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Seperation Checklist-Departing Employees

Seperation Checklist-Departing Employees



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Published by Azhar Abbas

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Published by: Azhar Abbas on Jul 30, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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: To create an efficient, effective and customer friendly separation procedure to insure thatemployees who leave the employment of the university return all equipment and payment of alloutstanding debts.II.
:A.The ending of employment for any reason requires the affected MPP supervisor to generate aFAST form which must be delivered to the Department of Human Resources (HR). Also, thedeparting employee’s supervisor must assign a “separation checklist” in Peoplesoft. Pleaseremember that in most cases, a final pay check must be ready for the departing employee on their last day of work. This can only be accomplished if the FAST is generated and delivered in atimely manner.B.
Voluntary Separation
(resignation or retirement): The separation checklist process is initiated by the MPP supervisor of the departing employee. Said supervisor must assign a “separationchecklist” in Peoplesoft.C.
Rejection during probation
: The separation decision is initiated by the vice president of thedeparting employee. The vice president shall authorize his/her division human resources liaisonto initiate the checkout procedure. The affected division liaison is responsible for assuring thatthe checklist is completed in a timely manner. Please make sure that all required performanceevaluations are complete before you make a decision to reject during probation. The employee’ssupervisor must assign a “separation checklist” in Peoplesoft.D.
Dismissal for cause, nonretention of MPP employees and automatic resignation (
absent without leave): When an employee has been served with a notice of dismissal, a notice of nonretention or a notice of automatic resignation, the Director of Human Resources will informthe affected division’s human resources liaison to initiate the separation checklist process. Theliaison is responsible for assuring that the checklist is completed within the time limits set forth below for each particular action. The affected employee’s supervisor will be instructed by theliaison to assign a “separation checklist” in Peoplesoft.E.Once the check out procedure is initiated pursuant to sections A-C above, the following stepswill be carried out:1.As stated above, the departing employee’s supervisor will assign a separationchecklist in Peoplesoft. He/she will also provide the departing employee with alist of the types of items expected to be returned. Said list will be provided by theDepartment of Human Resources. Said supervisor shall make an appointment for the departing employee to meet with the HR Department staff within five work days of assigning the separation checklist in Peoplesoft. The system workflowwill send email notifications to the following departments/employees:
a.Associate Vice President of Information Technology(computers, telephones, instructional media equipment andany passwords that provide access to campus computer systems) b.Locksmith ( keys). Please view the following web site toconfirm the employee’s assigned keys:http://www.csudh.edu/admfin/pp/pphome.htm c.Director of Accounting, includes Cashiers Office. (Traveladvances, jury duty refunds, outstanding financialobligations, etc.)d.Dean of the Library (library fines and overdue books)e.Director of Procurement (property such as cell phones, personal data assistants, credit cards, etc.)f.Director of Human Resources (rideshare property such asvouchers, carpool parking passes, and form 700, conflict of interest.g.Director of Admissions (identification cards).2.Said e-mail will inform the designated administrators that an employee (name will be listed) is ending their employment with the campus. The administrator mustnotify the staff of the Human Resources Department, within two business days of receipt of the e-mail, of what equipment/money the departing employee owes theUniversity, e.g. laptop, cell phone, library books/fines. The information must bespecific and include nomenclature, inventory number, key number, etc. thisinformation shall be provided in e-mail format to any of the MPPs in theDepartment of Human Resources.3.After receiving the e-mails called for in subsection 2 above, the HR staff willmeet with the departing employee to receive University owned equipment and/or funds. All such equipment/funds will be distributed by the HR staff to theappropriate department(s). For example, a returned lap top will be given to theProcurement Department. If the departing employee does not have the requiredequipment/funds, the HR staff will notify the affected employee’s Division HR liaison of the missing items and the liaison will contact the employee and attemptto retrieve said items. After waiting a reasonable amount of time for the liaison toattempt to retrieve the equipment/funds, the HR staff will check off the obtaineditems on the electronic separation check list and forward it to the PayrollDepartment which will store the form for audit purposes. The affected divisionliaison will also receive an electronic copy of the separation checklist.4.Under normal circumstances, the checklist must be completed prior to thedeparture date of the affected employee.5.If an employee is placed on administrative leave prior to a predeterminedtermination date, the affected employee’s supervisor shall be responsible for insuring that the check list is completed before the commencement of the leave.This shall be accomplished by initiating the action called for in section A above.6.If an employee is terminated for cause, his/her computer access shall be disabledat the same time he/she is informed of the decision to terminate his/her employment. The Director of Human Resources or the affected employee’sdirector is responsible for contacting the Associate Vice President of InformationTechnology to arrange the disablement of all computer access. If an employee isvoluntarily separated, the supervisor of the departing employee shall implement

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