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10-11-11 Table 2: US District Courts PACER and CM/ECF: Public Access to Calendars - Survey of Individual Cases in 5 District Courts s

10-11-11 Table 2: US District Courts PACER and CM/ECF: Public Access to Calendars - Survey of Individual Cases in 5 District Courts s

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Published by: Human Rights Alert, NGO on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human Rights Alert 
PO Box 526, La Verne, CA 91750Fax: 323.488.9697; Email: jz12345@earthlink.net
10-11-11 Table 2: Calendaring at the US District Court under PACER and CM/ECF
Table 1 []
provided a list of all US district courts, and examined public access to Calendars of the courts inthe various district courts.
Table 2
further examines the integrity of the Calendars in US district courts wherepublic access is permitted.In each of the US district courts, listed below, where public access to Calendar Event Reports was permitted,further analysis included the following steps:1) From the Reports pull-down menu, the Calendar Events option was selected.2) General (non case-specific) Calendar Events report was downloaded for the dates of November 10,2010 through November 12, 2010. Therefore, each of the cases listed in the Report had a least “Calendar Event” on these dates.3) Case-specific Calendar Events Reports were consequently downloaded for up to ten (10) cases, whichhad been identified in the general Calendar Events Report in each US district court, for the period of 1/1/2002 through 11/12/2010.4) Data, as found in the case-specific Calendar Events Reports of the individual cases, were extractedand tabulated in
Table 2
.In none of the US district courts listed below, was any other way was found for public access to Calendarsof the Courts, except for the Reports, described above.
10-11-11 Public Access to Judicial Records at the US District Court – Calendars and Docket Activity Reports shttp://www.scribd.com/doc/42071752/ 
Digitally signedby Joseph Zernik DN: cn=JosephZernik, o, ou,
email=jz12345@earthlink.net,c=USDate: 2010.11.1205:17:43 +02'00'
Page 2/5 November 12, 2010
Table 2: Data extracted from Calendar Reports of selected cases at US District Courts -A. Arizona, B. California Southern, C. Illinois Central District, D. Massachusetts, and E. New YorkSouthern District
Date was extracted from Calendar Reports in US District Courts, where access is provided. Uniformly, accesswas limited. In no case was a full calendar of the litigation accessible. Moreover, even in District Courtswhere access is permitted, some cases, listed below, which were not sealed, had no calendar listed.Of particular interest in this regard is the case of SEC v Bank of America Corporation ( ) at the US DistrictCourt, Southern District of New York, where no Calendar was accessible for the caption, opined as Fraud onthe Court in a paper submitted for peer review in an international law journal.
# Case #CaptionCivil/CriminalYearOpenedDate Closed Judge Nature ofSuit, ifListed# ofEventsonCalendarDate(s), Nature of CalendarEvents
A. US District Court, Alabama Middle
1. 2:08-cv-00546Cremeens v. The Cityof MontgomeryCivil 2008 OPEN Mark E. Fuller Labor:FairStandards2 1) 11/2/2010 ORDER2) 11/12/2010 StatusConference2. 2:10-cv-00655CommercialDistribution FinanceCorporation v. CarterBros. Mfg.Co., Inc. et alCivil 2010 OPEN Terry F.MoorerContract:Other2 1) 11/3/10 ORDER2) 11/2/2010 StatusConference3. 2:03-cv-00096White, et al v. Wyeth,IncCivil 2003 OPEN Not listed P.I.:Other2 1) 11/8/2010 MOTION to Stay2) 11/2/2010 Motion Hearing4. 2:09-cv-00192Potthoff v. Veolia ESSolid Waste Southeast,Inc. et alCivil 2009 OPEN Myron H.Thompson.Contract:Other2 1) Date not listed: Set/ResetHearings2) 11/2/2010 TelephoneConference
B. US District Court, California Southern
1. 3:06-cv-01558Uriarte v.Schwarzenegger, et alCivil 2006 OPEN Not listed Prisoner:CivilRights2
Date not listed: MOTION toDismiss
