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Another Close Encounter of the Judicial Kind by Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh

Another Close Encounter of the Judicial Kind by Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh

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Published by: Christopher Alan Hignite on Nov 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Christopher Hignite
 Another Close Encounter of the Judicial Kind
November 13th, 2010 10:58 pm ET
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Oh the games the courtrooms play.In my article,Please ponder this plea from Pleas, Ioffered you the first tale from Pleas LucianKavanaugh. Lucian details the continual history of hisencounters with false arrests stemming from a failedattempt to convict him on an original charge. This is atale I personally know too well. Unfortunately, thecontinuing story also details courtroom tricks andharassment techniques that I have alsopersonallyexperiencedand documented others experiences.Lucian has given me permission to re-post his mostrecent blog detailing his current situation with theCentral Kentucky legal system. Here is Lucian'scurrent struggle:
There must be something in the water at the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government.
I had a court appearance last Thursday. This timebefore presiding Circuit Judge Ernesto Scorsoneregarding the instance where I was that 6'4" light-skinned black dude with gold teeth, green eyes andhair who tried to kidnap some pregnant chick in themiddle of the Downtown Lexington Transit Center inbroad daylight, but managed to avoid every singleone of the sixteen cameras comprising theirmultimillion dollar, state of the art security system.You heard me...Somebody remind me to addshapeshifting ninja to my resume. Here's a refresher
Another Close Encounter of the JudicialKind
Photo: Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh 
Slideshow: Another CloseEncounter of the JudicialKind Video: Pleas LucianKavanaugh is armed anddangerous?
for you amnesiacs. (Attached video)So I'm standing in front of Scorsone with my twopublic defenders, Chris Tracy and Chad Butcher.My previous attorney, David Zorin and I parted waysfor reasons we most certainly won't agree upon. Hethinks we parted ways because I couldn't afford histab. And I think we parted ways because I was betteroff with the public defenders.Incidentally, I got drunk with him a couple of weeksago and he expressed some interest in pursuinganother civil suit against the City of Lexingtonforruining my life the last five years. I indulged theconversation because he's good company -plus, hewas buying the drinks, so what the hell -but I'm prettysure I'm better off seeking competent representationelsewhere.Anyway, we're standing before the judge; me and mytwo guys, but the specially assigned prosecutor fromNicholasville, Robert Gullete Jr., otherwise known asplain old Bobby Gullette, is nowhere to be found,which isn't, actually, unusual. I used to think it bizarrethat he could just elect not to appear like he wasskipping first period, but have since come to expecthis absences because he's only attended maybe twoappointments since I got charged with this nonsenselast December and it's starting to get under my skinbecause every time he doesn't show, Scorsone justshrugs and schedules another appointment for me asif I have nothing better to do with my time thanbrighten the courtroom with my pretty face.Where in the hell did my speedy trial run off to?Apparently, Mr. Gullette didn't look at his calenderproperly the night before and now we're all standingaround twiddling our thumbs wondering what in thehell we're doing here. Meanwhile, I can't, for the lifeof me, figure out why we just don't have him drive the15 miles to Lexington so we can reschedule my trialdate, which had originally been scheduled forNovember 17th but had to be extended becauseDavid Zorin took an obscene amount of time towithdraw and basically prevented the PublicDefenders from having sufficient time to prepare;none of which has anything to do with me, of course,
Police claim that Pleas LucianKavanaugh is suspected of trying toabduct a 5 month pregnant woman inbroad daylight at the main bus station.Kavanaugh is identified from adescription by a police officer he hadencountered in the past.
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except that it's my life that hangs in the balance of allthis bullshit.Not to mention, why doesn't Scorsone everreprimand the prosecutor for missing court? Hehasn't mentioned it once. Is this what passes forprofessionalism around here? Even now I can'tfigure out why we didn't just call Gullette to find outwhen he would be available for a trial and savedourselves the trouble.So, once again, the judge suggests we scheduleanother date to meet just to schedule another trialdate and then, I guess, we'll cross our fingers andhope the prosecutor shows up. Believe me, it's asstupid as it sounds.The three of them begin bantering about availabilityuntil Scorsone suggests that we reconvene the verynext day. As they consider it, I whisper to ChrisTracy that I am scheduled to be out of town and won'tbe available.He then suggests to the judge that the threecounselors be allowed to coordinate the new trialdate in my absence, which seems reasonableenough since I, frankly, couldn't care less when thetrial happens granted I'm provided ample noticebeforehand.But for reasons unbeknown to the rest of us,Scorsone disagrees and insists that that I am presentfor the scheduling of the new trial and informs myrepresentatives to discuss the matter with Mr.Gullette and to keep the court informed. We leaveand all seems well.Just as I'm on my way out of town, Mr. Butcherinforms me that they've conversed with Mr. Gulletteand rescheduled for the following Monday. En routeto Key Largo, I learn that my transportation won't beavailable to return on Monday and that I amessentially stuck in Florida until Tuesday. So I callthe PD's office and leave a message. No reply. I callagain on Friday morning and the secretary assuresthat she'll deliver the message, so I forget about itand spend some time writing on the beach.But when the weekend is nearly passed and I haven't
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