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Paranormal Press, Nov. 2010

Paranormal Press, Nov. 2010

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Published by PSJ Admin
Published on the web by Paranormal St.Joe.
Published on the web by Paranormal St.Joe.

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Published by: PSJ Admin on Nov 15, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When it comes to the paranor-mal research field, there is awide variety of different styles,techniques, motives, and eventheories that each group andorganization exhibits. Somegroups are simply enthusiastsand thrill seekers, looking for their next experience, some areinterested in finding their cashcow, while others are moreinterested in understanding anddocumenting claims and phe-nomena in order to offer ad-vancements in our currentknowledge of the workingworld around us. The Paranor-mal Study and InvestigativeResearch Organization, or PSI-RO, is one of the groups thathopes to offer more advance-ment than thrill seeking.
When I created PSIRO in 2009,it was after many years of real-izing that the paranormal re-search field had a serious prob-lem about which no one wastalking. The efforts of the en-tire community were lacking inresearch and study and, instead,focusing more heavily on me-dia, television shows, confer-ences, etc. While I, myself,have been on television for theseries Paranormal State, I soonfound that I didn’t enjoy themainstream media as well as Ihad enjoyed the research, so Ileft the group and began form-ing my own research organiza-tion.Paranormal research and studyis currently unrecognized bythe scientific community.While studies have shown thata vast majority of Americans believe in paranormal phenom-ena in one form or another, thegeneral consensus on the valid-ity of paranormal research bythe scientific community is oneoften one of abhorrence. Theseemotions are not without justcause.The paranormal research fieldof study is one that is abun-dantly uneducated and method-ologically inept. There is noscientific basis for much of theresearch and investigations thattake place in the field. Re-searching claims of the para-normal does not instantly meanthat ghosts or spirits are be-lieved to exist, nor is it be-lieved that aliens, Bigfoot, or the Chupacabra run amok inthe world, yet many investiga-tors and groups operate under the assumption that you must believe it exists in order toresearch the claims. Regardlessof the beliefs of those that be-lieve or disbelieve, claims of  paranormal phenomena are inextreme abundance that a gen-uine need for researching suchclaims is necessary. As aresearcher, this is somethingthat I cannot ignore, but at thesame time, each claim must be scrutinized and tested me-thodically and as controlled as possible, a task that is not being done by the vast majori-ty of so
called researchers.
For this reason, I created PSI-RO. We offer a differentapproach and perspective to paranormal research. It's onething to try to change the par-anormal research field byclaiming you know it all, it isanother to state that you knownothing and start all over fromthe very beginning. The latter is the approach that I decidedto take with PSIRO. After almost a decade of paranor-mal investigation, I realizedthat I knew absolutely nothingabout the paranormal or whatit entailed. I was no closer to proving ghosts existed than Iwas when I started. I readdozens upon dozens of booksthat offered the same theories,ideas, and claims that each paranormal researcher hasused for the last century or more, but in the end, they toldme nothing of value. I actual-ly found that the theories thatmany groups and organiza-tions assumed were correct,are in fact, unproven and, inmany cases, areContinued on Page 2
PSIRO: Setting the Benchmark 
By Topher Young
 Special points of interest:
Write Your Own Magic by Richard Webster 
 Pumpkin Bars: An easy and delicious treat  for your entire family.
 Kristie’s Pics: Retro Paranormal withGhostbusters and Beetlejuice.
Check out the featured Gadget & Gizmo for  your paranormal quest.
PSIRO: Setting the Benchmark (cont.) 2Book Review 2
Kristie’s Pics
3Cartoon Corner 3
 Tracie’s Tasties: Pumpkin Bars
4Gizmos and Gadgets 4
Inside this issue:
   P  a  r  a  n  o  r  m  a   l   P  r  e  s  s
   P   A   R   A   N   O   R   M   A   L    S   T .   J   O   E 
 Volume 1, Issue 5November 2010
false. After almost a decade of paranor-mal research, the only thing I gained wasmore questions and a changed perspec-tive of paranormal research as a whole.
