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Table Of Contents

Appearance Objects and Formatting
Understanding Grid Structure
Object and Collection Hierarchies
Hierarchial Data Structures
Grid Activation and Validation
Custom Drawing Functionality
Grid Formatting
Introduction to Hierarchical Rows
Introduction to Appearance
Objects Related to Grid Formatting
Create And Apply Appearances
Move And Swap Columns And Groups
Shrink And Hide Columns And Groups
Use Row Preview
Create A Scrolling Region
Save And Restore A Grid Layout
Control The Look Of Data In The Grid
Display Multi-Line Cells
Display A Picture In A Grid Cell
Change Cell Appearance Based On Value
Use Columns To Sort Grid Data
Grid Interaction
Customize Grid Dialog Strings
Activate and Deactivate Events
Activation Property
ActiveCell Property
AllowDelete Property
AllowGroupMoving Property
AllowGroupSwapping Property
AllowUpdate Property
AlphaBlendEnabled Property
AlphaLevel Property
Appearance Property
Appearances Property
AutoEdit Property
AutoPreviewEnabled Property
AutoPreviewField Property
AutoPreviewHidden Property
AutoPreviewMaxLines Property
AutoSizeEdit Property
BackColorAlpha Property
BackColor Property
Band Property
Bands Property
BaseColumnName Property
BaseTableName Property
Bookmark Property
BorderAlpha Property
BorderColor Property
BorderStyle Property
BorderStyleCaption Property
BorderStyleCell Property
BorderStyleHeader Property
BorderStyleRow Property
BorderWidth Property
Bottom Property
ButtonAppearance Property
ButtonBorderStyle Property
ButtonConnectorColor Property
ButtonConnectorStyle Property
ButtonDisplayStyle Property
CancelBeep Property
Caption Property
CaptionAppearance Property
Case Property
Cell Property
CellAppearance Property
CellClickAction Property
CellMultiLine Property
CellPadding Property
Cells Property
CellSpacing Property
ClientHeight Property
ClientWidth Property
Code Property
ColHeaderLines Property
ColHeadersVisible Property
ColScrollRegion Property
ColScrollRegions Property
ColSpan Property
Column Property
Columns Property
Count Property
DataChanged Property
DataError Property
DataField Property
DataFilter Property
DataMember Property
DataSource Property
DataType Property
DataValue Property
DefaultColWidth Property
DefaultRowHeight Property
Description Property
DialogStrings Property
DisplayErrorDialog Property
DisplayStyle Property
DisplayText Property
DrawFilter Property
DrawState Property
DroppedDown Property
EditCellAppearance Property
Enabled Property
EstimatedRows Property
EventEnabled Property
ExclusiveColScrollRegion Property
Expandable Property
Expanded Property
ExpandChildRowsOnLoad Property
ExpandRowsOnLoad Property
ExpansionIndicator Property
FetchRows Property
FieldLen Property
Files Property
FirstRow Property
FixedHeight Property
Font Property
ForeColor Property
ForegroundAlpha Property
Grid Property
Group Property
GroupHeaderLines Property
GroupHeadersVisible Property
Groups Property
hDC Property
Header Property
HeaderAppearance Property
HeaderClickAction Property
Height Property
Hidden Property
hWnd Property
hWndEdit Property
ImageList Property
ImagesMasking Property
Images Property
ImagesURL Property
Index Property
InterBandSpacing Property
InvalidText Property
InvalidValue Property
IsInEditMode Property
Key Property
Layout Property
Left Property
Level Property
LevelCount Property
LockedWidth Property
MaskClipMode Property
MaskDataMode Property
MaskDisplayMode Property
MaskError Property
MaskInput Property
MaxColScrollRegions Property
MaxHeight Property
MaxRowScrollRegions Property
MaxSelectedCells Property
MaxSelectedRows Property
MaxWidth Property
MinWidth Property
MouseIcon Property
MousePointer Property
Nullable Property
OLEDropMode Property
OriginalValue Property
Override Property
Overrides Property
ParentColumn Property
ParentUIElement Property
Picture Property
PictureAlign Property
PictureAlpha Property
PictureBackground Property
PictureBackgroundAlpha Property
PictureBackgroundOrigin Property
PictureBackgroundStyle Property
PictureMasking Property
PictureVAlign Property
Position Property
Prompt Property
PromptChar Property
ProportionalResize Property
Range Property
Rect Property
RectDisplayed Property
RectInvalid Property
Redraw Property
Right Property
Row Property
RowAlternateAppearance Property
RowAppearance Property
RowConnectorColor Property
RowConnectorStyle Property
Rows Property
RowScrollRegion Property
RowScrollRegions Property
RowSelectorAppearance Property
RowSelectors Property
RowSizing Property
RowSizingArea Property
RowSizingAutoMaxLines Property
RowSpacingAfter Property
RowSpacingBefore Property
ScrollBar Property
ScrollBars Property
ScrollTipField Property
Selected Property
Selected Property (SSUltraGrid)
SelectedCellAppearance Property
SelectedRowAppearance Property
SelectTypeCell Property
SelectTypeCol Property
SelectTypeRow Property
SelLength Property
SelStart Property
SelText Property
SizingMode Property
SortedCols Property
SortFilter Property
SortIndicator Property
SortStyle Property
Source Property
StartHeight Property
StartPosition Property
StartWidth Property
Style Property
TabNavigation Property
TabStop Property
TagVariant Property
TextAlign Property
TextValign Property
