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I Swear I'll Never Be That

I Swear I'll Never Be That



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Published by Vishaka Chakrapani
Not one of my best i know..just some random scribble that i did..with some tinge of memories.
Not one of my best i know..just some random scribble that i did..with some tinge of memories.

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Published by: Vishaka Chakrapani on Nov 14, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Phantomimic added this note
I like the way you make connections here and find their interrelatedness. I didn't know about the mandir. Why is it in the kitchen?
I. M. Nobody added this note
I love it straight from the heart of thoughts you may have thought were no longer there then "there you are!" Beautiful stuff we here in the states call "off the cuff." Love ~Kev
Steve U added this note
Great to see you writing again! This is a wonderful little reflection!
Carl F Maulbeck added this note
If what is said cannot be heard then it should not be said - "what mattered was that i tell the person the truth be it in the face or hiden by a mask, as long as, the person got it" - true that, vishaka
sousou2000 liked this

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