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Public relations Contemporary Approaches Communication Plan

Public relations Contemporary Approaches Communication Plan

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Musaab Mohamed Adam Osman on Nov 16, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Contemporary Approaches to Public RelationsMusaab AdamMCC 20430581155
Education, AwarenessImprovement and IncreasedSponsorship Campaign forthe:Malaysian Mental HealthAssociation
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Contemporary Approaches to Public RelationsMusaab AdamMCC 20430581155
Back ground
Recently the World Health Organisation or (WHO) released a reportestimating that one in five people will have a mental health disorder intheir lifetime. (http://bhd.bz/mentalhealth/index.cfm) This high figurehas resulted in an alarming rise in social stigma surrounding mentalillness in most societies around the world. In Africa for example amentally ill person could be mistaken as a voodoo practitioner ormagic spell victim, and thus could be subjected to torturous rituals asthe suitable cure. In advanced nations mental illness is identified bysymptoms which are increasingly on the rise. Identification of mentalillness symptoms is crucial because the human brain is subject to anumber of clinically proven conditions; these include epilepsyschizophrenia, and manic depression, thought disturbance, delusionsand hallucinations.According to David Crosbie, Chief Executive of the Mental HealthCouncil of Australia, (MHCA) there is disappointment among the councilthat there is so little movement in towards positive reform orconsiderable financial support in the mental health sector (.mhca.org.au/MediaReleases/2010/Budget%202010%20Release.pdf).However in contrast with our Malaysian situation we have a long wayto go until we implement health reforms such the Australian (CoAG)
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Contemporary Approaches to Public RelationsMusaab AdamMCC 20430581155
Health Reform agreement whereby the (MHCA) is allocated annualfunding commitments to improve the lives of the thousands of peoplesuffering from mental health disorders in Australia.(MHCA) CEO David Crosbie argued that State and federalgovernments have underinvested in mental health for decades andnow we are all paying a huge price for this” The wide spread ignorance about the types, symptoms and cause of mental illness in Malaysia is fuelling the stigma surrounding it thusleading towards further segregation against mentally ill peoplespecially children. The results of a dipstick survey which was carriedout at an early stage are extremely alarming. 30 youthful respondentsdidn’t recognise the existence of the (MMHA) or Malaysian MentalHealth Association in addition 25 of them didn’t recognize anysymptoms of any mental illness such as depression. According to the(MMHA) website “Mental illness is often misunderstood. For centuries,it has been seen as either possession by evil spirits, a moral weaknessor punishment from a higher being. Those suffering from mental illnessare commonly perceived to be restless, violent and unpredictable”.
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