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Published by Uday Pratap Singh

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Published by: Uday Pratap Singh on Nov 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Department of Electronics & CommunicationCourse: Microprocessor based system designCourse Code: ECE 301DOA: Homework:3 DOS:Part A
1.Suppose that you have the following initial content of registers and memory:AX=1A22H BX=3C40H CX=4502H SP=1000H BP=1002HDetermine the content of SP, and modified registers and memory locations after theexecution of each of the following instructions starting from the initial content of theregisters and memory for the execution of eachinstruction.a). POP BX b). PUSH AXc). MOV AX, BP+1d). Call Sub, where the call is a near call andSub is at an offset address 3000H fom the codesegment. Suppose that the instruction followingthe Call Sub instruction is at offset FE11H.e). RET12.Explain what type of interrupt are the following:(i) INT 27H.(ii) Overflow interrupt.(iii) Divide by 0 interrupt.(iv) Single-step interrupt.(v) An active signal at the NMI input.(vi) An active signal at the INTR input.3.Write an assembly language program for 8086 to count input pulses at input port of timecounter IC 8254. You can assume any one port/channel of IC and any of the address can be used for addressing but control word must be mentioned. Whenever there will be any pulse counted, the count of pulses must also be sent to the output port named “Display”.
1.Write an assembly language program for 8086 to ON and OFF the 8-LED connected atthe port named “LED”. The 8 LED’s must be ON/OFF in the fashion belowLED1LED1LED1LED1LED1LED1LED1LED1

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