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Terry Yaki 4

Terry Yaki 4

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Published by T. Patrick Rooney
70's martial arts super hero, this is parts 1-4 the whole story!
70's martial arts super hero, this is parts 1-4 the whole story!

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Published by: T. Patrick Rooney on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Terry Yaki Parts - 1, 2, 3 & 4
By T. Patrick Rooney.
Terry turned off the movie projector and looked out the little windowon the wall above it. The movie was over so the theater was almostcompletely-empty; the last few people were on their feet and walking outnow. Smiling to himself, he turns for the exit to the projection booth andwalks over, his hand reaching up and touching the image of Bruce Lee on theEnter The Dragon poster as he passes. Stepping out into the hallway he locksthe booth behind him and hustles down the stairs. A girl with blue clipsholding back her waist-length black hair looks up at him and smiles. Thenametag on her concession stand smock says Yim Shi."See you tomorrow night Terry," She says, her bright blue eyes shiningin the lobby lights."See you tomorrow babe," Terry says, his mouth moving for a fewseconds after he stops talking but no more sound comes out.He turns to the glass doors at the front of the theater and pauses as hesees his reflection. At six-foot-five most men look tall and somewhatstretched, Terry however was six-foot-five with a ten inch tall Afro. Hisdark-chocolate-brown eyes gaze back at him as he grins at himself. Reachinginto his Afro, he pulls out a black hair-pic and begins fluffing up the edges ashe goes out the door. The black jeans, black converse and black jean jackethe is wearing are almost as black as his skin. He likes to think clothingcompanies cannot compete with his blackness, which makes him smile evenmore.Turning left he struts down the street humming the theme to fist of fury tohimself as he goes. As he walks he notices a black Cadillac limo round thecorner a few blocks up and head his way."Say, Terry do you know what is going on man? Why are the Tonfa'sacting so crazy man?" A voice from across the street asks.Looking across the street Terry watches an old wino wearing a greenhooded sweatshirt walk between two parked cars and head his way.
"No Mad Dog, what's up with the Tonfa's?" Terry asks, his mouth notmatching up with his words again.
"They ain’t right man, I was in the alley behind Mr. Hand's bar when a bunch of those Tonfa's went in there and started fucking people up man.Girls were screaming and guys were dying man. They were eating them! Iseen 'em through the back door, and I took off running," Mad Dog says."Eating them? Come on man, your drunk Mad Dog," Terry says his lips barely moving at all and not in sync again."I'm afraid, he is telling the truth Terry," says a voice from the openwindow of the black Cadillac limo stopped in the street."Say man, what's up P-Funk? You know something about all this?"Terry asks, his mouth almost moving right with his words."As a matter of fact, I do some of the Tonfa's made off with a few of my girls and fucked up some johns man, I grabbed the last four and we areheading uptown till all this shit blows over man. Watch yourself Terry these boys are on something weird, it's making 'em crazy," P-Funk says.Terry watches the limo pull away for a second and looks around MadDog is nowhere in sight. Down the street however Terry watch four shapesemerge from an alley and start walking his way. They are all wearingsleeveless jean jackets and black t-shirts, Terry has a feeling all of them havea back patch sewn into their jackets that reads Tonfa's.There were no words spoken, but Terry stands there watching themapproach for a few seconds and then starts walking towards them. Theyspread out as they approach two stay on the side-walk and two walk on theedge of the street as they get closer. About twelve feet away they walk under the street light overhead and Terry sees what everyone is talking aboutfinally. All of them are gray, with black blood vessels beneath their skin,their eyes are glazed over with a white film. They are all dead. Thisrealization hits him as they raise their arms, moan and shuffle slightly faster toward him.Closing the distance with the one on his far left Terry spins around in a blur of motion and his spinning clenched ham-sized fist connects with theTonfa's jaw. A bone-shattering crunch is heard as the dead punk spins downto the sidewalk, in a bloody denim heap. Terry spins around the oppositeway and his left foot arcs upward connecting with the next closest one's rightear. The skull of the thing collapses around the converse as the force of the
 blow sends the body flopping end over end down the sidewalk in a smear of gore. The last two don't pause at all they both come in at once, Terry jumpsfrom between them spinning in mid-air his body twists as if flies his feetkicking out hitting them both in the chest as he lands on his hands, pushes off and flipping in mid-air lands in the street facing away from them. The bodiesfly away from where he had been standing and land with thumps on theground. Both instantly get to their feet again as the first one swings itsclawed hand to grab Terry, its mouth open so wide its jaw is lying limply onits chest. Terry spins grabbing the things wrist as he turns, his hip juts outand then the thing is flying over his shoulder back into one of the two on thesidewalk. The other closes in and Terry drops down taking its legs out with alow sweeping kick. Spinning with his hands down on the street Terry's legarcs up high and then down on the things head in an ax-kick. The skull of thecreature is crushed under his shoe splattering brains, bone-fragments and anexplosion of gore all over the street. Terry completes his move landing onhis feet facing the last two. The one of the left makes a grab for him so Terrygrabs its wrist and pulls it close right into his mallet-like fist. The things faceflattens out against those massive knuckles bones smashing to pulp in aninstant the thing drops down to ground like it is made of jelly. The final onegroans as it comes in and Terry kicks it in the face. The brains explode out of the back of its skull as it falls to the ground in a hot-mess.Thumbing the side of his broad nose Terry looks around for more.Seeing no one around he stands up straight and dusts his hands off on his jeans."Fuck you too, motherfuckers.."
Terry Yaki, Part II 
Yim Shi, puts the mop and bucket away and takes off her concessionssmock. Throwing the smock onto a chair in the employees’ break-room shegrabs her gray hooded sweatshirt and pulls it over her head covering theyellow smiley face on her white t-shirt. Her skin-tight jeans are so faded theylook a strange blueish-white color and her pink converse sneakers are well

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