroom Meatloaf
Convention at the Legerdemain
How to Make Gold With First Aid
Chapter 5 - Farming
Farming Eternals
Eternal Fire
Storm Peaks
Borean Tundra (recommended lvl 70-75)
Eternal Water
Zul'Drak (lvl 76-80)
Howling Fjord (lvl 70+)
Dragonblight (lvl 74+)
Borean Tundra (lvl 70+)
Eternal Shadow
Dragonblight (lvl 72-80)
Eternal Air
Grizzly Hills (lvl 76+)
Eternal Life
Zul'Drak (lvl 76+)
Dragonblight (lvl 71+)
Farming Cloth
Farming Linen Cloth
Farming Wool Cloth
Farming Silk Cloth
Farming Mageweave Cloth
Farming Runecloth
Farming Netherweave Cloth
Farming Frostweave Cloth
Farming Relics of Ulduar
Farming Iceweb Spider Silk
Farming Emblems of Valor
Farming Meat
Chunk o' Mammoth
Shattertusk Mammoth
Mammoth Calves and Wooly Mammoths (level 70+)
Chilled Meat
Sholazar Basin (level 76+)
Rhino Meat
Borean Tundra (level 70+)
Shoveltusk Flank
Howling Fjord
Worg Haunch
Hellfire Ramparts
Scarlet Monastery
Chapter 7 - Dailies
The Storm Peaks
Sholazar Basin
The Frenzyheart
The Oracles
Chapter 8 - Before Level 80
Things that can be Done Regardless of Level
Auction House
Levels 1-30
Mining Copper (Level 10-30)
Linen Cloth (Level 15-30)
Skinning Light & Medium Leather (Levels 25-35)
Wool Cloth (Level 25-35)
Levels 30-60
Gathering Bruiseweed in Stonetalon Mountains (Levels 30-45)
Gathering Kingsblood in Arathi Highlands (Levels 35-60)
Mining Mithril Ore (Level 43-55)
Mageweave Cloth (Levels 43-55)
Heavy and Thick Leather (Level 44+)
Gathering Sungrass in Feralas (Levels 45+)
Rugged Leather (Levels 54+)
Gathering Plaguebloom & Dreamfoil in Plaguelands (Levels 55+)
Thorium Ore (Level 55+)
Levels 60-70
Mining Fel Iron Ore (lvl 60+)
Mining Adamantite Ore (lvl 64+)
Knothide Leather (Level 65+)
Netherweave Cloth (Level 64+)
Levels 70-80
Mining Cobalt Ore (Level 68+)
Goldclover and Shoveltusk Flank (Level 70+)
Frostweave Cloth (Level 75+)
Borean Leather (Level 75+)
Chapter 9 - Leisure
Running Lower Level Players through Instances
Begging for Gold
Questing at Level 80
Scan Public Test Realm for Changes
Browse Profession Forums for Ideas
Keeping up with the Holidays
Chapter 10 - Conclusion
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The Guide V1.4

The Guide V1.4

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