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The Half Second Rule

The Half Second Rule

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Published by aronag7708

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Published by: aronag7708 on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Half Second Rule
“Your Master Key to Safe, Rapid & Effective Change.”
 ©2006-2009 Colin G Smith – All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized distribution, resell, or copying of this material is unlawful.No portion of this book may be copied or resold without written permission.
This eBook is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professionalcounseling, therapy or medical treatment. Nothing in this eBook is intended to diagnose or treat any pathology or diseased condition of the mind or body. The author will not be held responsible for anyresults of reading or applying the information.
2 Contents3 Change occurs quickly...4
The Half-Second Rule
5 The Awesome Power of Your Unconscious Mind7 Glisten Up! A Quick 3 Minute Brain Tickler!9 "Hey, Change is Fun!"10 Raising Your 'Baseline' State11 The Resources for Change are Already Within You!12 Accessing Resource States13
The 1/2 Second Rule Techniques
19 "A 'swish' a day keeps the shrinks away!"
Change occurs quickly. Think..... about..... it.....
How do you light a matchstick? That's right, you strike it quickly to get that flame to burst into bright light. If you strike a match slowly, the chemical process won't kick in.And how about kick-starting a Motorbike? Have you ever seen someone trying to start his bikeslowly. It doesn't work does it. That kick-start pedal has to be pumped quickly to get the motor turning over so that he can accelerate off into a new adventure! Now you may well know that for a long, long time, many people have been told a pack of lies abouthow to make profound personal changes in their lives. Lots of people have been sold the idea thatmaking changes requires going through pain, energy and their precious time. NNNNNOOOOO! Enough is enough of this outdated horse crap!What you're about to discover as you read on is how the process of change naturally occurs fast,very fast due to the way your incredible mind works...AND...it is easy AND pleasant AND it can even be a lot of FUN! YES, that's right.

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