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Interval 7

Interval 7

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Published by Paul Gates

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Published by: Paul Gates on Nov 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interval Used In Worldwide Mind Control, And HowIt Connects To AstrologyAnd Bigger On The Inside Than On The OutsideWhile you won't find this in any books, and there are only a fewinternet sites that mention it the electromagnetic 4
dimensionalspider has been around before people even hieroglyphics, andany form of writing for that matter. It is only called a spiderbecause waves or light, I have to say I do not know the physicsrelated to this, bend in to form something that looks like a spider. There was a document that came to our house at 1458 SW 19
Avenue, for no apparent reason in the 1950's. The document didmention the spider, and did also mention the Nazi party.Neil, who became my step brother by pushing his way into ourfamily, five years after the document was sent, through thepostal service, and just after our mom passed away, I think, saidsomething about a fly in the spider's mouth. They also coveredthat up by saying our mom was a girl, about my age, and thensaying their “father” pointing to picture of an army man, that wasin their household, had just died. There have been at least four movies, that I can think of, thatmention a fly as being the focus of the movie. Why would a fly inthe spiders mouth be something they would say? Could it be thatthe word that was really the issue was a form of the word insect?Maybe something like incest. The only two letters that arechanged are the s and the c. Suppose also that the fourthdimension or GOD has been something in which the spider hasbeen connected. Suppose also that someone made a deal with allroyal families since Ancient Egypt, and has used the spider tomake the deals. That is using incest as a way to get whatsomeone using the spider wants. That is the sex issue. Certainlynot me, because Neil made me a target of the spider since I wasseven. A host for the (G)oat, or (G)host. The Catholic church, dueto a deal that made with Royalty practices a form of satanismtoday.Now I need to explain how this can be proved by the use of Astrology. If someone just looks beyond the basics of Astrology
you begin to see that whoever created Astrology, and no oneseems to know even that, there is a form evolution that isdescribed by how the zodiac shows up on a wheel. The zodiacstarts with Aries or (Alpha), as the first sign. The tencommandments, supposedly given to Noah, by GOD, start off with “I AM” the lord thy GOD, or at least that is the translation Iwas told. There are probably others, and probably bettertranslations. I AM are the key words associated with Aries TheRam, or the golden fleece. On the fleecing of the human race.With that being said the seventh sign of the zodiac is Libra , andis associated with OMEGA. The beginning and the end. Libra isalso one of three air signs. The only signs of the zodiac that haveglyphs with human figures the rest of the zodiac are pictured assome form of animal or creature of some sort. That does notmean that air signs are more evolved than the other signs of thezodiac, actually quite the contrary. I think it means that someone,when the zodiac was created, and they have traced it back to3000 BCE, if you want to use historical terms, had a plan. Theplan was to use the technology mention in the I Ching, in form of all of the circuits that we think are high tech today. The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini, the first of the air signs if we are following the zodiac from Aries. It is the sign associatedwith communication, thinking, the tower of babal, lauguages, andthe house associated with it is associated with brothers andsisters. It is also associated with travel and neighborhoods. Thesign Gemini is also called the sign of the twins. The fourth sign of the zodiac is Cancer, it is a water sign, and since it is a cardinalsign it exhibits the real qualities of the element, that is “I feel”,not the sensation of perversion that people with earth signs thinkis feeling . The fifth sign of the zodiac is Leo, one of the key wordsfor Leo is the King, it is definitely a sign most associated withroyality.It is also a fire sign associated, at it worst, with a nuclearholocaust. Leo is also the sign associated with games. It is alsoassociated with being the center of attention , or being on stage. The entertainer would be an association especially if it includedcommunication from the third sign and house . Then there is themirror image of both of those signs that is the ninth sign, that is
Sagittarius symbolized by an arrow, and all things international,as in international travel to other countries, publishing of booksand magazines is also the ninth sign again communication. Thatcould mean things like LIFE, LOOK, MAD, NEWSPAPERS. Theeleventh sign of the zodiac is the mirror image of the fifth sign . The signs in opposition, or I call the mirror image always carrywith them some of the qualities of the sign opposite them. So the11
sign has some of the qualities of 5
sign. I think the 11
signis more associated with being the center of attention in secretgroups though. It is the eccentric of the zodiac. The symbol of the11
sign is wavy lines.So the interval that I have come up with by myself , that is 5/3,orthe 5
and 3
signs of the zodiac also includes the 9
and 11
signs of the zodiac. The Pentagram, which is a configuration in Astrology, consists of two 150 degree angles, or aspects, two trine aspects, and oneopposition. If you draw the pentagram from Capricorn, and theperson whose chart this is has a planet ina sign 150 degrees from Capricorn then it would have to be eitherin Gemini or Leo. If a person has a planet also 60 degrees fromthe other planet that is 150 degrees from Capricorn then the twomain points of the pentagram touch the 3
and 5
signs of thezodiac. Those are the two points that would be outside the thecardinal points that make up the rest of the pentagram. If you dothat as though it was the mirror image, and Cancer is the focus of the pentagram then the 9
sign and the 11
sign of the zodiacare the points outside of the cardinal points.I think the incest that has been practiced by all royal families wasset up, even going to ancient Egypt. The reason I say that is thatthe document that was sent to our house in the 1950's had thatvery thing on it, and the spider was the issue mentioned on thedocument.Pam mentioned 23 Skidoo, even though no one else, exceptmaybe Neil and Eleanor, and they made sure Bryan with a “y” notan “i” knew about it also. I do not know is this has any relevanceto the issue or not, because I know why Pam said that now, butthere is also the fact that the German Marc crashed in 1923.Here is something that I just found related to Himmler, and the

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