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Spiritual Surgery

Spiritual Surgery

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Published by Lisa Kent

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Lisa Kent on Nov 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spiritual Surgery
Our life for the past decade in Australia has been publishing “WAY OF THEHEART” - ELOHIM Journal, a role that has given us the most remarkable journey, taking us around the world, meeting and sharing with remarkablespiritual mentors and teachers.While it was never our intention, somehow Suzanne and I have becomeintrinsically linked to this particular healing modality of Spiritual Surgery andwe are now undertaking a continuous program of workshops in both Australiaand the USA to explain the process and connect people.How many of us have puzzled about the work of Jesus and the stories handeddown for 2,000 years about the wonders of miracles. Of His saying, “Allthings that I do, you shall do and more”. St. Francis of Assisi and the recordedhealings brought about by faith, and of the sacred shrines around the world.Isn’t there something inside of us that senses we are all able to do this?Imagine for a moment that you had the belief that through your hands youcould heal people of common everyday health difficulties. Pretty amazingconcept isn’t it? We freely give our power away to others in the belief thatthey can heal us through modern science and technology, drugs and medicalprocedures that are a mystery to us. Yet to even begin to contemplate that inour own hands we have the power to create and make changes to the body of another, is a challenge that most won’t consider.Alternative healing is now a popular and accepted option. What might haveseemed strange at first has proven to be very effective and many now preferto seek alternative methods at the onset of illness. It can be even simpler andgentler, if we but choose. What we are introducing here is another, evenmore simple form of healing in the “hands on” category and most important,anyone can do it. The only difficulty here is that it challenges commonaccepted belief and can take a great stretch of the mind and the beliefs thatwe hold.If we are willing to allow that there is more to life than just the world we see.If we can accept that there are other dimensions of us that are equally validas our physical body and forces beyond this dimension that want to assist us,then the concept of spiritual surgery will not seem so strange. It will place ahealing gift in your hands that can change your life and enhance the quality of life of those around you.It is important not to confuse Spiritual Surgery with Psychic Surgery. PsychicSurgery is a very real phenomenon that is available in other parts of theworld, by healers like John of God for example but for the most part, it isvirtually unavailable in the Western World. Spiritual Surgery designed to fillthe gap in Western cultures; however it is different in that it is a completelynon-evasive modality. Spiritual Surgery requires no skill, no sleight of handand no tricks, it is nothing more than providing the connection to allow ahealing to take place.Illness resulting from emotional imbalance is where accumulated, unresolvedemotion is expressed through the body in the form of disease. This is theconsequence of a strong belief that permits the body to hold a physical
imbalance until that belief is changed. For this reason illness may be a gift forour highest good and therefore it is beyond our knowing to predict what mighttake place when we surrender to Spirit, in a request for transformation aroundthis issue.Sometimes there are spontaneous healings, almost always relief and certainlyan energetic shift that can bring about change, if we allow. In order to besuccessful, Spiritual Surgery requires that the patient be willing to let go of the belief system holding the illness in place.Why would anyone want to have a health issue? Many people are attached tothe generally accepted belief, that illness is a consequence of a cause outsideof them. They see themselves as the victim of something that has happenedto them, for a variety of reasons. The ego is able to prey on feelings of guilt,sin and fear, to keep them entrenched in darkness and ignorance. Anythingthat keeps us confused and powerless, serves the ego’s primary concern, thatof keeping us separate from united wholeness, and the truth of who we are.Amazingly, this deceptively simple method of embracing healing allows for allpossibilities, because it surrenders to divine plan, and offers the highest goodin every instance. Because Spiritual Surgery is not done by you, ordetermined by you, it bypasses the egoic need to have a particular outcome.It relies solely on surrender to through the facility of Spirit determining what isappropriate to every individual need. This is why it is called Spiritual Surgery. It is an operation, performed bySpirit, (your Guide), through spirit, (You), on Spirit, in the form of the 5
Etheric template (Spirit) of the person you are assisting.Spirit Surgeons are Souls who have a desire to continue to be of service tohumanity through healing. They are a vast cross section, from ordinary,everyday folk some with previous healing interests, to others with full medicaltraining. The Spirit Surgeons appear to choose us for reasons of compatibility to enablea bond to take place, a compatibly so effective that these Guides are able towork intimately in our field. This bonding facilitates a number of remarkableside effects.It takes no particular skill or intuitive wisdom to perform Spiritual Surgery,only a willingness and patience to allow the surgeons to work through us. This wonderful process can be used by healers already working with othermodalities, or by any individual who would like to be able to help friends andfamily in times of physical distress.I often wonder if the Spirit World that exists around us, yet outside of thisdimension, is perplexed by our seeming lack of interest in benefiting fromtheir abilities and willingness to be of service. I can only say that in the caseof Spiritual Surgery I would urge you to spend a couple of hours and makefriends with an energetic consciousness that is able to make you and thosearound feel better physically. It is such a great gift to have.SO HOW TO DO IT AND HOW DOES IT WORK?
Spiritual Surgery –What do you need to know?
Spiritual Surgery is a very simple ‘hands on’ healing modality.Anyone of any age can do it.It does not require any special skills, or any previous healing experience.It does not require diagnostic skills or medical intuitive ability.It does not require psychic ability, clairaudience or clairvoyance.Sometimes these abilities are accelerated through practicing Spiritual Surgerybut they are not necessary for its success.Spiritual Surgery is not a replacement for allopathic medicine. It can be usedharmoniously with any other healing modality and will enhance them all.However because of the nature of the purpose of Spiritual Surgery, which is forthe Highest Good of the recipient in any situation, the outcome of theprocedure cannot be predicted. It may result in a complete cure, relief,improvement, a healing crisis, or the onset of pain.Spiritual Surgery achieves things that might be missed in other healingmodalities. What can only be understood in a metaphysical context is thatthere is always a higher perspective to every circumstance that we findourselves in. Spirit is able to determine the opportunity from the perspectiveof the Soul’s Journey, and enhance it for your patient.Spiritual Surgery is at once, quite deep and yet very simple. It offers maximumhealing opportunity at the highest level, in ways that may not be able to bedetermined from the human perspective, yet it is so simple and effortless,asking nothing of the one who delivers the healing.Our experience has been predominantly great relief and spontaneous healing.However we have repeatedly found from our own experience that SpiritualSurgery will not change illness that we create out of a re-occurring fear that wehave not addressed. Often in these circumstances we will be directed to dobody work to help release the stress. We usually combine this with a PersonalCounseling session to explore emotional and mental healing that might supportthe process.
I have found over a period of time that Spiritual Surgery always brings aboutdeep relaxation. Where patients have experienced stress as a result or causeof their debilitation, or where resistance to the experience is weighing heavilyon them, the love and nurturing that comes from Spirit, will often cause themto fall asleep or into a deep state of meditation.For this reason whenever possible I like to use a massage table, bed or couch,so that they feel relaxed and supported. This enables them to receive thehealing in trust and surrender completely to it. Often I incorporate S.S. withmassage and find that the patient will fall deeply asleep while I perform theS.S. and awaken again as the massage resumes. If I am out in a circumstance

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