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Shamrock Newsletter 2010 Online

Shamrock Newsletter 2010 Online

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Published by spalding80

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Published by: spalding80 on Nov 11, 2010
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November 4th, 2010North Harrison Notes
North Harrison HighSchool
vidually and gaining the confidence to show this im-provement on the field. It's always a highlight to seekids have success.
Anything you want to say to the fans?
Coach Craig:
Thank you so much to all of theparents, teachers, and fans...you have no idea howimportant it is to these kids to have you at theirgames. Many times it's the fans that can change thecourse of a game, and we are very fortunate to havethe greatest fans and team support of any school inthe HDC Conference!
Coach Craig’s Thoughts On The 2010 SoftballSeason 
The Boys Softball team had another success-ful season this year, finishing 11-6 (overall), 5-3(tied for 3
) in the HDC Conference, 3
Placein the Conference Tournament, and 5
Place inthe State Tournament. The team was full of experienced players, having seven seniors whohad played throughout their four year careers.To add to that experience, the team also re-turned 8 of the 9 starters from last year's team.
We had a chance to interview Coach Craigabout the season:
 What is your overall opinion of thisyear's boys softball season?
Coach Craig:
I felt the boys season went wellthis year. We were able to put an experiencedsquad on the field and numerous individualsstepped up to allow us to have another success-ful season, finishing tied for third in the HDC, 3
 in the Conference Tournament, and 5
in theState Tournament. We will be graduating a largegroup of very successful seniors this year, whichwill be hard to replace. But the experiencegained by our young kids this year, combinedwith next year's newcomers, should put us inposition to pick up where we left off.
 What can the team do better for next year?
Coach Craig:
I feel like there are certain areasin softball that a team must excel in in order tobe successful year in and year out. First of all, weneed consistency from the pitching position,throwing more strikes. Second, we need contin-ued improvement in defense and base running.Last, but not least, a team must always give theirfull effort, hustle, and strive to be a great team.
 What was a high point you'll re-member from this season?
Coach Craig:
I guess my highpoint, as it ismany years, doesn't necessarily bring to mind aspecific game on victory. The things I'll remem-ber most are seeing my players improve indi-
Inside this issue:
Shamrock Softball Wrap Up1,2FCCLA News 2Barnwarming / Suicide Prevention3Elementary News 4,5Notes from the Music Department 5Guidance ProgramNews6Notes from the Nurse 2010 Blood Drive
North Harrison Notes
The Shamrock Boys Team took 3rd Place in the HDC Conference this year.
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The girls captured the 3rd Place trophy at the HDC Conference. this year.
Coach Craig’s Thoughts On The 2010 Softball Season (...continued, Girl’s Season)
season with an overall record of 12-8.They were 8-2 in the HDC, finishingsecond for the season. The girls placed3
in the HDC Conference tourna-ment this year. They also played in theAlbany tournament and played onegame in the NHHS Round Robin be-fore being rained out. The girls bowedout of district play this year with atough loss to Worth County, butgained valuable experience that willhopefully help in the future.
In regards to team improvement,Coach Craig believes that the girls aresimilar to the boys. He believes thatboth teams are good but have roomfor improvement. We should improvein pitching, defense, base running, andhustle. Craig would also like to againthank the fans for all they have done.It's important to all the kids that yousupported them and watched themplay.
Written by Ryan Stanley and Chelsea Parkhurst 
The 2010 Lady Shamrocks had agreat softball season this year. At thebeginning of the year we set somegoals. One of our goals was to finishtop 3 in the HDC. We finished 2
 overall in conference. In the conferencetournament we placed third after de-feating Winston. The girls softball teamhad an overall record of 12-8. In short,we met our goals, but there is alwaysroom for improvement.
Regarding the girls softball season,Coach Craig gave his thoughts in thefollowing interview:
NHS: What is your overall opinionof this year's girls softball season?
Coach Craig:
This year was a suc-cessful one in many ways. We had nu-merous girls step up and fill many holesfor us this year. Due to a large experi-enced senior class a year ago. We wereable to get some valuable game experi-ence for our numerous young players,which we hope with continued dedica-tion and hard work will pay off downthe road. We, as a team, made greatimprovement in some areas, but as al-ways, left room for improvement inmany others. I'm looking for next year’steam to continue in the success andbuild upon the foundation that we haveestablished.
