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Amazing Recovery

Amazing Recovery

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Published by stanleyo1

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Published by: stanleyo1 on Nov 11, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unity Service12 Traditions 12 ConceptsRecovery12 Steps
Please Note:The Twelve Steps and the excerpts from
 Alcoholics Anonymous
, pages 83-84, arereprinted with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. ("AAWS")Permission to use the Twelve Steps and the excerpts does not mean that AAWS hasreviewed or approved the contents of this publication, or that AAWS necessarily agreeswith the views expressed therein. A.A. is a program of recovery from alcoholism only -use of this material in connection with programs and activities which are patterned after A.A., but which address other problems or concerns, or in any other non-A.A. context,does not imply otherwise.Amazing Recovery © 2010 by Sarah W. All rights reserved.
Each time I go to a meeting, call my sponsor, read the Big Book, etc., I get apebble. It's going to take a lot of pebbles to lay a firm foundation.
 Amazing Recoveryby Sarah W.
 Table of Contents:
Dedication … 3Introduction … 41. Your Road to Recovery … 52. Network of Support … 83. Sponsorship … 104. Gratitude … 145. The Steps … 196. Anger & Fear … 497. Relapse Prevention … 668. Meeting Makers Make It … 929. Sayings & Slogans … 10810. The Promises … 11211. Spirituality … 11412. Service Work … 12513. Relationships … 127
If you want to drink, it's your business.If you want to get sober, it's our business.
Whatever kind of nut you are, AlcoholicsAnonymous has a wrench to fit you.If someone with cancer was given a bookand told, "Read this and follow theinstructions and your disease will bearrested," they wouldn't hesitate. That'sall we have to do, and yet we fight it.
To the newcomer - you arethe most important personhere! For me, this journal isa dream come true. Ingrade school, I just
Iwould write a book someday. As a young adult, Ialways told myself that assoon as I was an expert atsomething, I'd write thatbook. After a while, I toldmyself, "There's already abook on everything, so whybother?" I was drinking mydreams down the toilet.Then something happened: I got sober and shared my lifelong dream with a friend inrecovery, Charlie H., who began asking me every time he saw me, "How's that bookcoming?" If he saw my husband, he'd ask and the message would get back to me.Thanks to all of the A.A.s of the world, especially those in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL atthe Mustard Seed group, Puerto Vallarta Mexico and online at recoverychat.com andsobercircle.com. Thank you to Don Carroll, Geoffrey N., Joan T., John V., Kenny H.,Tony M., and Rick R. for taking the time to read proofs and provide feedback. Thank you to my wonderful sponsor, Eleanor B., who has become a friend but stilldoesn't hold back when it's time to tell me what I
to hear instead of what I want tohear. She encouraged me to write this book and chapter eight is based on a booksuggestion she had for me years ago!Thanks to my husband, Tony, and our son, Seth. We have a beautiful life together andI thank God for that every day. Tony is a patient and loving man, and I am truly blessedto have him in my life. He encourages me to follow my dream and supports me totally.Words cannot explain how I feel about Seth - I never realized how much love I hadinside of me until we had our child. Watching him grow up is a truly amazing andbeautiful journey that would not have been possible without recovery.Thanks Mom (R.I.P.) & Dad for not letting me get by with average work and for alwaysencouraging me to do and be my best. You have always supported me, even when youdidn't agree with my decisions. All you ever wanted for me was to be happy, and todayI truly am! Thanks to my brothers: Mark for steering me into AA, and Paul for encouraging me to be authentic.Finally,
thank you God
for illuminating my work, giving me the strength to stay sober,and for all of the abundant blessings in my life!

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