11/10/2010 Motion Hearing2. 3:08-cr-04229USA v. WesternTitanium, Inc. et alCriminal 2008 OPEN Not listed 1 1) 11/10/2010 Jury Trial3. 3:08-cr-04229USA v. WesternTitanium, Inc. et alCriminal 2008 OPEN Not listed Not listed 1 1) 11/10/2010 Jury Trial4. 3:10-cr-04095USA v. Cruz-AlvarezCriminal 2010 OPEN GordonThompson, JrNot listed 2 1) Date not listed: Minutes2) 11/10/2010 Change of PleaHearing5. 3:09-cr-00089USA v. Flores-UrbinaCriminal 2009 OPEN 1) Peter C.Lewis2) GordonThompsonJrNot listed 2 1) Date not listed: Minute2) 11/10/2010 Status Hearing6. 3:09-cr-03221USA v. Markovich et alCriminal 2009 10/21/2009 Louisa SPorterNot listed 2 1) Date not listed: Minute2) 11/10/2010 PreliminaryRevocation Hearing7. 3:09-cv-00587The Board of Trusteesof the San DiegoCounty TheatricalPension Trustet al v. San Diego CivicLight OperaAssociationCivil 2009 10/30/2009 Not listed Labor:ERISA1) Date not listed: JointMOTION to Continue2) 11/10/2010 JudgmentDebtor Exam8. 3:10-cr-03664USA v. Vasquez-GarciaCriminal 2010 OPEN Cathy AnnBencivengoNot listed 2 1) Date not listed: NOTICE OFHEARING2) 11/10/2010 AttorneyAppointment Hearing9. 3:10-cr-04185USA v. Garcia-2010 Criminal OPEN Peter C. Lewis Not listed 2 1) Date not listed: Minute2) 11/10/2010 Change of
Page 3/5 November 12, 2010
Cervantes Plea Hearing10. 3:10-cr-04186USA v. Morales2010 Criminal OPEN Peter C. Lewis Not listed 2 1) Date not listed: Minute2) 11/10/2010 Change ofPlea Hearing
C. US District Court, Illinois Central District
1. 1:01-cr-10061USA v. WilliamsCriminal 2001
Michael M.MihmNot listed 2
11/10/2010 Revocation ofSupervised Release
11/12/2010 PreliminaryExamination (futurehearing)2. 1:10-cr-10041 USA v.Washington et alCriminal 2010 OPEN John A.GormanNot listed 2
9/27/2010 Initial Appearance/ Arraignment
11/12/2010 PretrialConference (future hearing)3.1:10-cr-10102USA v. PattonCriminal 2010 OPEN John A.GormanNot listed 2
10/6/2010 InitialAppearance/ Arraignment
11/12/2010 PretrialConference (future hearing)4. 1:10-cv-01230Carlson et al v. IllinoisPower CorporationCivil 2010 OPEN John A.GormanEnvironmentalMatters2
10/6/10 ORDER settingRule 16 SchedulingConference
11/12/2010 SchedulingConference (future hearing)5. 1:10-cr-10097USA v. ThomasCriminal 2010 OPEN Michael M.MihmNot listed 2
Date not listed: Set/ResetDeadlines/Hearing
11/12/2010 PretrialConference (future hearing)6. 1:10-cr-10103USA v. FordCriminal 2010 OPEN Not listed Not listed 2
Date not listed: MOTION toWithdraw as Attorney
11/12/2010 Motion Hearing(future hearing)7.1:10-cv-01040Sheet Metal WorkersInternationalAssociation LocalUnion No 1 v.Senica Cooling &Heating LLC et alCivil 2010 09/14/2010 John A.GormanLabor/ Mgt.Relations3
Date not listed: Citation toDiscover Assets
Date not listed: NOTICE ofHearing
11/12/2010 CitationHearing (future hearing)8.1:08-cv-01049Annuity Plan of theInternational Union ofOperating EngineersLocal No. 649 v.DEM/EX Group, Inc.Civil 2008 OPEN Not listed Labor:ERISA3
Date not listed: MOTION toSupplement Plaintiff'sThird Amended Complaint
Date not listed: MOTIONfor Extension of Time
11/12/2010 Final PretrialConference (futurehearing)9. 1:02-cr-10094USA v. TillmanCriminal 2002 03/28/2003 John A.GormanNot listed 2
Date not listed: NOTICEOF HEARING
11/12/2010 InitialAppearance/Revocation(future hearing)
D. US District Court, Massachusetts
1. 1:09-cv-10597Neal et al v. UnitedStates of America, et alCivil 2009 OPEN Marianne B.BowlerP.I.: Other 4 1) Date not listed: JointMOTION to Continue2) 10/16/2009 SchedulingConference3) Date not listed: Set Hearings4) 11/10/2010 ADR Hearing2. 1:10-cv-11539McClaren et al v.HorganCivil 2010 OPEN Nancy Gertner HabeasCorpus -AlienDetainee4 1) Date not listed: MOTION toContinue2) 10/14/2010 Hearing3) Date not listed: Clerk'sNotes4) 11/10/2010 StatusConference3. 1:07-cv-10287Awuah v. CoverallNorth America, IncCivil 2007 09/28/2010 William G.YoungCivilRights:Jobs4 1) Date not listed: Set/ResetHearings2) 11/10/20103) Date not listed: Set/ResetHearings

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