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GOProud And Tea Party Urge Republicans To Avoid Social Issues (Letter)

GOProud And Tea Party Urge Republicans To Avoid Social Issues (Letter)

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Published by Viktor T. Kerney
from Politco
from Politco

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Published by: Viktor T. Kerney on Nov 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:EXT: THE DULOX HOTEL Ð LATE NIGHTROBERT ANDERSON, 28, jumps out of a cab and dashes into thehotel.INT: THE DULOX HOTEL - LATE NIGHTRobert rushes in and looks at his WATCH. It is 11:32PM.Robert looks ahead and sees the elevator doors closing.He briskly walks towards the elevator. Robert notices theshape inside of the elevator as it closes.ROBERTPlease hold elevator!A white glove reaches out and pushes the elevator doors open.Robert slightly smiles. Once he enters the elevator, Robertis stunned.INT. THE ELEVATOR - LATE NIGHTStanding inside the elevator is BOBO THE CLOWN, 41, anaverage size man. He is wearing a green jumpsuit, a rainbowcolored top hat, red gloves, and big red shoes. He has aglowing white face and a large exaggerated ruby red grinpainted over his mouth.BOBOWell, luck is on your side, son!You made it!Robert just nods and presses the 17th FLOOR BUTTON. He keepshis eyes at the ceiling.BOBO (CONT'D)Are you going to the New Year's EveCostume Ball?ROBERT(faintly)Yes.BOBOOh, I'm performing here and---Suddenly, the elevator comes to a complete stop.V.O.
Do not be alarmed, the elevator isoff track. I repeatÉ Do not bealarmed, the elevator is off track.BOBOThis happen all the time... I'vework here for many years and thiselevator never seems to stay fixed.Robert nods and wipes the sweat forming on his head with theback of his hand.INT. THE ELEVATOR - LATE NIGHT - MINUTES LATERRobert is completely uncomfortable. He is sweating badly,continuing to wipe his forehead.BOBOAre you alright, son? You're reallysweating.BoBo starts looking his bag.BOBO (CONT'D)I-I have a mini fan in my bag.ROBERT(firmly)I'm fine. I'm fine.BOBOThat doesn't sound like your fine.You sound like my daughter whenshe hears lighting.Robert looks over at BoBo's caring smile.ROBERTI'm not a huge fan of clowns ortight spaces.BOBOI've been a clown for thirty yearsand not once, not once have I met aperson who hates clowns. You knowwhat? I'll take my shoes and hatoff, maybe that will ease you abit.BoBo slowly removes his hat and shoes, and places them on thefloor.BOBO (CONT'D)(Smiling)See, I'm just an old man under allthis get up, nothing to be afraidof. Is this better, son?
ROBERTIt's fine, thank you.BOBONot a problem, that's what I do. Itry to make people feel at ease.I'm BoBo the clown.BoBo extends his hand to Robert, he nervously shakes it.ROBERTI'm Robert and I don't hate clowns.I just had a very experience... Idon't like to talk about it.BOBORobert, maybe it's time to talkabout it. I don't mind.Robert sighs as he let BoBo's honey dipped words soak in. Hewipes his hands on his side of his pants and unbuttons hissuit jacket.ROBERTI haven't talked about this in overa year. Maybe you're right.BOBO(Sitting down)We're not going anywhere anytimesoon.Robert joins BoBo on the floor of the elevator. He watchesBoBo's smile stretch across his painted face.ROBERTWhen I was seven, my father took meand my mother to the circus for thefirst time.(sighing)I remember how excited I was thatnight; seeing the acts, theanimals, and the clowns... Theclowns were the best part.BoBo leans in closer. He seems very interested in Robert'sstory.ROBERT (CONT'D)It was a good night overall, untilwe headed for home...BOBOWhat happened?ROBERTWe were coming around a corner anda car came out of nowhere and justran right into us. My parentsdidn't survive, but the driver did.

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