With this newly founded realization of my own ignorance, I created PSIRO, anorganization that is strictly dedicated toscientifically advancing paranormal re-search. The organization will take analternative approach to paranormal re-search than that of its peers. Many groupsare simply trying to answer the question,“Do ghosts exist?”, a question that is nocloser to being answered than it was acentury or two ago. Instead, PSIRO willfocus on answering questions that canoffer new avenues of thinking and under-standing about our world and the un-known world around us.With the expansion of PSIRO, there arenow opportunities for membership withinthe organization. After almost two yearsof private study and structuring of theentire organization, I am now opening thedoors to those interested in partaking inthe study of paranormal claims and phe-nomena. PSIRO currently mandates thatall members wishing to take part in anyresearch based studies, either in the fieldor laboratory, must undergo training setforth by the organization. Training con-sists of both field and classroom basedtraining and study. Quizzes and finalexams will be administered to assess theknowledge and application skills of thetrainees. After successful completion of the PSIRO training course, trainees will be recognized and free to enter any de- partment within PSIROs’ branch of study.The PSIRO training program is conduct-ed like a college course. There will beclassroom discussions and lectures alongwith required outside reading that may or may not be discussed during training. Acourse syllabus is given to each newtrainee prior to the training course, so allrequirements and assignments will belisted, along with their respective duedates. It is important to note that thetraining course does not teach people howto “hunt ghosts” or determine if a place ishaunted. The very notion of such trainingnegates the research and science that PSI-RO wishes to employ. Trainees will learneverything from the history of paranor-mal research to identifying false positivesin data and how to correct them.For more information on PSIRO and itsmembership opportunities, please visitwww.PSIRO.com
 putting positive energy back into your life.
People, air, animals, spirits
everythingis composed of energy. Webster;s book shows you how to harness that energyand begs the question, “What if?”An excellent read with historical infor-mation, fun techniques, and a way tochange the direction of your life.
Write Your Own Magic
, by RichardWebster shows you how to use the in-credible magical power of words to makeyour dreams a reality.
Webster gives you the tools to determinewhat the purpose of your life and your desires are. He then teaches you how tomake your dreams come true in six im- portant areas
physical, spiritual, mental,financial, social, and intuitive. In seem-ingly simple techniques using a mediumas old as time, thoughts and dreams can be organized into a reality. It also teach-es you the power of thinking positive and
Page 2
PSIRO: Setting the Benchmark 
(cont. from pg. 1)
 Book Review 
By Angie Dalrymple
Buy it on Amazon.com for as low as$11.86
4 out of 5 stars
Evy i pyi t s e, n e uces prnm -vesigatr, v if h d  ez i,  un h w pyi bi t n h rn.
Rom El Gl
For November, I’ll be reviewing two paranormal comedy movies from the1980s, Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice.
First, Ghostbusters starring Bill Murray,Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, SigourneyWeaver, and Ernie Hudson. You’ll never look at ghosts the same way after seeingthis comic team pursue and capture the phantoms of New York City. Murrayespecially is at the top of his game as Dr.Peter Venkman. Equal parts sleaze andcharm, Venkman tries to woo clientSigourney Weaver as his team investi-gates other worldly happenings at her apartment. Soon, the team discovers theentire building is on the verge of a major  paranormal event that threatens everyone.With unforgettable images such as thelibrary ghost, the terror dogs and the StayPuft Marshmallow Man, quotable dia-logue, and one of the better 80s sound-tracks, it’s hard not to enjoy this comicgem. After all, who ya gonna call?
Beetlejuice is another great 80s comedystarring Michael Keaton, Geena Davis,Alec Baldwin, and Winona Ryder. Whenyoung couple Davis and Baldwin dies ina car accident, their beloved countryhome is sold to Ryder’s family. Upsetwith the outrageous changes Ryder’sgarish stepmother makes to their lovelyhome, the ghostly couple calls upon Kea-ton’s Beetlejuice, a fellow ghoul who promises to rid their home of the living.What they didn’t bargain for are thelengths this bio
exorcist will go to scare afew unsuspecting homeowners. Full of director Tim Burton’s unique gross outvision, Keaton shines as “the ghost withthe most,” who seems to cause chaoswherever he goes. Ryder is also fun asthe Goth child who befriends Davis andBaldwin, reveling in their freaky world.So say his name three times and wait for the mayhem to begin.
Page 3
Kristie’s Pics
By Kristie Dale
Cartoon Corner

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