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Desert Roundup

Desert Roundup



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Published by ktodd
The newspaper of Naval Airstation Fallon
The newspaper of Naval Airstation Fallon

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Published by: ktodd on Jul 30, 2008
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August 2008 Volume 4 No. 8
MWR Desk 2Whine or Dine 3NSAWC 6FRC West Fallon 8SFWPD Desert Outlaws 11FFSC 15
NAS Fallon –
Master-at-Arms FirstClass (MA1) Kyle J. Stewart was promoted on 8 July 2008 at SecurityHeadquarters aboard NAS Fallonunder the Combat MeritoriousAdvancement Program (CMAP).CMAP provides commanders theopportunity to advance junior enlistedSailors who display uncommon valorand extraordinary leadership whileengaged in, or in direct support of,combat operations.During an Individual Augmentationtour in Iraq, Stewart, a military police dog handler, saw combat rsthand. “While I was there on one of my missions we did take small armsre,” said Stewart, the K-9 AssistantLeading Petty O cer of SecurityDepartment. Also my dog Damienand I found a homemade explosivefactory that housed all the ingredientsfor homemade explosives.”e following actions are examplesof situations that may warrantconsideration under this program:· Sailors actively participating inground action or operations against anarmed opponent.· Sailors actively involved in oensiveor defensive engagements againsthostile seaborne watercra (e.g.,members directly involved in visit,board, search and seizure operations as part of a boarding party or defense of an oshore oil facility).· Active ordnance clearing, removal,or render-safe operations.· Active involvement in anti-terrorism/force protection missions where armed engagement with anopposing force occurs.Nominations must be submitted within one year of the meritoriousaction or performance in combat.Meritorious action from the previous year is eligible. To get the promotion you have tosubmit a package through the chainof command to the Chief of NavalOperations (CNO), or you can submitthe package through the Master Chief that is in charge of all naval personnelin Iraq, according to Stewart. “WhatI did is I submitted the package up tothe CNO when I got back to Fallonand it got approved that way.Stewart started his naval careerat the U.S. Naval Recruit Training Command Great Lakes located atChicago. en his next stops wereto Yokosuka Japan, Military Working Dog School in San Antonio Texas,Command Naval Region SouthwestDeployable K-9 Unit in San DiegoCalifornia before coming to Fallon.MA1 Stewart has been in the Navyfor a total of seven years and has beendeployed to Iraq for six month tourstwice.
NAS Fallon Sailor gets Rare Combat Promotion
Story and photo by Mass Communications Specialist, 2nd Class, Steven A. Rinkel, NAS Fallon Public Aairs
MA1 Kyle Stewart (right) is presented with his certicate of promotionby Captain Michael Glaser, Commanding O cer of Naval Air Station Fallon. Petty O cer Stewart was advanced Tuesday under theCombat Meritorious Advancement Program following two tours in Iraq.
Master-at-Arms Second Class PettyO cer Jeremy T. Fuller, Yeoman irdClass Petty O cer Brian A. Rathell andCorporal Adrian J. Simonson were awardedscholarships from the Carson City NavyLeague, while Hospital Corpsman SecondClass Petty O cer Renee Garnett wasrecognized for her selection as Sailor of theYear during a banquet on July 18, 2008.Rear Admiral Len Hering, the two-star ag o cer in charge of Navy RegionSouthwest, was the guest speaker at theCarson City Navy League and helped present the honors to the awardees.Navy League councils supportactive duty military personnel through“adoption” of ships, installations, andunits; commissioning ceremonies; award programs; and other recognition programs.During his address to the NavyLeague, Hering said, “ese scholarshipsthat you are presenting them are allowing them to fulll some of their aspirations.92% of all individuals that come into theNavy today join for the Montgomery G. I.Bill.”e Navy League works closely withthe Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard andthe US-ag Merchant Marine through anetwork of 265 councils in the U.S. andaround the world. e Navy League hasmore than 65,000 active members.e Navy League supports America’s young people through its youth programs,including sponsorship of the US NavalSea Cadet Corps and the Navy LeagueScholarship Program. Individual councilsare also involved in promoting youth-oriented activities in their communitiessuch as Navy and Marine Corps JuniorReserve O cer Training Corps (JROTC)units along  with other recognized youth programs.Local councils and National headquarters provide over $200,000 in scholarships andawards every year.“Were pushing these kids to makesure that they understand that highereducation is a principal part of who and what we are, and that we want you to get your degree,” said Hering of Sailors today.“We want you to go through that rstfour year enlistment and nish with anassociate’s degree. We believe that’s our promise.”Petty O cer Fuller (NASFallon) received the Capt. W.R. AlcornScholarship, Petty O cer Rathell (NavalStrike and Air Warfare Center) receivedthe Mr. Donald L. Campbell Scholarship,Corporal Simonson (Marine CorpsMountain Warfare Training Center)received the “Jake” Jacobsen Scholarshipand Petty O cer Garnett received theSailor of the Year award for the DeWertBranch Medical Clinic at the MarineCorps Mountain Warfare Training Center.
