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Script Sense

Script Sense



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Published by Vanessa

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Published by: Vanessa on Jul 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Script - Sense Presentation
Slide – 1) ReadSlide – 2) Have you heard of Robert Kiyosaki? Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the business school and the Cash flow quadrant. (
Show one of his books)
The reason I useRobert Kiyoski is because he has nothing to do with the company I work with and whathe teaches every one should know.In Kiyosaki’s book ‘The Cash Flow Quadrant’
he demonstrates why 95% of people endup broke. The reason I use the cash flow quadrant is because of this diagram.The E in the diagram stands for employee, S for self employed or small business, B for  big business and I for investor. Kiyosaki’s say’s these are the four ways to make money.Now what he says is when we come out of school or uni, what we get taught is to become employees, to come into the E quadrant. What we learn is to get ourselves a job.Your security lies in your job. Now that may have worked before but it’s not necessarilythe case now.A lot of people go out and get a job and they believe they’re making their boss rich andthere is a feeling within them they could be doing more so they do what they think is thenext logical step and become self employed.Do you know anyone who is self employed?Robert Kiyosaki says the worst thing you can do is go from employee toSelf employed. What your actually doing going from here (E) to here (S) is buyingyourself a job.Your employees some times earn more than you; there is more responsibility, more taxes.So he says it’s the worst thing you can do. What he says is if we stay on this side of thequadrant as employees and self employed, what happens is we’re earning linear income.Do you know what linear income is?Yes trading time for money. It doesn’t matter if you earn $10 an hour or $1000 an hour you’re still trading your time for money. If you don’t work an hour guess what happens?You don’t earn any money. To make more money…you could get a rise, a second job or do overtime…but your money will always be directly related to how much you can sellyour time and that’s why Robert Kiyosaki says to be on this side (left) of the quadrant isthe riskiest because it’s to dependant on you physically being there.You’ll never have financial security whilst you’re earning linear income it’s capped, youonly have 168 hours in a week.This is where he says we have got to make attempts to earn residual income. What it basically means is you’re leveraging. Leveraging your efforts, its walk away income,money that keeps coming in when you’re not physically there. So it’s not time for moneyany more. You work smarter not harder.What he says is there are three types of residual income. You’ve got a big corporationlike Microsoft where someone has developed the system and they pay others to work thesystem. A good example of this is Bill Gates, he has approximately 25 thousandemployees and they’re all working on average 40 hours a week. This means Gates isleveraging off 1 million hours of productivity every week. The average person only1
works 220 thousand hours in a life time. Gates earns of 4.5 life times every week. Butthis option is not open to the average person.The second type of big business is a franchise, where someone has developed the systemand you purchase the system from them and then you work the system eg: Mc Donald’s,Kentucky Fried chicken. Statistics are now showing that more and more franchises are breaking even or going broke. The reason being is that it suffers the same fate as beingself employed. You’re still trading your hours for dollars you’ve bought the system butyou again have bought your self a job that could cost you millions to get in.This is where Robert Kiyosaki gets really interesting he’s turned around and said Network Marketing (Sense) is your third type of big business, its open to the average person, its low capital and low risk. He says it the place to be.Because when you think about it you’re actually buying a system. The difference between NWM and a franchise is you don’t have employees. You’re not employing people to work for you. Now they are doing it for themselves. So there’s no ringing people say “you got to do this” People are now taking ownership of their lives and you’releveraging effort, like the example of Bill Gates. NWM is now being taught at MonashUniversity in Melbourne. Robert Kiyosaki says you want multiply streams of income so what residual incomeyou’ve got, you invest. He says once you’re earning a residual income from the B sectionof the quadrant you can then invest and let your money work more for you.95% of the population are on this side of the quadrant (Left/linear) and earn 5% of themoney.5% of the population are on the right side and earn 95% of the money.Why do you feel only 5% have made the transition?
(Really dig and get their answer correct, write them down and then you will have what will potentially hold them back and  you can answer this concern once you finish this slide)
What part of the quadrant do you currently operate from?What is the biggest advantage?What would be a disadvantage working from there?Suppose you agree that making the shift to the B quadrant is the best option, what would be a disadvantage operating from there?What would be an advantage
? (Again this will give you what could be potentiallyholding them back. Write what they say down)
Do you have any other options, any other way to make residual income?So it’s this or nothing?Ok let me tell you about USANA and show you how USANA can help with this.In terms of 
(what they said to why only 5% have made the transition and the advantageand disadvantage of the Business owner, you now need to address these)
Robert Kiyosaki says it’s just a mind set to go from linear income to residual.Slide – 3) This is Dr. Myron Wentz – Founder of USANA Health Sciences, the company behind Sense. He is a scientist not a marketer. This is not about some business people thatgot together to try and make some money. The reason I’m telling you about Dr Wentz isso you have a clear understanding were Sense is coming from.
(read from slide)
His products are in your doctors desk reference which means your doctor can prescribethem. They are pharmaceutical grade.Dr Wentz is the world leader in human cells and with your skin being made up of billionsof cells he understands exactly what it needs to stay beautiful and healthy.Slide – 4) This is the Sense Range. You have 7 facial products plus two treatments.Sense utilises the skins ability to absorb substances like contraceptive and hormones, Dr Wentz understood if these and other products can pass through into your bloodstreamwhy not nutrition. Realising we are concerned about our health in regards to skincare products; he gathered the best biologists, chemists, scientists, and beauty consultants toformulate a topical nutrition for the skin. Sense was independently clinically tested for safety and efficacy by board certified Dermatologist’s, Ophthalmologist’s andtoxicologists.
The 9 Facial Care Products work synergistically-
Like building blocks, each product relying on the next to become complete.All of them contain Proflavanol -T and Proteo - C
Proflavanol - T -concentrated whole - grape
extract. Provides a powerful defenceagainst free radicals. Do you know what F/Radicals are? Your made up of billions of cellsyour hair, skin, fingernails, inner organs all of you! Inside your cells tiny organals,electrons and atoms that sustain your life. Being exposed to every day living - sun, food,exhaust fumes and many more aliments cause the atoms to lose electrons creating health problems and
accelerated ageing
readily donates the electrons back. The Free Radical damaged sites areconverted back to their original state therefore, reversing the appearance of lines and theaging process by keeping our cells stable and healthy.Proteo - C.Collagen fibres; which are found in the
of our skin provide support, strength, andalso give our skin the ability to stretch, and then return back to its original state. VitaminC is collagens main component and cannot function properly without it.
is bothlipid and water. A stable form of Vitamin C that penetrates through the
(thesurface of your skin) into the
, neutralising Free Radicals, while conserving andregenerating vitamin C, The
also works as a moisture magnet drawing moistureinto the
and keeping our skin not only hydrated, but also free of excess oil.
Our  skin only produces excess oil when there is a lack of moisture
.Slide -5) Here is a great example of cells damaged by F/Radicals. Read slide.In this book that educates consumers “Your skin and You” it explains that ingredients inwell known brands are damaging the skin. The skin does not show it immediately butover time your actually causing this F/radical damage hence accelerating the aging process.3

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