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2001 Berteslmann Interview Guideline

2001 Berteslmann Interview Guideline

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Published by Gail Watt

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Published by: Gail Watt on Nov 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interview Guide"Benchmarking E-Government / E-Democracy"Booz Allen & Hamilton and BertelsmannFoundation
Booz·Allen & Hamilton
Preamble and objective of the interview
With this interview guide the Bertelsmann Foundation, supported byBooz∙Allen & Hamilton, intends to evaluate status and dynamics of e-government/e-democracy programs on the basis of interviews withselected best practice candidates; on request the information will betreated confidentially. This evaluation was triggered off by the hypothesisthat until now most e-government programs primarily focused on theaspect of electronic service delivery (ESD), which were traditionallydelivered offline (e.g. visits to the local authorities, writtencorrespondence, etc.). Our current understanding is that e-democracy andparticipation services are yet not fully incorporated in most of the existinge-government programs. This hypothesis is what we would like to discusswith you in the following interview.Answering the questions should not take longer than 90 minutes in total.We send you the interview guide in advance so you can get familiar withits contents and prepare yourself for the interview. We structured theinterview along six segments:I.Services / product portfolioII.EfficiencyIII.Transparency and participationIV.Change managementV.Quantitative data assessmentVI.General information about your organizationIn the scope of the project we defined the terms "electronic servicedelivery", "e-democracy" and "e-government" as follows:
[Electronic service delivery]:
ICT-based processing of customer-oriented services of traditional public bodies (legislature, government andadministration, jurisdiction)
ICT-based information (transparency) of citizens andbusinesses and their participation in decision making processes of governmental and non-governmental public bodies
Combination of both electronic service delivery and e-democracy offerings of public bodies
Booz·Allen & Hamilton
I. Services / product portfolio
Based on our research we understand that you already offer a variety of electronic services tailored to the needs of citizens and businesses. However, wegot the impression that most electronic services are associated with traditionaladministrative procedures.
E-democracy services
are not yet equally reflectedin your service offerings. Please explain briefly how you chose your serviceportfolio that is already established within the scope of your e-governmentprogram. Please explain if any
user-specific research
was part of the programset-up and if businesses' and citizens' needs are taken into consideration whiledeveloping and improving the
service portfolio
. Have you already established,or are you planning to establish electronic services tailored to the needs of specific customer groups (e.g. citizens or industry groups)? How many of the
top10 services
(G2C, G2B) have already been implemented? Please estimate theratio of implemented services against all feasible services (G2C, G2B), and theratio of pure information versus transaction services. What help functions, searchengines, etc. – if any– have you implemented to enhance user friendliness? To what extent are electronic services actually used by citizens and especially bybusinesses (please briefly explain the ratio of online and offline services) [4, 5, J]?For important services, please explain the
frequency of usage
. Does the actualusage go along with the planning (does the targeted group use the offerings)
Booz·Allen & Hamilton

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