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Improve Golf Com

Improve Golf Com

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Published by Randy Kemp
Marketing copy for glasses to improve the game of golf, along with original embedded YouTube videos.
Marketing copy for glasses to improve the game of golf, along with original embedded YouTube videos.

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Published by: Randy Kemp on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To be brutally honest – I don’t need the money 
But I hope to make a modest profit. This is why they are only priced at $19.95.Most of my money’s from construction…been a businessman and inventor…raised 3children…came from Ireland.I had great success in Ireland…owned and operated apre-cast concreteproductscompany…then a store and steel fabricating business.Now I’m in the U.S. – fairly successful…had my share of patent successes… 2 U.S. Patents for construction ideas…2European patents…3 pending.And I did win one award: The 2001 National Productdesign Engineeringaward.I can retire, but don’t want too. I’m focusing on my greatest passion – golf.
Golf’s Hard – it’s the challengegolferslive for 
Take it from me. I live for the game. In fact, I became a golf instructor. Worked hard to become certified byPGTAA.Imagine a challenging course you played. The weather is perfect – springlike. What do you see, as you lookaround? Perhaps like me, you reflect back to a challenging moment.
What did you recall? 
I thought back to the perfect moment. I’m at the 16
hole, next to the
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Golf in the Swing Lane
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tee. On the right was a cluster of trees. Left were some scattered trees –no larger than you see atChristmas. Ahead is the target. Before the targetare some sand traps. Behind the target is a large lake, bordered by sometrees.Then I reflected on my
problem.I played that hole many times. I could see it in my sleep. Yet I
scored the same. For other sports, it’s different.Take basketball, for instance. Practice layups likeMichael Jordan. Get atwo-pointer by leaping like a kangaroo…Or remember when he makesthose free throws? Is he consistent? Perhaps 90% of all attempts.Or take the game of baseball. Focus on the ball…catch…run…swing. There’snot many variations.But golf is different. You see…The Swing is what mattersHow do you perfect it? Perhaps – like me – you focus on body posture. Butif you don’t master body position…injury can occur.Pick up an ordinary club. How do you grip it? Do you grip it too tightly…or too loosely?It’s got to be in the middle. It’s kind of like holding a baby. What grip should you use…overlapping, interlocking, or ten finger?What demons do you wrestle with? Keep your head down…know when to turn theshoulders…how to support proper balance…keep enough distance from the ball…focuson the hips…watch your balance…observe the body rhythm…Which brings up the topic of swing. There’s the downswing…back swing…how tofollow through. So much goes into it.Golf seems so simple – yet you work with many items. It’s easy to twist your body out of shape. It’s even easier tobecome discouraged. There’s got to be an easier way.
My Lesson Learned FromHorse Winkers
For months I sweated…working on a simpler way…something easier than all my PTGAA golf instruction.Then my mind turned to my father’s farm. How did they train thehorses? We used blinders(some call them winkers or blinkers)…It’s widely used in horse racing. Horse racers share acommon belief. The horse is easily distracted.They need to
. The horse focuses on what’s ahead. They can’t look backwards. Horsesbecome less distracted and not focused on crowds. And here’s a thought I pondered. If horses become spooked bycrowds…what about golfers?
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” I didn’t realize how poor my alignment was. In less than 20 minutes I fixed myswing.” – Masai Okuda
Focus Vision Breakthrough
Focus comes from simple exercises. Remember the movie “The Karate Kid”? The young kid Daniel wishes tobecome akarate master. He experts “deep” teachings. You know the kind. The ones taught by pro-golf teachers.But the older karate master knew better. Remember what he did? He asked the kid to wax the car. “Wax on, waxof.” Two hands circle right. Two hands circle left. The kid practiced for hours – but complained. I’m sure themovie beeped it out. The kid probably cussed up a storm.But the master refused to listen. He had Daniel sand floors and paint fences. But Daniel persisted. He tested thewaters for himself.Then it’s show time. Time for the big fight. Except the kid won. All the practicing paid off.Just like the glasses!
Is your golf game picture perfect?
Take a look at this vase. What do you see?Do you see a vase? Or 2 people facing each other? Both are correct. It depends on perspective.Hence the binders for horses. Keeps them focused. They don’t get confused.That’s where the glasses come in.Have you hear of Jackie Burke Jr.? For years, touring professionals approached him for competitive advice. Knowwhat he said about golf? It’s a 4 hour visual test. He emphasized vision and perception as key to perfecting golf.Don’t you agree? Jackie hits the nail on the head.
Could these golf glasses give us the golf Olympics edge?
You heard the news? Golf will soon be part of Olympic games.Archery and golf share a common element: vision. When you shoot a bow,one eye is dominant. That’s what drives the arrow. Same with golf. One eyeis dominant.Let’s conduct a simple test; find your dominant eye.Look at the picture. Put your hands together like the picture. Focus on something like a doorknob.Close the left eye and look at the doorknob.Can you see the doorknob? Your right eye is dominant.Does your hand move to the left? Your left eye is dominant.What’s eye dominance? In simple terms, you prefer visual input of one eyeover another. But the mind’s in control.
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