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Ireland's Bloody Shame

Ireland's Bloody Shame

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Published by IrishLick

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Published by: IrishLick on Jul 29, 2008
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This is one of up to 6,000 snares setfor badgers
each night 
 in the Republic of Ireland.Exterminating badgers is supposed tohelp control bovine TB in cattle.But so few badgers are left in Ireland,less than 6,000 are caught
each year 
. And bovine TB levels in Irish cattle aretwice as high as in Great Britain, wherebadgers are not being killed.
(see p.2, col.2)
1 – Ireland’sbloodyshame: a Badger Trust and Badgerwatch Ireland report – May 2007
is is the first detailed report to reveal the appallingextent of the bloody wildlife massacre that is beingexecuted in the Republic of Ireland.Ireland’s dairy and beef products, worth
3.6 billionin annual exports, are marketed as pure, natural andgreen. Tourism Ireland invites visitors to experience its“breathtaking countryside” and explore “wooded banksthat shelter a wealth of wildlife”
.But behind this fantasy, o
cial figures confirm thateach night up to 6,000 snares for badgers are laid acrossIreland’s farmland
. Badgers are being systematically strangled countrywide and no functioning safeguards arein place to ensure their survival.Farming unions in Britain claim that the Republic of Ireland has been “successful” in controlling bovine TB incattle.
ey have called upon the British Government’sand Welsh Assembly’s TB Advisory Groups (TBAGs)“to visit the Irish Republic, so as to learn from theapparently highly successful anti-TB strategy that hasbeen implemented in that country”
.NFU deputy president, Meurig Raymond, claims:
e Irish experience highlights that to containand eradicate bovine TB a managed wildlife cullis far more e
ective than pre-movement testing. A 40% reduction has been achieved in Irelandthrough abandoning pre-movement testing andconcentrating on eliminating all vectors of thedisease in wildlife.”
e TB Advisory Groups are due to visit Ireland in2007.
e Badger Trust and Badgerwatch Ireland,in partnership, have conducted a review of the “Irishexperience”, analysing more than 135 documents,reports and statements from Ireland and from Europe.In stark contrast to unreferenced claims made by theNFU and other pro-cull lobbyists, we have found that:
Ireland’s treatment of the Eurasian badger, aprotected European species, is an internationaldisgrace. So few badgers are left, they cannotpossibly explain the high rates of bovine TBfound in the Irish national herd. At best, thebadger population is only 10% that of similarhabitats in south west England. At worst,badgers are extinct in many areas. Only afraction of the national population survives.
 Yet despite the mass extermination of badgers, bovine TB a
ects twice as many cattle,proportionately, in the Republic of Ireland as itdoes in Great Britain. In Ireland, 0.4% of thenational herd was slaughtered with bovine TB in2006, compared to 0.2% in Great Britain.
Contrary to claims by Meurig Raymond fromthe NFU, TB rocketed when pre-movementTB testing was abandoned by the Republic of Ireland in 1996.
e re-instatement of pre-movement testing has since been recommendedby both Veterinary Ireland and the EU, butrejected by Irish government ministers.
Most of Ireland’s bovine TB research has neverbeen published in peer reviewed journals andcannot be taken seriously.
Ireland’s badger killing strategy is based onsnaring badgers within 2km of infected farms,yet genetic research shows that there is norelationship between those TB strains found incattle and those found in badgers living withintwo or even five kilometres of those cattle.
ere is strong evidence of both cattle-to-cattle TB spread and of non-compliance with TBtesting and livestock movement regulations.
eEU has identified shocking inadequacies in TBtesting regimes and other livestock regulations.EU regulations are currently enforced, to some
2B Inworth StreetLondon SW11 3EPwww.badgertrust.org.ukCharity no. 1111440
May 2007FACT: In 2006,0.4% of Ireland’snational herdwas slaughteredwith bovine TB,compared to 0.2%in Britain. Thefarming unionsin Britain claimIreland has been“successful” incontrolling TB.Who are theykidding?
(p.1, col.2)
5 Tyrone Avenue, LismoreLawn, Waterford City.www.badgerwatch.ie

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