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Hotshops or Not, The Next Wave of Indian Agencies Need to Show Their Value - Global News - Advertising Age

Hotshops or Not, The Next Wave of Indian Agencies Need to Show Their Value - Global News - Advertising Age

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Published by Sourabh Mishra

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Published by: Sourabh Mishra on Nov 14, 2010
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Sourabh Mishra
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|PopularityAdvertising - like most business - becomes exponentially complex when an agency moves to theinternational theater. I would expect tough times ahead for BBH, Naked, and Strawberry Frogunless they take steps to integrate the local culture into their management mix. The adage,"Think global, act local" rings true time and time again.The odds for success in India rest on an agencies ability to expatriate an internationally savvy toplevel manager who is not afraid to relinquish control to local upper-middle management. Thatgoes for creative AND accounts.Without the ability to first listen to the local market, then develop strategy any internationalventure is an uphill battle.The Indian market in particular is a dichotomy of rich and poor consumers with a rapidlydeveloping middle class. Good luck!By ADMAVEN | Chicago, ILOctober 7, 2008 11:37:03 am:
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Hotshops or Not, the Next Wave of IndianAgencies Need to Show Their Value
Posted bySourabh Mishraon
10.06.08@ 05:32 PM 
We are buzzing with the news of the 'global hotshops' coming to India.BBHhas announced its India team, andNakedis expected to do it soon, to befollowed byStrawberry Frog. An implicit suggestion in all this pre-launchpublicity is that the Indian market is waiting to be delivered from its supposedscourge of creative mediocrity and strategic incompetence. Is this true?When these hotshops set up in the West, they were (a)plugging in a gap inthose markets, marked by safe thinking and mediocre creative, and(b)fronted by the acknowledged 'stars' of the business. But in the Indian market the bestcreative work is coming out of the largest network agencies (Ogilvy, JWT, Lowe, McCannErickson). And the acknowledged creative superstars here (e.g., Piyush Pandey of Ogilvy, Balki of Lowe, Prasoon Joshi of McCann Erickson) have not lent their names to these hotshops, yet.Now, why would a client want to park business with these supposed hotshops? They are, ineffect, just another global agency network setting up office in India, fronted by, at best, somecompetent professionals. And to make matters more difficult for them, many other locally 'hot'creative people are setting up on theirown, giving clients the option to work with smallercreative shops, if they are so inclined. Caught between the large and creative agencies on theone hand and the small local creative hotshops on the other, these 'global hotshops' need tovery clearly spell out their points of differentiation in the Indian context.
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http://admaven.blogspot.comAs a marketeer, these global agencies offer no value add, specifically for one simple reason thatthe people who have supposedly join/lead these new agencies are basically same people fromexisiting agency network. If you get people from what is already there, then you will get (thesame output) what you always got.Okay, one might argue that the philosophy of these hotshops will be gloabal and thus different.But, i would presume, that this will be purely at an esoteric level with no tangible benefits to themarketing investments. Also India as a market is culturally and behaviourally completelyisolated, which only a few names like Piyush/Prasoon understand...By sridharcal | Chennai, ATNovember 12, 2008 05:55:18 am:Comment:
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