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Miraculous Healing Water in Alae Bukidnon

Miraculous Healing Water in Alae Bukidnon

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Published by brodfelix

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Published by: brodfelix on Nov 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Miraculous Healing Water 
Grotto of Blessed Virgin Mary
 Miraculous Water Storage At Its Base
 The miraculous water is came from the spring beneath the earth surfacebeside in a century old balite tree wherein it was accidentallydiscovered by a group of small scale miners in the Ala-e locality inbetween the year 1985 to 1990, likewise a small size figure of blessedvirgin Mary was already laid on top of the said spring. According to thetestimony of Brother Timoteo (real name is Pebrito Tuyor ) who wasthen a local miner and a resident of Ala-e, he was a member of localminers in the area wherein before they commends their diggingactivities they will have to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary even thoughthey are just in their short pants and T-shirt. Brother Jacob (real nameis Segundo Raganot) on the other hand who was later become brotherTimoteo's friend was also interested to join the small scale mininggroup.
 The said spring can be located today in the Barangay Ala-e , ManoloFortich , Bukidnon, Philippines, it is located right at the back of Ala-eElementary School, which at the lowest portion of a hill and adjacent toa river, however it is already customize by the concern devotees byproviding steps atop hill side so as to enhance their visit to themiraculous water & to the Blessed Virgin Mary as well. The placed wasnamed Bag-ong Paraiso by the concern devotees which means NewParadise. Recently its Bus Fare from Agora,Terminal, Cagayan De Oro toBarangay Ala-e is about forty pesos ( P40.00) , while at crossingBarangay Puerto to Barangay Alae is twenty pesos (P20.00).
Brother Jacob (real name: Segundo Raganot) who was then a spiritualleader in catholic charismatic group in Agora, Lapasan, Cagayan De Oro ,which is named Spiritual Charismatic Mother Of Mercy , had a visionthrough a dream that said spring in Alae where Virgin Mary icon waslocated, near a balite tree and beside a river swamp, wherein theBlessed Virgin Mary talk to him in his dream to clean and makenecessary arrangement on the said area and that the spring water in thearea are blessing from God Almighty and a gift from Blessed Virgin Mary
Blessed Virgin Mary
 M. Fortich, Alae, Bukidnon, Philippines
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Miraculous Healing Water About Me
Brother Felix
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LinksSpiritual Charismatic Mother of Mercy
to his needy people.During that time Brother Jacob had joined Brother Timoteo’s group intheir mining activities in a hope to find any Yamashita Treasure in thatsaid place but then they only find pile of rocks and stones. The saidgroup during those days were composed of Brother Pedro who ispresently residing at Mayuga, Guindulman, Bohol and actively doing hisevangelical mission in that place, other one is Bother Timoteo who ispresently the spiritual leader of spiritual charismatic group in BagongParaiso, Ala-e itself. Two other fellows whose name were forgotten andlast one is Brother Jacob who was already a spiritual leader of a catholicspiritual charismatic group for quiet sometime while those other fourare not yet.: 
: One time through the guide of holy spirit , the Spiritual CharismaticMother of Mercy from Agora Cagayan de Oro lead by Brother Jacobvisited the said spring in Ala-e as a sort of their evangelical mission andworship activity at Blessed Virgin Mary’s Grotto. Brother Timoteo and hisgroup who were busy on their mining activities during that time initiallyjoined the worship and were able to witness the unique way of PraisingGod. An account of Brother Timoteo’s testimony revealed that while heand his colleagues are following the group of Brother Jacob in theirworship , he clearly saw as a matter of visualization, that the hill theyare going down was converted into real stairs and the said place werefilled with white clouds up to the location of the Blessed Virgin Mary’sGrotto and he shared this miracle to the group right after the worshipactivity . It was then that their mining activities was slowly stop andBrother Timoteo and his group was then converted as a devotee to theSpiritual Charismatic Mother of Mercy until these days.
From the year 1990, the said place "Bag-ong Paraiso" which means "NewParadise" was slowly beautify through local means, these were throughthe effort of the concern devotees from Agora, Cagayan De Oro lead byBrother Jacob , Brother Timoteo and other communities also who in oneway contributed to the beautification and rearrangement of said place.Most likely they had to visit in the said place as a group and as a sort of 
Lady of Miraculous MedalSpiritual Charismatic Music MinistryAng Tinago Nga KamatuoranBirhen Medalya MilagrosaAng Bag-ong ParaisoVisits

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