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Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

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Published by maximumdl

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: maximumdl on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Traveling for adventureTraveling for adventure is traveling for an unforgettable experience.When think of adventure travel, we come up with the typical images of  African plains, exotic animals, jungles with multi-colored birds lookingscornfully, of lions side-stepping across our paths, and serpents hangingfrom trees. We think of boats plowing through tempestuous waters, the windspraying ocean mist in our face, the smell of the salty sea. Adventureseems to require something hazardous, something that just barely puts ourlife at stake. We don't mean to actually put our lives at stake. We aretalking about something that is meant to be entertaining as well as,ultimately, safe. What we are seeking is something stimulating, new,something we do not find in our city streets. Such adventures are motivatedby our need to experience a new environment, one so foreign to our own,that we should remember it the rest of our life.What is adventure travel if not an essaying out into some place strange andmysterious, some place that will bring up in us a wonder and awe that wehave lost in the repetitious cycle of our daily lives? When the common andevery recurring events of our lives begin to weigh like a cloudy sky and thesame smells, sounds, the same sights, the same voices, faces we've seenyear in an year out, become as if wrapped in a gray mist, we look longingacross the sea and remember those stories we read in high school of shipswith masts and buccaneers. We remember tales of exploration that thosehearty discovers of new worlds brought home to amaze both common androyalty, tales of conflict, strange people dressed in animal skins and sportingspears. Adventure travel from this vantage means danger and victory.The common conception of adventure might be thought, as we say,common. We all know the adventure will not pose the same tensions as itdid to those earlier explorers of the unknown. If we're looking for danger,we can find it right here in our streets when we attempt to cross them arush hour. We can venture out to the seedy side of town if we want thatdanger to involve other men, and put something real at risk into our travel,like our pocket books. There are certainly strangely dressed people on the
east side, tattooed and wearing outrageous costumes, and many of themare concealing weapons that will surely chill the bones. Perhaps adventureis not the correct word for what we call adventure travel. What do wereally mean to say?In all adventure travel, are not looking for new experience? For some, artand culture lovers for instance, going to Greece to view the architecture of the ancients, going to Europe to gaze at aspiring Gothic steeples of ancientcathedrals, to cross stone bridges that have been walked by kings, artists,poets, to tour great castles and palaces overlaid with gold, while notsuggesting danger at all, are still adventures. These offer somethingdifferent, something mysterious, something that will bring us to wonder andawe. Not all adventures are dangerous at all.So if you're looking for that adventure this year that will give you theexperience of a lifetime, remember, adventure is only in the eye of thebeholder. Bon voyage!

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