NHS: What was the high pointyou'll remember from this season?
Coach Craig:
Like it is with every teamI coach, my enjoyment comes from see-ing constant improvement in my playersand seeing their confidence to continueto grow and seeing this translate to suc-cess on the field. We had numerousseniors on the boys and girls teams thisyear, and being able to watch these kidsplay now as compared to when theywere freshman is very satisfying to me asa coach. It’s fun to see a kid's hard work and dedication pay off for them in theend!
NHS: What are thescores/statistics for this year's sea-son?
Coach Craig:
The girls finished their
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North Harrison Notes
Volume 2010, Issue 1
 FCCLA Underway with Many Projects
Our FCCLA chapter is off to anexciting start. We have many newmembers this year, expanding ourchapter from 11 last year to 20 thisyear. Our new members are mostlyseventh graders and excited to be apart of FCCLA.In September, we had a kick-off party to start the year with fun andgood food. We went on a scavengerhunt around town, knocking on doorsand asking people for common house-hold objects such as a toothpick or aBand Aid. We finished the eveningwith a cook out at the softball field,where we had hotdogs, baked beans,and potato salad.We have been working hard atfund raising, earning money to attendthe State Leadership Conference inMarch. We have done three windowwashes at Kum N Go, and we havebeen selling the famous yellow trashbags at all the home ballgames. Nowthat softball season is over, we will bemoving inside, along with the playersand fans, for the junior high and varsitybasketball seasons.
By Skyler Parkhurst 
FCCLA members walk door-to-door, search-ing for scavenger hunt items.
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North Harrison Notes Volume 2010, Issue 1
 Barnwarming 2K10
Barnwarming 2K10 took place Saturday, October 9
in Eddie and Jeanie Hale's old dairy barn. The FFA members and theirdates met at the school at 5:30 pm to depart for the barn on the hayride. The hayride took us on a scenic route through thecountry that included a surprise wheelie while going up a hill. After arriving at the barn, there was a hotdog roast and BrettPerkins efficiently roasted 22 hotdogs on a modified yard rake.After the roast, the masses moved into the barn and the dance began. Mr. Craig motivated members to dance by playingthe all-famous “Hokey Pokey,” “Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes,” and Ryan Stanley's personal favorite, “Do The John Wall.”After some dancing, the coronation took place. This year's Barnwarming King & Queen Candidates were Abbe Gibson andRiley Rucker, Lena Smith and Garren Gibson, Amanda Law and Ryan Stanley, and Sydney Lawrence and Dylan Parkhurst. TheSenior Candidates, Sydney Lawrence and Dylan Parkhurst, were voted King & Queen.The main events of Barnwarming 2k10 took place after the coronation. These events included bobbing for apples, ciderchugging, and playing Chubby Bunnies. Bobbing for apples and cider chugging were done in teams, and the first team to get all of their apples or finish their jug of cider won. Chubby Bunnies, for those who are unfamiliar with the game, consists of puttingmarshmallows in your mouth one at a time, and after each marshmallow, the person must say “chubby bunnies.” The personwho gets the most marshmallows in their mouth and is still understandable wins. Tucker Bowen was our winner with a whop-ping total of 12 marshmallows. Barnwarming 2K10 was wrapped up with a few more songs and a hayride back to the school.
By Sydney Lawrence
Gary Hillebrand Teaches Kids How To Spot Suicide Behavior 
Tanner Bowen (left) and Ryan Stanley (right) bob for apples. Aaron Thomsen plays Chubby Bunnies.Gary Hillebrand talks to the freshman about suicide prevention.
Gary Hillebrand from Preferred Family Health Care came toNorth Harrison on September 23rd, 2010 to give a presentationto students and teachers about suicide prevention.When presenting to the students, Mr. Hillebrand showedvideos of various warning signs to help students watch out forsuicide behavior in their peers. One of the most important tipsMr. Hillebrand gave was to never dismiss the signs of suicide be-havior. Students should always look for verbal and nonverbalcues, and if they have a fear that someone they know is suicidal,they should talk to the person about their feelings and definitelynotify an adult.After presenting to students, Mr. Hillebrand showed teachersthe ways to recognize suicide warning behaviors at the in-service.
By Mr. Hott 

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