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Be a Stargazer

Be a Stargazer

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Published by Apparatchiki310

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Published by: Apparatchiki310 on Nov 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All sciences are making an advance, but Astronomy is moving at highspeed. Since the principles of this science were settled by Copernicus,four hundred years ago, it has never had to beat a retreat. It isrewritten not to correct material errors, but to incorporate newdiscoveries.At one time, Astronomy studied mostly tides, seasons, and telescopicaspects of the planets; now these are only primary matters. Once itconsidered stars as mere fixed points of light; now it studies them assuns, determines their age, size, color, movements, chemicalconstitution, and the revolution of their planets. Once it consideredspace as empty; now it knows that every cubic inch of it quivers withgreater intensity of force than that which is visible in Niagara. Everyinch of surface that can be conceived of between suns is more wave-tossed than the ocean in a storm.The invention of the telescope constituted one era in Astronomy; itsperfection in our day, another; and the discoveries of the spectroscopea third—no less important than either of the others. New discoveriesare made every day with the advancement of telescopes. The Hubblespace telescope has let man see further into the universe then everbefore. Astronomy and space science is an ever changing study, andpossibly the most exciting of the sciences. It is for one reason that thisbook was written, to hopefully interest more people in the excitingstudy of the universe around us.
CHAPTER PAGE1.Why Study Light? 42.Introduction To Light 53.Introduction To Color 104.Astronomical Instruments 145.Our Solar System 186.The Sun 207.Earth's Moon 228.Planets 279.Asteroids 6610.Meteoroids 6811.Comets 7012.Kuiper Belt 7213.Beyond Our Solar System 7414.Stars 7615.Constellations 9416.Find The Stars In The Sky 102

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