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The Superficiality of Life on this Planet

The Superficiality of Life on this Planet

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human life and death is a mere illusion
human life and death is a mere illusion

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: sam iam / Salvatore Gerard Micheal on Nov 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Superficiality of Life on this Planetsg micheal, 2010/NOV/15As i have come to know it, human life on this planet is grounded/attached in/to superficiality.This is an untenable situation. We need to correct it as soon as possible. Our bodies, no matter how substantive we think they are - are like makeup. What do ladies do in the morning? They put on makeup. At night, they take it off. The intention/reasons can be many.. But the fact is: our  bodies are like makeup: before we are born, we enshroud our spirits with this flesh; when our  bodies die, our spirits shed the body - it is NOT the other way around. Our bodies do not releaseour spirits - it's important to know the difference and truth of our existence. Again, when we die,our spirits shed the body. Our bodies are superficial; our spirits are eternal.So, in hand with this perspective - we must realize nothing on this planet is real except what is inour hearts. This is the essential Truth of our existence. NOTHING ON THIS PLANET IS REALEXCEPT FOR WHAT IS IN OUR HEARTS.i loath typing in all-caps. It's repulsive to me. But there is an occasional need.. And this momentis one such .. My consistent readers know something incredible has happened recently in my life.i cannot not share these events with them. It would be wrong for me to hide these experiences.Conversely, "don't throw your pearls before swine" can mean: don't love the wrong person. Don'tgive your heart to the wrong person. Sure, they might "feel good now" like they are your "destiny". But don't let the illusion of adoration confuse you. Adoration is not the same as love.And love is only a glimmer or shadow of the blazing glory of true love.True love is patient, kind, giving, enduring, faithful, loyal, consistent,.. All these things andmore. True love endures the illusion of death .. In truth, none of us know how manydays/hours/weeks/months/years we have on this planet. None. But all of us have an obligation togrow in our spirits. Otherwise we waste our chance. What is the purpose of life on this planetexcept for our spirits to grow???My ex and others may think i'm crazy/stupid/pie-in-the-sky-dreamer. This was our most hugedifference: i Know there is a spiritual side to our existence; she ignores it. She pretends there isno spiritual side. She believes when we die, there is nothing. No continuance. But events in mylife have shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt there Is a spiritual side to our existence. Youcan torture my body (as she frequently did), but there is nothing you can say or do which willconvince me otherwise - my personal life experiences have convinced me (an amateur scientistand engineer) there is something more than what our eyes see..For lack of a better expression, i call this 'the spiritual plane' (plane meaning space or dimensionality). i'm not an expert in this .. i can only identify it presently. i have studied timeand space and am convinced matter is little bits of 'frozen time' - temporal 'singularities' (not truesingularities) if you will. Again, matter - the stuff we see around us - is simply little bits of frozen time. So matter itself is an illusion as the Buddhists realized long ago.. Matter is anillusion, death is an illusion,.. If we realize the Truth of our existence, we have an obligation tostop obsessing with the superficiality of human life and refocus on what is in our hearts.

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