TipDelay Property
TipStyleCell Property
TipStyleRowConnector Property
TipStyleScroll Property
Top Property
Type Property
UIElement Property
UIElements Property
UpdateMode Property
UseImageList Property
Value Property
ValueList Property
ValueListItems Property
ValueLists Property
VertScrollBar Property
ViewStyle Property
ViewStyleBand Property
Visible Property
VisibleHeaders Property
VisiblePosition Property
VisibleRows Property
Width Property
AboutBox Method
Add Method (Appearances Collection)
Add Method (Columns Collection)
Add Method (GroupCols Collection)
Add Method (Groups Collection)
Add Method (Images Collection)
Add Method (Overrides Collection)
Add Method (SelectedCells Collection)
Add Method (SelectedCols Collection)
Add Method (SelectedRows Collection)
Add Method (SortedCols Collection)
Add Method (ValueLists Collection)
AddNew Method
AfterDraw Method
AfterGetValue Method
AfterSortEnd Method
BeforeDraw Method
BeforeDrawBackground Method
BeforeDrawBorders Method
BeforeDrawForeground Method
BeforeSetCursor Method
BeforeSetValue Method
BeforeSortBegin Method
CancelUpdate Method
CanResolveUIElement Method
Clear Method
ClearAll Method
ClearFont Method
ClearUnbound Method
Clone Method
Collapse Method
CollapseAll Method
Compare Method
CopyFrom Method
Delete Method
DeleteSelectedRows Method
Expand Method
ExpandAll Method
Find Method
GetChild Method
GetChildFromBookmark Method
GetData Method
GetExtent Method
GetFormat Method
GetOrigin Method
GetParent Method
GetRectPtr Method
GetRow Method
GetRowFromBookmark Method
GetSibling Method
GetText Method
GetUIElement Method
GetUIElementPopup Method
HasChild Method
HasNextSibling Method
HasParent Method
HasPrevSibling Method
IsSameAs Method
Item Method
Load Method
OLEDrag Method
PerformAction Method
PlaySoundFile Method
PostMessage Method
Refresh Method
Remove Method
Replace Method
Reset Method
ResolveAppearance Method
ResolveUIElement Method
ResolveOverride Method
Save Method
Scroll Method
ScrollCellIntoView Method
ScrollColumnIntoView Method
ScrollGroupIntoView Method
ScrollRowIntoView Method
SetData Method
Split Method
UIElementFromPoint Method
Update Method
AfterCellActivate Event
AfterCellCancelUpdate Event
AfterCellListCloseUp Event
AfterCellUpdate Event
AfterColPosChanged Event
AfterColRegionScroll Event
AfterColRegionSize Event
AfterEnterEditMode Event
AfterExitEditMode Event
AfterGroupPosChanged Event
AfterRowActivate Event
AfterRowCancelUpdate Event
AfterRowCollapsed Event
AfterRowExpanded Event
AfterRowInsert Event
AfterRowRegionScroll Event
AfterRowRegionSize Event
AfterRowResize Event
AfterRowsDeleted Event
AfterRowUpdate Event
AfterSelectChange Event
AfterSortChange Event
BeforeAutoSizeEdit Event
BeforeCellActivate Event
BeforeCellCancelUpdate Event
BeforeCellDeactivate Event
BeforeCellListDropDown Event
BeforeCellUpdate Event
BeforeColPosChanged Event
BeforeColRegionRemoved Event
BeforeColRegionScroll Event
BeforeColRegionSize Event
BeforeColRegionSplit Event
BeforeEnterEditMode Event
BeforeExitEditMode Event
BeforeGroupPosChanged Event
BeforeRowActivate Event
BeforeRowCancelUpdate Event
BeforeRowCollapsed Event
BeforeRowDeactivate Event
BeforeRowExpanded Event
BeforeRowInsert Event
BeforeRowRegionRemoved Event
BeforeRowRegionScroll Event
BeforeRowRegionSize Event
BeforeRowRegionSplit Event
BeforeRowResize Event
BeforeRowsDeleted Event
BeforeRowUpdate Event
BeforeSelectChange Event
BeforeSortChange Event
CellChange Event
CellListSelect Event
Click Event
ClickCellButton Event
DblClick Event
Error Event
InitializeLayout Event
InitializeRow Event
KeyDown Event
KeyPress Event
KeyUp Event
MouseDown Event
MouseEnter Event
MouseExit Event
MouseMove Event
MouseUp Event
OLECompleteDrag Event
OLEDragDrop Event
OLEDragOver Event
OLEGiveFeedBack Event
OLESetData Event
OLEStartDrag Event
OnKillFocus Event
OnSelectionDrag Event
OnSetFocus Event
PostMessageReceived Event
SSAddNewBox Object
SSAppearance Object
SSAutoSizeEdit Object
SSBand Object
SSCell Object
SSColScrollRegion Object
SSColScrollRegion object
SSColumn Object
SSDataError Object
SSDataObject Object
SSError Object
SSError object
SSGroup Object
SSHeader Object
SSImage Object
SSImage object
SSLayout Object
SSMaskError Object
SSOverride Object
SSReturn Objects
SSRow Object
SSGroupCols Collection
SSGroupCols collection
SSGroups Collection
SSGroups collection
SSHeaders Collection
SSImages Collection
SSImages collection
SSOverrides Collection
SSRowScrollRegions Collection
SSSelectedCells Collection
SSSelectedCells collection
SSSelectedCols Collection
SSSelectedCols collection
SSSelectedRows Collection
SSSelectedRows collection
SSSortedCols Collection
SSUIElements Collection
SSUIElements collection
SSValueListItems Collection
SSValueLists Collection
SSValueLists collection
SSVisibleRows Collection
ISSUGDataFilter Interface
ISSUGDataFilter interface
ISSUGDrawFilter Interface
ISSUGSortFilter Interface
Object Model
Property Pages
Keyboard Interface
Troubleshooting & Tips Answers
Product Support
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UltraGrid Manual

UltraGrid Manual

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Published by: ahenry77 on Nov 12, 2010
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