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Tumblr Tan

Tumblr Tan

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Published by Matthew D Hems

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Published by: Matthew D Hems on Nov 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TUMBLR-TANWritten byMatthew D HemsAddressPhone Number
INT. 8AMINSIDE TUMBLR-TAN’s bedrooTUMBLR-TAN lies asleep in her bed. A little alarm clockblinks and chimes a quiet song alarm. There’s a banging onher door.FATHERTumblr! I’m serious! If you don’tgo to school today I’m cutting offyour internet!TUMBLR-TAN snaps awake.TUMBLR-TAN(whispers to herself)Cut off my internet? He wouldn’t.Let me just check my blogand thenI’ll get up.TUMBLR-TAN rolls across her bed and opens her laptop on thefloor. She refreshes the TumblrDashboard.TUMBLR-TAN (CONT’D)No new messages? Ugh. Whatevs.TUMBLR-TAN quickly snaps a picture of her face in a funnypose and posts it.FATHERLet’s go young lady! You already missed the bus!TUMBLR-TANWhat? No! How am I gonnaget toschool?EXT. OUTSIDE TUMBLR-TAN’s GARAGETUMBLR-TAN and her FATHER stand in front of an old bicycle.TUMBLR-TANI can’t ride that thing!FATHERSure you can. I’m the one thattaught you how to ride a bikeremember?TUMBLR-TANNo Dad. I mean I can’t ride thatthing in public! It’s old andgross!
FATHERNo it’s not. It’s uh. What’s that word you’re always throwing around?Oh right. It’s “vintage”.TUMBLR-TAN’s eyes widen.TUMBLR-TAN“Vintage”? Really?FATHERSure. They don’t make bikes likethis one anymore. Yupthis is areal rare find. So make sure youuse the bike lock.TUMBLR-TANTake a picture of me on it first!FATHERWhat?TUMBLR-TANHere snap a pic! I want everyone tosee my new vintage bike!TUMBLR-TAN puts her phone in her FATHER’s hand. He scratcheshis head and hesitates.TUMBLR-TAN (CONT’D)THE GREEN BUTTON!The camera beeps and TUMBLR-TAN strikes a pose on the bike.TUMBLR-TAN (CONT’D)Do another one! Keep going!FATHERDo we really have time for this?TUMBLR-TAN gets a threataninglook.TUMBLR-TANThere is always time for pictures.If I don’t have pictures, it didn’thappen.FATHER snaps a few more shots. TUMBLR-TAN runs up an snatchesher phone back.TUMBLR-TAN (CONT’D)Oh yeah. This is perfect!2.

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