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Battle Plan for Dan Choi's Army

Battle Plan for Dan Choi's Army

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Published by inflector
Here is how we will win the fight for freedom and justice and equality for all.
Here is how we will win the fight for freedom and justice and equality for all.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: inflector on Nov 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Let's Show the World What a 21st Century Movement Looks Like
General Dan Choi needs troops for the good fight.
We will end DADT and the DOMA and get a constitutional amendment for Equal
Rights for LGBT citizens passed on Monday November 22, 2010. It will be a day
the world will remember for all time. It will be the day we decided to end hate
and stop giving power to those who would divide us.
Here's how:
First: The time has come. The American people genuinely feel bad about teen
bullying and the level of tolerance for hatred has never been lower. The country
is ready. LGBT folk are fucking pissed and tired and crushed. But the politicians
aren't being pushed hard enough. So they need some incentive.
Let's show the politicos that we are really in charge.
Second: Movements start and change happens because one person decides
enough is enough and that person has enough gumption to stay the course. Dan
Choi is doing this, and a small group of others but they can't get enough to
follow. We need to show them that we will follow General Dan Choi’s lead.
Third: Movements grow into unstoppable change when supporters know that
they can be part of something big, something bold and something that will make
history. Who would have intentionally missed the sit-ins and bus boycotts and
struggles of civil rights if they knew then that it would end up a turning point in
history. Think how proud the civil rights leaders are to talk to their children and
grand children. Everyone wants to be a part of history, so we will create history.
It is easier to do this quickly than to take our fucking precious time. It is easier to
accomplish an audacious goal than a timid one.
Leaders lead and followers follow. The best followers only follow something that
is big enough to matter. First one, then 1 thousand, then 1 million, then 100
Fourth: People don't want to join a movement that is going to fizzle. So the
movement will be organized and logistically superior to anything ever seen
before. Dan Choi is from the military, he knows how to organize. We all know
this is true. When opponents know the “gay problem” won't go away until they
address it, they will capitulate because they are cowards at heart.
The battle will be over before it is fought and the fight will be quick and
bloodless. Read Sun Tzu: “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred
battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme
of skill.”
Fifth: There needs to be a reason for the change to happen right now instead of
later when we get to it. So let’s go fucking create one.
Here is the Plan:
Seven score and seven years ago, Abraham Lincoln, that great leader of civil
rights stepped onto the bloodied ground at Gettysburg and uttered these words:
This Friday, November 19th, 2010, marks the 77th anniversary of that great
speech. Let us honor President Lincoln by finishing the task that cost so many
lives to begin. Let us honor President Lincoln by granting equality to all our
citizens on that day. Let us honor President Lincoln by starting the movement to
bring peace and equality to the entire Earth on that day.

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