Sailors Recognized at Carson City Navy League
Story by Mass Communications Specialist, 2nd Class, Steven A. Rinkel, NAS Fallon Public Aairs
Happy August to everyoneand welcome aboard CVW-9. As I write this I’m hoping that the high temperatures inuly don’t carry over to August.ere’s way too much to doand see in August and if wecould please have the temps justaround 85 I’d be most grateful. August is a busy month andhere’s a few events taking placeright in our own backyard.#1. e Oasis Stampede(Donkey, Mule Show &Country Fair August 1-3at the Churchill CountyFairgrounds#2. Rattlesnake RacewayAugust 2 Bomber Challenge August 23rd Mud Bogs(One of my favorites) August 30th Kids Rides August 31st DemolitionDerby#3. Top Gun RacewayAugust 15th Test N Tune& Grudge Racing  August 16th ET Race #10& Pro uick #16August 29th Big Bucks2008 & test N Tune#4. NMXD Arenacross TripleCrown Finale August 8th& 9th at the ChurchillCounty Fairgrounds#5. Overland Hotel’s 8thAnnual Chili Cook-o onAugust 16th#6. August 29th – September1st is the Lions Club JuniorRodeo at the ChurchillCounty Fairgrounds#7 is is a can’t miss have togo event… e “HeartsO’Gold Cantaloupe FestivalAugust 29th throughSeptember 1st at theChurchill CountyFairgrounds. ere arealways tons of stu going on, great food,melon margaritas, contests,kids activities and muchmuch more.#8. And we also can’t forget theFallon Lions Club LaborDay Parade down MaineStreet on September 1st.So there you have it, quite afew events and activities that youneed to get out and enjoy. Toooen we hear the “ere’s neveranything to do” so the next time you hear that you can showthem the information above.For more information pleasego to http://www.fallontourism.com/
2 • AUGUST 2008
Skipper Says
desert roundup
727 W. WilliamsFallon, NV 89406775-423-3315
Unique Gifts
961 W. Williams Ave • 423-6118
 Thank you Fallon for voting me
“Best Pet Groomer”
Real Estate SalesProperty Management590 W. Williams AvenueFallon, NV 89406
Pet SittiNg
“Quality and Loving Pet Care” 
Cndy Wbb
Owner & Siter 
Your Pe Deserves he Bes! 
Change is one of those thingsthat are a constant in life andalthough most of us do not likechange for the most part, therehave been a number of recentchanges that have happened inthe Navy that we are need toknow about.e recently passed updatedGI Bill presents a new hostof benets for every activeduty military member. eDepartment of Defense is stillin the process of sorting outhow to implement all of theaspects of this bill, but if you want the latest information on what you qualify for, please stopthe NAS Fallon Navy Campus.As I have mentioned beforethe Navy is extremely concerned with the number of motorcycleaccidents that our sailors areinvolved in. One of the waysthat the Navy is attempting to solve this problem isby tightening the training requirements for being allowedto operate motorcycles onNavy installations. Even if youhave already had a motorcycletraining course, the Navy isnow requiring you to update your training every three years.If you have any questionsabout the new requirementsand whether or not you arestill qualied to operate amotorcycle on the base, pleasecontact the NAS Fallon Safetydepartment.Finally, the Navy has recentlychanged the rules on how manydays of leave you can carry overfrom one scal year to the nextincreasing the number of daysfrom 60 to 90. is change wasoriginally not supposed to gointo eect until 1 October 2009but the implementation date was moved up to 1 October this year. is means that at the endof September, this year, if youhave more than 60 days of leaveon the books but less than 90days, you will not lose any leave.If you have additional questionsabout this change, please talk to your Admin Department or theNAS Fallon CSD.
MWR Desk
Have a Great & Safe Month!
