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Published by mrs_writes_alot

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Published by: mrs_writes_alot on Nov 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AmourNicoleALove you too. Goodnight.2 minutes ago DeleteKindOfJonasYou're very welcome *smiles at you* I have to go. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I love you. Goodnight.2 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-blushes a little, laughing- Thank you.5 minutes agoKindOfJonasNo no *smiles, lifting your chin up* it was amazing.6 minutes agoAmourNicoleAThanks. -looks down- My writing's a bit rusty.9 minutes agoKindOfJonas*chuckles* Well that one was great.10 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-smiles- I'm glad my poems made you smile. I usually suck at poems. -laughs-12 minutes agoKindOfJonasHaha it was.13 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-laughs- Yeah..well, it must've been racking your brain trying to find out.18 minutes agoKindOfJonasI'm glad *chuckles*19 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-laughs- It feels good to have finally said that.22 minutes agoKindOfJonas*smiles, poking your nose* Good :]23 minutes agoAmourNicoleAI love you too(: -smiles back-26 minutes agoKindOfJonasWell, I love you *smiles at you*26 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-smiles- I didn't.
29 minutes agoKindOfJonasI love you. Do you know that?30 minutes agoAmourNicoleAIn addition to the ones you got when you got on they basically said I love you but if you were to be with someone else I'd still be happy.35 minutes agoKindOfJonasWhat did the others say..?37 minutes agoAmourNicoleAI sent others but I deleted them but yeah..it was.40 minutes agoKindOfJonasThat was you..?42 minutes agoAmourNicoleA... xFLCrush It's not your fault, it's unrequited love, I get it. @KindOfJonas 30 minutes ago46 minutes agoKindOfJonasGo for it *smiles*46 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-laughs- So.. I should probably tell you something else...51 minutes agoKindOfJonasI don't know *chuckles*51 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-blushes- What was that for?54 minutes agoKindOfJonas*kisses your cheek softly*55 minutes agoAmourNicoleA-smiles- I'm glad.56 minutes agoKindOfJonasIt made me smile :]]57 minutes agoAmourNicoleAYeah.1 hour ago
KindOfJonasIt was? *smiles at you*1 hour agoAmourNicoleAthepersonthatwrotethosepoemsonyourformspringwasme.1 hour agoAmourNicoleAI have something to say but just listen, -takes a deep breath- I don't like seeing my work go uncredited so1 hour agoAmourNicoleA-pops my collar- o.e1 hour agoKindOfJonasFine D:1 hour agoAmourNicoleANo... Don't judge Dx lmfao1 hour agoKindOfJonasWow, you didn't after all this time? xD1 hour agoAmourNicoleAListening to music, I finally stopped being lazy and started writing a playlistfor my sweet 16 :D1 hour agoKindOfJonasBeing bored ._. you?1 hour agoAmourNicoleAlmao what's up?1 hour agoKindOfJonasLmao that's nice xD1 hour agoAmourNicoleAhahahah no, he was boring anyway. Eh.1 hour agoKindOfJonasThat's good. I'm glad you did. Do I need to chop his balls off or something?1 hour agoAmourNicoleAHe was, I never really fell for him though. I took precautions.1 hour agoKindOfJonasWow. What an asshole.

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