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Foundation of It

Foundation of It

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Published by Sarika Khandelwal

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Published by: Sarika Khandelwal on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sample Question PaperFoundation of Information Technology (Code : 165)Class IX Summative Assessment Examination II (2009-10)
I)Answer the following questions.10
Name the type of printer to be used for printing text and graphics with high speed butat low cost.2.Name the input device used to sense and read thick and thin black stripes present onthe items usually sold at supermarkets.3.Choose one of the types of software listed in box to complete each of the sentencesgiven below.
desktop publisher (DTP)
word processora)A ...................................................... is most suitable for producing a schoolmagazine.b)A ...................................................... is most suitable for producing schoolaccounts.4.
What is the use of Header and Footer option in a word processing document?
5.Suppose you have to type a particular text (for e.g. Name of the Company) many timesin a document. Write one way to make it easy without having to retype it again and again.
6.What are the options of speed at which transition effects can be set in a presentation?7.Name three functions that can be performed in Slide Sorter view of a presentation.8.Naina Sharma wants to store data of her monthly expenditure for a period of one yearand also wants to perform some calculations and analysis. Which Office application,will you suggest Naina should use for this purpose?
What will be the cell address of the cell formed by the intersection of the fifth columnand the eighth row?10.In a Spreadsheet software the formula =A1+ $A$2 were entered in cell A3 and thencopied into cell B3, What is the formula copied in to B3?
II)Answer the following questions 16
Arrange the following memory units in ascending order of their storage capacities.Kilo Byte, Byte, Tera Byte, Mega Byte
Why is Secondary Storage needed in a Computer? Explain briefly.
3, Text 1 shows part of a article handwritten by an author on “Eating Breakfast”.
For those who always skip breakfast, you should stopthat habit now! You’ve heard many times that“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Now,recent research confirms that one of the worst practicesyou can develop may be avoiding breakfast.
Text 2 shows the same text after Ms. Jacob has typed it into a word processor.
For those who always skip breakfast, you should stop that habit now! You’ve heardmany times that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Now, recsentresaerch confirms that one of the worst practices you can develop may be avoidingbreakfast.
What should Ms. Jacob have done before printing out the work to make sure that the twounderlined words were correct?
4. Rehman is typing his Science Project on ‘Sustainable Development’ using word processingsoftware. He wants to add the phrase ‘Sustainable Development’ at the top of each page. Howshould Rehman accomplish it?5. What is the function of Preview/Play button in Custom Animation? Explain briefly.6. Ketan is preparing a presentation for his new Product promotion.A) The content is ready but he has no time to design backgrounds and decide on colorschemes for the presentation. Name the feature that will help him create aprofessional presentation without devoting much time.B) He wants to set how a slide appears and disappears on screen when he runs the slideshow ? Which feature should he use?7. Name the cells included in the range reference A1:B2?8. In the Spreadsheet shown below, cell A3, B3 contain numbers, and cell C3 contains aformula. What will happen ifi)Contents of cell A3 is changed to 5?ii)Contents of cell B3 are deleted?
III)Answer the following questions 30
Tarini Fancy Inc. is planning in the Office Building to connect all computers eachspread over within distance of 50 Metres.
Suggest the economical cable type having high speed data transfer which canbe used to connect these computers. 
Which type of Network (out of WAN, LAN and MAN) will be formed byconnecting these computers?
Which device will be used to connect all the computers?

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