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Another Blooms

Another Blooms

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Published by VistaMiddle

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Published by: VistaMiddle on Nov 12, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sample QuestionStems
Potential activities and products
What happened after...?How many...?Who was it that...?Can you name the...?Describe what happenedat...?Who spoke to...?Can you tell why...?Find the meaning of...?What is...?Which is true or false...?
Make a list of the main events..Make a timeline of events.Make a facts chart.Write a list of any pieces of information you can remember.List all the .... in the story.Make a chart showing...Make an acrostic.Recite a poem.
Sample QuestionStems
Potential activities and products
Can you write in yourown words...?Can you write a brief outline...?What do you thinkcould of happenednext...?Who do you think...?What was the mainidea...?Who was the keycharacter...?Can you distinguishbetween...?What differences existbetween...?Can you provide anexample of what youmean...?Can you provide adefinition for...?
Cut out or draw pictures to show aparticular event.Illustrate what you think the mainidea was.Make a cartoon strip showing thesequence of events.Write and perform a play based onthe story.Retell the story in your words.Paint a picture of some aspect youlike.Write a summary report of an event.Prepare a flow chart to illustrate thesequence of events.Make a colouring book.
Sample QuestionStems
Potential activities and products
Do you know anotherinstance where...?Could this havehappened in...?Can you group bycharacteristics suchas...?What factors would youchange if...?Can you apply themethod used to someexperience of yourown...?What questions wouldyou ask of...?From the informationgiven, can you developa set of instructionsabout...?Would this informationbe useful if you had a...?
Construct a model to demonstrate howit will work.Make a diorama to illustrate animportant event.Make a scrapbook about the areas of study.Make a paper-mache map to includerelevant information about an event.Take a collection of photographs todemonstrate a particular point.Make up a puzzle game suing theideas from the study area.Make a clay model of an item in thematerial.Design a market strategy for yourproduct using a known strategy as amodel.Dress a doll in national costume.Paint a mural using the samematerials.Write a textbook about... for others.
Sample Question Stems
Potential activities andproducts
Which events could havehappened...?I ... happened, what mightthe ending have been?How was this similar to...?What was the underlyingtheme of...?What do you see as otherpossible outcomes?Why did ... changes occur?Can you compare your ...with that presented in...?Can you explain what mustDesign a questionnaire togather information.Write a commercial to sell anew product.Conduct an investigation toproduce information to supporta view.Make a flow chart to show thecritical stages.Construct a graph to illustrateselected information.Make a jigsaw puzzle.Make a family tree showing
have happened when...?How is ... similar to ...?What are some of theproblems of...?Can you distinguishbetween...?What were some of themotives behind...?What was the turning pointin the game?What was the problemwith...?
relationships.Put on a play about the studyarea.Write a biography of the studyperson.Prepare a report about the areaof study.Arrange a party. Make all thearrangements and record thesteps needed.Review a work of art in termsof form, colour and texture.
Sample QuestionStems
Potential activities and products
Can you design a ... to...?Why not compose asong about...?Can you see a possiblesolution to...?If you had access to allresources how wouldyou deal with...?Why don't you deviseyour own way to dealwith...?What would happenif...?How many ways canyou...?Can you create newand unusual usesfor...?Can you write a newrecipe for a tasty dish?can you develop aproposal whichwould...
Invent a machine to do a specific task.Design a building to house your study.Create a new product. Give it a nameand plan a marketing campaign.Write about your feelings in relationto...Write a TV show, play, puppet show,role play, song or pantomime about...?Design a record, book, or magazinecover for...?Make up a new language code andwrite material suing it.Sell an idea.Devise a way to...Compose a rhythm or put new wordsto a known melody.
Sample QuestionStems
Potential activities and products

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