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SCI 1 Young Dragons

SCI 1 Young Dragons

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Published by plowe_1

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Published by: plowe_1 on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 S   c i      en c  e .
 S  3  C  y c l   e C  ui   c u l   um  a  c . e s i   on . pi   l   0  0  9 
KS3 Cycle Curriculum PackProject one – Young Dragons
Page 1.1Summary
This curriculum resource is designed to use cycling and aspectsrelating to it in order to understand how science works. Thematerials use cycling and associated resources to explorescientific knowledge, theories and models to provide a deeperunderstanding of the scientificprocess.
Batteries not included
Students will use and develop their knowledge of electricity in developing asafe lighting system for cycle users. This context requires them to exploreways of accessing energy that does not include batteries. Once the scientificaspects have been explored students will have the opportunity to developtheir business skills as they take their initial ideas of a lighting system andgo into production, then marketing, of this newproduct.
Young Dragonssummary
       S      c        i      e      n      c      e  .
   K   S   3   C  y  c   l  e   C  u  r  r   i  c  u   l  u  m    P  a  c   k .   V  e  r  s   i  o  n   1 .   A  p  r   i   l   2   0   0   9
KS3 Cycle Curriculum PackProject one – Young Dragons
Page 1.2Teaching delivery map
Areas within government initiatives/programmesInitiative/programmeHow the project links to this initiative/programmeKey Stage 3 (KS3) scienceSection 1 How science works.Section 4 – Energy, electricity and forces.Every Child Matters (ECM)
Safe from accident, injury and death
Develop enterprising behaviour
Enjoy and achieveHealthy Schools (HS)
Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)Social and Emotional Aspects
Motivationof Learning (SEAL)
Social skillsSustainable Schools (SS)
Energy and water
Traffic and travel
Inclusion and participation
Young Dragonsteaching delivery map
 S   c i      en c  e .
 S  3  C  y c l   e C  ui   c u l   um  a  c . e s i   on . pi   l   0  0  9 
KS3 Cycle Curriculum PackProject one – Young Dragons
Page 1.3Teaching notes andlesson plans
Young Dragonslesson plans
Batteries not included!
Context:The Mayor of London bans batteries because of their environmentaldamage. Students have to decide how they are going to overcome theproblems of cycling to school on dark mornings or home in the twilight byusing and/or developing a cycle lighting product that is more environmentallysustainable. This will include an enterprise activity that will require studentsto go through the processes of either developing a new product or sellingthe newproduct.Knowledge:Students will need to have some understanding of the historyof cycle lamps, how they developed and the types currentlyavailable.Investigative science skills:Students will need to use their science skills toinvestigate different types of electrical energygeneration.Business skills:Students will be required to develop their business skills inthe product development area or in the sales and marketingarea.

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