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How Grenades Work

How Grenades Work

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Published by vilmar konageski jr
texto de como as granadas por tempo funcionam
texto de como as granadas por tempo funcionam

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Published by: vilmar konageski jr on Nov 11, 2010
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1.Introduction to HowGrenades Work2.Grenade Basics3.Time-Delay Grenade4.Impact Grenades5.Lots More Information6.See all Explosives articles
How Grenades Work 
byTom Harris
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Future Weapons:Simon Rifle Grenade
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Time-Delay Grenade
The most common type of grenade on the battlefield is the
time-delay fragmentation anti-personnelhand grenade
. The primary function of this grenade is to kill or maim nearby enemy troops. To ensuremaximum damage, the grenade is designed to launch dozens of small metal fragments in every directionwhen it explodes.These sorts of grenades, which played a major role in World War I, World War II, Vietnam and many other 20th century conflicts, are designed to be durable, easy to use and easy to manufacture. The conventionaldesign uses a simple
chemical delay mechanism
. The diagram below shows a typical configuration of this system, dating back to the first World War.
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11/11/2010 HowStuffWorks "How Grenades Work"howstuffworks.com/grenade2.htm 1/3
Photo courtesyDepartment of Defense
The proper way to throw ahand grenade: Depress thestriker lever, pull the pin, hurlthe grenade.
The outer shell of the grenade, made of 
serrated cast iron
, holds a
chemical fuze mechanism
, whichis surrounded by a
reservoir of explosive material
. The grenade has a
filling hole
for pouring in theexplosive material.The firing mechanism is triggered by a spring-loaded
inside thegrenade. Normally, the striker is held in place by the
striker lever 
ontop of the grenade, which is held in place by the
safety pin
. Thesoldier grips the grenade so the striker lever is pushed up against thebody, pulls out the pin and then tosses the grenade. Here's whathappens inside once the grenade is released:With the pin removed, there is nothing holding the lever inposition, which means there is nothing holding the spring-loaded striker up. The spring throws the striker down againstthe
percussion cap
. The impact ignites the cap, creating asmall spark.The spark ignites a slow-burning material in the fuze. In aboutfour seconds, the delay material burns all the way through.The end of the delay element is connected to the
,a capsule filled with more combustible material. The burningmaterial at the end of the delay ignites the material in thedetonator, setting off an explosion inside the grenade.The explosion ignites the explosive material around the sidesof the grenade, creating a much larger explosion that blowsthe grenade apart.Pieces of metal from the outer casing fly outward at greatspeed, imbedding in anybody and anything within range. Thissort of grenade may contain additional serrated wire or metalpellets for increased fragmentation damage.Time-delay grenades are very effective, but they do have some significant disadvantages. One problem istheir 
: In some chemical fuzes, the delay time may vary from two to six seconds. But thebiggest problem with time-delay grenades is that they give the enemy an opportunity to
. If a soldier doesn't time a grenade toss just right, the enemy may pick it up and throw it back before itexplodes.For this reason, soldiers must use
grenades in certain situations. An impact grenade explodeswherever it lands, so there is no chance for the enemy to throw it back. In the next section, we'll see howthis sort of grenade works.
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11/11/2010 HowStuffWorks "How Grenades Work"howstuffworks.com/grenade2.htm 2/3

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