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Bollywood Brings It Out of the Closet - Global News - Advertising Age

Bollywood Brings It Out of the Closet - Global News - Advertising Age

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Published by Sourabh Mishra

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Published by: Sourabh Mishra on Nov 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bollywood Brings It Out of the Closet
A New Film Takes Homosexuality Into the Indian Living Room
Posted bySourabh Mishraon
12.10.08@ 01:18 PM 
Popular culture has made a taboo topic the subject of media and living-roomdebate in India. And many feel rightly so and high time it did!A little background first. Homosexuality in India is a legally punishable offenceunder Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code, with punishment that can extendto 10 years of imprisonment. With an officially estimated 2.6 million-stronggay community in India, this creates a strange problem for the government.TheHealth Minister believesthe law makes it difficult for his department to effectively runprograms to manage HIV/AIDS among the most vulnerable within the gay community. The lawforces homosexuals to largely stay underground as they are open to legal exploitation otherwise,along with the health workers and doctors who work with them.As a society, Indians are not comfortable discussing sex and sexuality, all the attention given theKama sutra notwithstanding. Homosexuality is very high on the taboo list in the middle-classIndian living room. Thus, a gay person coming from a typical middle- to lower-middle-class Indianfamily is most likely to hide his sexuality even from his immediate family, often getting forcedinto an arranged marriage by his relatives. This leads to much unhappiness for all concerned inthe long run, not to mention the increased health hazards, as the law prevents government-runHIV/AIDS containment programs from reaching him.Enter Bollywood. "Dostana" (which means "friendship") is a big recent hit featuring bigBollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra, and it has a gay themeas the two male leads, Abraham and Bachchan, pretend to be a gay couple. Reviews of the film,both in print and on TV, speak about the "chemistry between Abhishek and John." Interviews of the stars themselves also refer to this "chemistry," and all of this is streaming into our livingrooms through prime-time TV across both news and general entertainment channels.Its not that the gay theme has not been touched upon earlier in Bollywood films. Two other filmsin just the last couple of years "'Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd." and "Fashion") had gayreferences, but not as the main theme of the film. What "Dostana" has done is to make the gaytheme the crux of its storyline. The presence of big stars and the hit status of the film hashelped in bringing the issue of homosexuality into the mainstream consciousness and discussion.While it would be naive to assume that homosexuality will become either socially or legally moreacceptable after a Bollywood hit, many hope that a little more openness and public discussion willlead to a more enlightened view being taken on this issue. And that is the power that Bollywoodpopular culture wields over us!
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1 Comment
Saw this flick a few weeks back.. I just felt it was a very mocking portrayal of gays in the societyand something which is expected of mainstream bollywood.. I hope they grow up and give anhonest account of homosexuality in India..By aroon | Mumbai, 97December 11, 2008 12:44:46 am:To submit comments you must be registered. PleaseLoginorRegister Now  Username:Password:Comment:
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