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Psionic Sadist

Psionic Sadist

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Published by mr.47

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: mr.47 on Nov 16, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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byCharles W. Cosimanocopyright 2006
From the beginning:Safety is for weenies; it isn't a good party unless somebody dies.
Now that we have that out of the way, this is going to be unlike any manual of kink thatyou have ever encountered. We do NOT, EVER, practice, advocate or have anythingto do with that which is safe or sane and consent is strictly there to keep the lawyershappy. With psionics we can get around that. In fact, our goal is going to be:
The abolition of consent in our lifetime!
Ok, now that I have the hairs of those who do not know me or my work or backgroundfalling out, let me explain a few things about myself. For while this book may seemextra-ordinarily radical and revolutionary to those who come from either a conventional(ok, I know it's an oxymoron) BDSM background or the usual sweetness and light anddon't do anything nasty to the neighbors psychic background. I'm not like that. I LIKEscaring the villagers. That is what villagers are for.I have a couple of identities by which I am known. In the psionic/magick world I'm thegreat, wise and evil Uncle Chuckie, the purported father of modern psionics (I'm not! I just wrote the books.), general troublemaker and all-around no-goodnik. My Russianfriends would probably love to dub me a
nekulturny khooligan
, but unfortunately I suffer from being over-cultured. Nevertheless, the khooligan part would probably fit. Or asmy wife describes me, I'm just a big, overgrown 8-year-old. Anyway, if you're readingthis book, you probably already know that. In fact you probably have read some of myother books and if you have not, be ashamed! Buy them now!But I am also a "community leader" (Oh, Lucifer! I hate being described that way!) inthe BDSM world. I was a club officer in the old Chicagoland Discussion Group for anumber of years, starting as the, gasp, Librarian (it was a practical joke they wereplaying on me--they wanted to fill my house with bad porn) and then being promoted,by default because no other qualified person wanted the job, to club Secretary, a postthat I held until that group's demise in 1998. And from there I went to being co-runner of the Chicago Slosh because my then girlfriend, who is now Mrs. Chuckie, made themistake of saying that we would take it for a couple of months. More famous last wordswere never spoken, with the possible exception of the time my stepson was going tochange our garbage disposal and said that it would take ten minutes. (Three hourslater and by that time reduced to commenting on the sexual habits of monkeys...)Somewhere along the line about the same time, some of our friends saw us playing atthe old Leather Rose in Chicago and said, "It's the Dagger Dom." Well, I grabbed thatas an AOL screen name and suddenly found that I, who had never used a scene namein my life, and did not believe in them, had a exactly that--Dagger. It wasembarrassing, to say the least.
Oh well, it could have been worse. I could have been Guy Baldwin. (I'm going to havea lot of fun at the expense of Guy Baldwin because he something of a sacred cow in theSM world and as we all know sacred cows make the best hamburger.)But also along the way it has become more and more obvious to me and those whoknow me that I have a much different approach to BDSM from my counterparts, not onlyin the way that I practice it technique-wise, but also as to how I relate to my BDSMinterests as a part of my life, my work, and my world.I'm not afraid of the things most of my friends are and there is a simple reason--PSIONICS!Ok, I know that I'm doing a lot of Me-I-Me here, but this is somewhat inevitable and thereason that I am writing this book is so that you, my most fortunate, blessed-of-heavenreader, will be able to do the same things and maybe see the world if not exactly in thesame way, for no two people do, closely enough that you will find that your fears willhave passed by the wayside and you will have methods of play and partnering thatothers around you will lack. For let us never forget, one of the purposes of life is toacquire things that other people cannot have. And NO, HIV does not count no matter what Guy Baldwin says! (And neither does bird flu so no kissing chickens.)So this book is going to approach BDSM and Psionics as a series of life skills, tools of influence and power being aimed at making your sex life happier, healthier (for you atleast) and at the same time allowing yourself the joy of breaking all the rules that folksin the BDSM community may try to put on you and keeping the godless nillers at bay.Now, one other thing. This book is written from the standpoint of a Het, Male Dom.That is what I am and I don't write well trying to be something that I am not, nor do Ihave any wish to. And I have made a career out of breaking taboos, crossing lines andnot only doing things that people do not approve of, but writing books teaching other people how to do them as well. As people who know me already know, I'm not one tosit around and complain. If there is something I do not like I do something about it andthere has been something rotten in BDSM for some time now and that something isSSC! The words Safe, Sane and Consensual have become a millstone around our necks, an excuse for every damned do-gooder and would-be Pope in the scene to try tocontrol people and ruin their fun.Well, we've gotten rid of the Safe. We've gotten rid of the Sane. Now we are going toget rid of Consent! Psionics is a means of projecting power and when you projectpower you do not worry about the consent of the powerless. You do not have to.At this point I should explain for my new readers that this not my first essay intocombining these things. Ten years ago a literally deranged ex-girlfriend of mine wroteme a totally disjointed letter accusing me of, among many other things, psionicallystalking her for the 18 years since our break-up. (And I still have that letter whichsomeday I may put on a website so the world can see just how nuts people, andperhaps that particular person, can be.) Now, the irony of all this is that while I have

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