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Humbled Hostage

Humbled Hostage

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Published by anon-312795
kidnapped hostage is brutally anally raped by black captor
kidnapped hostage is brutally anally raped by black captor

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Published by: anon-312795 on Oct 26, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HUMBLED HOSTAGEShe knew she was in trouble when her father had refused to honor the latest,lowered ransom demand of the brutal black kidnappers.She was on her knees, a collar holding her head to the floor. Sarg wasfurious. Behind her, Sarg eyed her ass with hot desire, admiring the sleek whiteglobes of her buttocks. She was bent like a praying Muslim, her cheek and cheston the floor, her torso sloping sharply upward to her hips. The dress had tumbleddown around her shoulders, baring most of her sleek, graceful back.Drawing off his thick leather belt, Sarg was about to whip her, and hemotioned Pablo to hold her shoulders down. But as Pablo pressed her to the floor,Sarg caught a glimpse of something that changed his mind. Suddenly, he had abetter idea!The sudden touch of strong hands on the upthrust moons of her buttocks madePaula's whole body jerk. Only Pablo's grip on her shoulders kept her from twistingaround to see who was playing with the cheeks of her ass, spreading those soft,fleshy masses until the skin in the valley was stretched and pulled. Somethinghot, and hard was prying into her crevice.Sarg had carefully pulled the fleshy globes apart until he could see thepuckered bud of her anus. Then he steered the head of his cock into the excitingdark crack of her ass.Paula whimpered, her entire body twisted with a mixture of terror andanticipation. Something huge and hot was prodding insistently at the tight,puckered opening of her anus. Something hideously large and determined was pryingat her resisting orifice, driving at the tight ring of muscle. A flood oflubricant dripped from Paula's pussy. It was as if it were the opening beinginvaded. But it wasn't, it was her tight little asshole that was being nudged bywhat could only be a huge, steel-hard prick. She felt the clenched ring slowlybeing pried open, her mind quivering in horror at what was being done to her.Revulsion and fear filled her, but was tempered by a lustful craving. Hecouldn't be thinking of doing that to her! But that was exactly what she wassecretly hoping he would do. She remembered all too well how fantastic it hadfelt before, his thumb in there, and Pablo's finger. If a finger felt that greatup her butt, would a cock feel even better?She was going to find out. He was really going to do it! The pressure at heranus increased steadily. Sarg was driving his cock at her tight openingrelentlessly. What if she were too tight? What if he got discouraged? She feltthe ring of muscle slowly yield to his force, spreading open gradually. Pain nowmixed with the lustful desire searing through her body.The pain was so intense, it brought tears to her eyes. But the animal in herwas still loving every moment of the vile attack. The feeling of her sphinctermuscle being slowly stretched apart and driven inward by the brutal titanic cockset where loins on fire.The muscle spread open, taking more and more of the tip of his prick. Thepuckers tightened out of the ring as the pressure of his invasion increased; andher anus went from pink to white as the blood was squeezed out of the muscle.Sarg pressed on, powering the dark length of his cock between the roundedwhite globes of her buttocks, into her rear end. Finally, the dark, spongy headwas swallowed up by her hole. He felt a slipping, snapping sensation as thesphincter contracted into the groove where the head of his cock joined the shaft.Paula's entire body convulsed the moment her anal ring contracted into thegroove of Sarg's prick. For a horrifying second, she thought something back therehad been ripped. Her ass hurt, with a blazing, fiery pain, and a stabbing, deepache. But it felt so vilely, disgustingly, ecstatically good, too, that shedecided she must be okay. The pain and the degradation were all mingled togetherand joining with the earthy, animal pleasure of being buggered on all foursagainst her will.The shaft gradually forced itself further into the tight ring in spite of the

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