desert roundup
Chaplain’s Corner
AUGUST 2008 • 3
is CSP newsletter is an authorized publication for members of the military services. Contents of the CSP Roundup are not necessarily the o cial viewsof the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Navy and do not imply endorsement thereof.e appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense, theU.S. Navy, NAS Fallon, or the publisher, of the products or services advertised.Published monthly by Sierra Nevada Media Group, a private rm in no way connected with the Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, under exclusive written agreement with NAS Fallon. Correspondence with the Publisher may be addressed to 5055 Metric Way, Carson City, NV 89706.News Submission: e editorial content is edited by the MWR Department, NAS Fallon. Submissions in the form of news and feature stories and photographs are encouraged; these must include the author’s name, rate, rank and unit for military, and position and department for civilian personnel.All submissions must include duty phone number for information verication. News and feature copy may be edited for adherence to appropriate newsstyle and are subject to editing due to space limitations. Submit articles by e-mail to john.stadler@navy.mil. Submit hard copies or 3.5” disks in person at theMWR Business O ce. Deadline for all submissions is the 15th of every month.For information on paid advertisement contact the Lahontan Valley News at 775-423-6041.MWR Sta: Capt. Michael Glaser, Commanding O cer • Cmdr. Doug Russell, Executive O cer • John Stadler MWR Site Director • Dee Haberthur, Editor
e CSP Roundup • NAS Fallon MWR O ce Bldg. 308 • NAS Fallon, NV 89496If you’ve lived in Fallon forlonger than a few months youknow it’s always a big deal whenever a new restaurantopens up. I’m happy to say thatour newest dining out source“e Slanted Porch” is open forbusiness. Located at 310 S. TaylorStreet they are fast becoming one of the best places to go forlunch. ey oer a wide varietyof sandwiches, salads, soup and anamazing half pound angus burgeralong with a full bar. Whilecurrently open for lunch and onsite catering I’m also hearing thatas they progress thewy could beexpanding their hours and menu.e sandwiches are impressive with 20 dierent selections. I’vetried the Michelangelo (roast beef,turkey, ham, swiss cheese, lettuce,tomato, onion and homemade poppy seed vinaigrette and Icouldn’t have been happier. I alsosampled friends Angus Burger which was quite tasty and CarsonRiver (white albacore tuna salad,swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato,onion and mayo) which were alsoquality sandwiches. e menumay read much like typical delifare but it’s denitely a cut above with reasonable prices.For the littleguys and the young atheart they also oerthe “Homer” whichis a peanut butter andstrawberry jam sandwichalong with chickentenders.I always judge thequality of a restaurant by whether or not I’ll go back andalthough there’s a few places I willforever avoid the Slanted Porch isdenitely not one of them. I lookforward to seeing them grow andin the mean time enjoy what theyoer.For more information you cancall them at 423-4489 or emailthem at slantedporch@cccomm.net
Whine or Dine…
You just can’t help but fall inlove with the Silver State during thewinter. If you love the outdoors,Fallon is a feast for the eyes comeDecember. Snow starts appearing on the Stillwater Mountains as youreyes gaze east. To the south youcan clearly see mountains y toseventy miles away with white-capped majesty. Muted brownsgive way to brilliant whites, the airis cold and crisp, and if you’re reallylucky, you see deer graze on thevalley oor. It’s a season and viewsyou can’t grow tired of.But with summer comeswildre season. Smoke and hazell the air and the views that inspireus fade into a murky background.is season has been so bad that onoccasion we have kept the childrenindoors because of the quality of the air. Later in the day, it’s usuallysafer, but it makes me long for thegrand views. Especially in the weemorning hours, if I didn’t know theway towards the base, the trip couldbe a bit unnerving. e haze andthe smoke make everything lookunfamiliar in the darkness.e seasons of our lives canoen reect the seasons of theSilver State. ere will be timeswhen life and love seem so clear, sobeautiful, and so crisp. Everything is wrapped in brilliance and nery,and you know how your worldshould be. You can peer down yourlife and you know how the journeygoes, and you are thrilled by theprospects. You eagerly look aroundthe next corner for the wondersthat come into your life.But then there are the othertimes when everything seems to bein the fog or haze. Your world isclouded and grey. e forecast isgloomy; the outlook is guarded andgrim. What once seemed so certainand familiar is tentative and elusive.You have an idea where you’resupposed to go, but nothing looksor feels the same.I suspect one of the reasons forguides for people travelling throughthe Great West in the olden days was precisely for the times when the view was hazy, grey, and unfamiliar. When the weather is clear and the view is pristine, almost anyone canget to the destination from theirstarting point. A guide is neededfor those times in life when it’s notso clear or certain.Faith can be that help inuncertain times. It leads us throughthe illnesses, the cancer that comesinto our lives or the lives of those we love. It helps us when we feeldiscouraged or depressed, and isthere for us when the friendshiphas faded away or when a love hasrun its course. When God said thatHe would never leave or forsake us,it was a promise that He would bethere for us for the entire journeyof life. e Psalmist David wasso condent that he could counton God’s presence even when he walked through the valley of theshadow of death. rough the haze,he could see God guiding him togreen pastures and still waters. MayGod grant you the faith that takes you through the haze of life until you can see the mountain majesty.
Chaplain Michael Bigelow
Through the Haze
Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) is providing an opportunity for Sailors, familymembers and military retirees to help shape the future of its Fleet and Family Readiness (F&FR) programsby participating in the 2008 F&FR Customer Satisfaction Survey, July 7 through Aug. 7.e survey will permit customers of Fleet and Family Readiness programs to voice their opinions ona variety of topics. F&FR programs being surveyed include Child and Youth Programs, Fleet and FamilySupport Programs, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Liberty, Fitness, ITT, Movie eaters, Library/Resource Centers) and Navy Gateway Inns and Suites. e survey will be available online beginning July 7at www.cgroup.net/r.e assessments were developed in consultation with Claes Fornell International, an independentresearch rm. e results will provide Navy leadership with information that will be used to enhancecurrent programs and improve Navy quality of life.“is is an outstanding opportunity for our Sailors and their families to make a dierence in Navy- wide quality of life programs,” said John B. Baker, director, Fleet and Family Readiness programs, CNIC.“e results of the assessments will be used by Navy leadership to improve programs and services thatsupport the eet, ghter and family.For more information, contact Nancy Walker, Regional Marketing Manager at (619) 556-7033.
Sailors and Families Invited to Participate inFleet and Family Readiness Program Survey

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