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HIV AIDS Awareness

HIV AIDS Awareness

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Published by: Melissa Adams Livermore on Nov 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HIV/AIDS Awareness
Students will learn about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa.
Students will practice finding the equation of the best fit line.
Students will be given the opportunity to be a part of the “Die Day”
leadership team and share their knowledge with the school community.
Resources/Materials List:
Student copies of the movie questions
Internet access for groups for the HIV/AIDS Best Fit Line Activity
Student copies of the HIV/AIDS Best Fit Line Activity Handout
Copies “Die Day” explanation for student leaders
Positively Speakingvi deo
TV and DVD player for video
Students will take a day to watch Positively Speaking a 14 minute video about
HIV/AIDS from the CRS available througheduca ti onprog ra ms@c a thol i creli ef.org.
While watching the movie, students will complete the movie questions. Using the
information from the video and what students can find by researching, students
complete the HIV/AIDS Best Fit Line Activity.
Following the HIV/AIDS Best Fit Line Activity, we will have a class discussion
using the questions from the JUDGE section of the CRS’ Solidarity With Africa
School-Wide Program as a starting point.
My students would then be invited to plan a “Die Day”. Although the World AIDS
Day is December 1, we would plan the event for later in the year. This will give my
students an opportunity to learn and better understand the HIV/AIDS pandemic
and provide them ample time to process and implement a successful event. The
event will be student-driven so it is difficult for me to say how it will go but I will
insist on education of the school community prior to the event as well as some
processing as a school community after the event. The education piece will be
completed by all of my students, despite whether they chose to be a part of the “Die
Day” leadership team. This could take the form of a newsletter, flyer, pamphlets,
video, or song.
Time line:
Two 45-minute class periods will be devoted to watching the movie,
completing the HIV/AIDS Best Fit Line Activity and class discussion
Several 10 30 minute sessions will be used to assist students in planning
and executing a “Die Day”
Grading Rubric:
Citation of sources
1 point per country
Accurate graph of points
3 points per country
Appropriate best fit line
3 points per country
Accurate Pie Graph
1 point per country
6 points
30 points
Student responses on the movie questions will indicate their understanding
of the movie.
Their scores on the HIV/AIDS Best Fit Line Activity will determine students’
level of knowledge of finding the equation of the best fit line.

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