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Published by gangta

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Published by: gangta on Oct 26, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ya mamas so fat she uses DIET soap!Yo mamas so fat she's a National landmark!your mums so old she farts out dustyour mums so old her national security number is 1your mums so fat she got baptised in sea worldyour mums so ugly she use to get fed with a sling shotyour mums so dumb she went to the cinema, it said under 18 not admitted so shewent home and got 17 of her friendsyour mums so fat she wore a Malcolm x t-shirt n helicopters tried to land on her.Your mums so poor i came your house, stepped on a dollar and she said who turned of The heatYour mums so small she need a ladder to pick up a pennyYa Mamas glasses r so thick wen she looks at the map she can see people waveYa Mamas lips r so BIG she can whisper in her own ear your mommas so old and fat noah let her on the ark as 2 people!your mommas so ugly they wont even let her travel on the blind busYa Mamas so stupid she fell out the window and went upYa Mamas so stupid she fell out the window ironin the curtainsYa Mamas so poor i picked up the paper plates and she sed put down the chinayo mama is so fat last time she saw 90210 was on the scale -yo mama is so dirty when the colonel yelled hit the dirt everyone punched yomamaYo Mamma's so dumb she triped over a cordless phone!yo mama so dum she thought taco bell was a phone company in mexicoYo Momma is so old, i told her to act her age and she Diedyo mama is so ugly she stuck her head out a car window and got arrested for mooningYour mother is so ugly, when she moved into her new apartment the neighborschipped in to buy her a curtain!yo mamma's armpit is so hairy, she look like she got Don King in a head lockyo momma so hairy...u almost died of carpet burns when u were bornur momma so stupid she went to Gap to fix her teethYo momma so fat she fell in love and broke it!!
Yo Momma is so dumb, she got Stabbed in a shootout!Your Momma is so fat, She bungee jump and fell straight to Hell.Yo Momma is so fat and old, When God said "Let There be Light",He Told her tomove her fat ass out of the wayYo momma so stupid that she puts lipstick on her head just to make-up her mindYo momma so stupid that she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order Yo momma so stupid that she thought Boyz II Men was a day care center your mama is so fat my dog bit her and died of high cholestrolYour moma is so old she owes fred flinstone a food stampyo momma's lips are so big, Chapstick had to invent a sprayyo momma so fat, her blood type is Rocky Roadur mum is so fat,, when she offered to clean the cages at the zoo, people walkby and say ' look at dat hippopotamas'your mummas so fat when she turns around its her birthdayyou mummas so fat she takes up both sides of the familyya mummsa so fat she got hit by a bus and said ''who threw that rock''ya mummas so fat she sat on me and i thought the world was fallingyo momma's so dumb she heard christmas was round the corner and she went lookingfor itYo momma's so fat she use pillowcases as socksyo momma's so fat when your mother went to thorpe park and waited in line theysaid one at a time pleaseYo mommas like a railway track, she gets laid all over the country.yo momma's so fat when she walked passed i missed the busyo momma's so fat that when i was watching tv she walked past and i missed 3episodes.yo momma's so fat, she's on BOTH sides of the familyyo momma's so dumb, she got fired from a blow jobyo momma's so old, I told her to act her age and she dropped deadyo momma's so heavy, she went out in stilletto heels and struck oilYo momma so ugly, she look like her face caught fire and yo family tried to putit out with forks..!!yo mommas like a double decker bus, 40p to get on top

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your mums so old jesus out ranks her.your mums so fat she jumped on a rainbow and skittles came out.your mums so dumbshe went in a courtroom da judge sed order n she sed hamburger and chips. your mums so fat she sat on an iphone and made it an ipad.your mums so dumb da only letters in da alphabet she knws are K.F.C.your mums so fat you hugged her and you went to africa.
Abdullah Sekin added this note
yo mum is so poor and fat and you wanted a trampeline but you couldn`t afford it so thats why you had to jump on your mum
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