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pengenalan asas apa itu konflik

pengenalan asas apa itu konflik



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Published by nazuwa

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Published by: nazuwa on Jul 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is an important part of managing self. Most of the time, we find ourselves in
situations and in ever going process of resolving these conflicts consciously aswell as subconsciously.
among individuals and between groups is a predictableand important part life. It can be personally and socially constructive, such as a focuseddebate on an issue that brings about increased growth in personal and
 consciousness. A
becomes destructive when it destroys human dignity anddegrades the values, ethics and life principles.
has been defined as "an expressed struggle between at least two interdependentparties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from theother party in achieving their goals.” Important concepts in this definition include"expressed struggle," which means the two sides must communicate about the problemfor there to be
. Another important idea is that
often involves perceptions.The two sides may only perceive that their goals, resources and interference areincompatible with each other's.
is an option, created by the choices you make. You always have the opportunityof choosing to choose again. Therefore, conflicts can be resolved by electing differentchoices with resolution so firmly in mind that it naturally leads to a shared vision of thefuture toward which to build.If you have to deal with other people, you will, sooner or later, have to deal with
is not inherently bad. In fact,
simply stems from differing viewpoints.Since no two people view the world exactly the same way, disagreement is quite normal.In fact, anyone who agrees with you all of the time is probably telling you what you wantto hear, and not what he or she actually believes.The reason
has received such bad press is because of the emotional aspects thatcome along with it. When there is
, it means that there is strong disagreementbetween two or more individuals. The
is usually in relation to interests or ideasthat are personally meaningful to either one or both of the parties involved.
Conflict Related Facts
1. It is inevitable.2. It develops because we are dealing with people's lives, jobs, children, pride, self-
concept, ego and sense of mission or purpose.3. Early indicators of 
can be recognized.4. There are strategies for resolution that are available and do work.5. Although inevitable,
can be minimized, diverted and/or resolved.
Reasons of Conflict
Poor communication
Seeking power
Dissatisfaction with
Weak leadership
Lack of openness
Change in leadership
Conflict Indicators
Body language
Disagreements, regardless of issue
Withholding bad news
Airing disagreements through media
Conflicts in value system
Desire for power
Increasing lack of respect
Open disagreement
Lack of clear goals
No discussion of progress and failure relative to goals, failure to evaluate thesuperintendent fairly and thoroughly or not at all
When is Conflict Destructive?
is destructive when ita. takes attention away from other important activities.b. undermines morale or self-concept.c. polarizes people and groups, reducing cooperation.d. increases or sharpens difference.e. leads to irresponsible and harmful behavior, such as fighting, name-calling etc.
When is Conflict Constructive?Conflict
is constructive when ita. results in clarification of important problems and issues.b. results in solutions to problems.c. involves people in resolving issues important to them.d. causes authentic communication.e. helps release emotion, anxiety and stress.f. builds cooperation among people through learning more about each other.g. helps individuals develop understanding and skills.
Positive and Negative Aspects of Conflict
Negative aspects of 
are as follows:1. It diverts time, energy and money away from the organization's goals.2. The situation can turn into continuous
.3. It can adversely affect the health of the involved parties.4. It can lead to sabotage, stealing, lying and distortion of information.Positive aspects of 
are as follows:1. It usually causes changes.2. It activates people.3. It is a form of communication.4. It can be healthy in that it relieves pent-up emotions and feelings.5. It can be educational in that the participants often learn about themselves and theother people involved.6. The aftermath of 
can be a stronger and better work environment.
Conflict is a Natural Part of Human LifeConflict
exists in all relationships, groups, culture and every level of 
is often uncomfortable and energy consuming, it can be a positive forcefor change and bring an otherwise stagnant organization or relationship out of dormancyand into new life and vitality.
is a challenge to people at both individual and

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