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Native American Sunrise Ceremony

Native American Sunrise Ceremony

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Published by Moseyspeed

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Published by: Moseyspeed on Nov 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Native American Sunrise Ceremony 
Native American Sunrise Ceremony
TheNative American Sunrise Ceremony is held every year on Alcatraz Island. This Native American Sunrise Ceremony is an occasion to honor andgive thanks to the Native American people. The unique thanksgiving of 1621 was intended to offer gratitude for the crop. This crop was possiblebecause of the assistance of the native people of America provided to thePilgrims. The year earlier than lots of Pilgrims had passed away because of hunger. The Pilgrims learned from the Native American people about thevarious types of agricultural methods which were very successful.The story behind this ceremony is a very shaky one; in the middle winter of 1620 the Native Americans witnessed the arriving of the Pilgrims in theregion recognized these days as Plymouth MA. These people were thoughnot the first to arrive on these coasts. In the year 1614 some British voyagershad previously arrived there. When they departed they picked 24 NativeAmericans along with them as slaves and left gonorrhea, syphilis, andsmallpox. That disaster wiped the tribes of New England totally.
The fresh 1620 colonizers don’t know about farming as a result their harvest
failed disastrously. The following year William Bradford announced a three-day banquet following the first harvest. It afterward turned into a portion of the Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims did not term it that nor were the NativeAmericans who are present at the feast still invite. The invitation was just tohead Massasoit and Squanto. They took their 90 brothers and sisters alongwith them to the feast. As a result the Native Americans were never invitedback again.By 1641 things had in fact started to go down and the upcoming of theNative Americans neglected. A 1641 slaughter of the Pequot's in CT wasextremely triumphant so much, that the churches announced a thanksgivingday to mark win over the at present ethnic first peoples. This was the daywhen the term thanksgiving was first used. In addition at the same time
Manhattan’s Governor 
proposed the first use of selling of Native peoples of 20 shillings and 40 for every captives they can utilize to sell into slavery.Authorization was allowed to enslave or rape any Native American womenand enslave any young person below 14. By 1675 the Native Americansunder Metacomet attacked back to retaliate. But Metacomet was tracked

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