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Reflections Concerning a Recent Article

Reflections Concerning a Recent Article

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Published by Dan Constantin
Article by fr. Dan Bădulescu
Article by fr. Dan Bădulescu

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Dan Constantin on Nov 17, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Fr. Dan BădulescuEarly days of the year 2009 have surprised our church life and social field in Romania ravaged by a new storm stirred up by the wicked acts of the scandal of biometric identification chips. The greatspiritual father of our nation, Father Justin Pârvu from Petru Vodă Monastery has launched an appeal toall Romanian believers to not receive these arbitrary acts which, although not the seal itself and therejection of Christ as presented in Revelation Ch. 13, are clearly for everyone, a stage, both for apostasy, but also, for those who do not value the sacred, to a total dictatorship over our bodies and our souls. This message has triggered as expected, a wave of various reactions, from unconditionaladherence to the defamation and rejection as fierce.Among the reactions posted in what is called nowadays "blogosphere", the field of moderncommunication on the Internet, our attention was drawn by hierom. Gregory Sandu’s article titled:"What's allowed and what is not allowed to a Christian to receive." Since we are still in the realm of discussion pros and cons and the sobornost consensus, not to mention the position of "official", havenot coalesced into a somewhat unanimous definition, we express (with caution, as a subject still think retouch!) the agreement with the analysis and the measures envisaged by Father Gregory, whom wethank with love and gratitude for his edifying contributions.That being said, we have allowed, with the same love and appreciation, to bring a humblecontribution of this useful article, that does not change as we said the essential of the conclusionsconcerning sealing and apostasy, but what comes with something we believe that reinforce theseconclusions: the true confession of cosmology, i.e. the scriptural and patristic. We will therefore refer to those passages, by asking Father to forgive us for daring this and hoping that he will receive with thesame love the testimony in question. Therefore, we read that:"Those through are prepared even nowadays the conditions of Antichrist's reign are tryingcleverly to plant, both in the minds of those who believe in science and in the minds of those who believe in God, the idea that things go naturally and inevitably to this end they desired. Their demonstration is based on astronomical knowledge converted into astrology, so that all this serve to theidea that they wish to implant in the mind of men. It starts from the
known scientific fact 
that the NorthSouth axis of the Earth in its movement describes a full cone in 25,764 years."The astronomy and chronology of the Holly Tradition as the Holly Fathers got and have taughtsay something else. These, as it should be known and constantly reminded to the orthodox Christians of all ranks, lay people and monks was a geocentric/static one, and the age of the world counted thousandsof years, from Genesis to the Nativity are 5508 years, this year 2009 being the year 7517. All these being impossible to deny and fight within the church, i.e. those who believe, confess and love this HolyTradition and the Fathers referred to, results that the North-South axis of the Earth is fixed motionlessin the center of the cosmos/universe and does not describe anything, no Geometric trajectory. Again,those 25,764 years is a Pythagorean/Platonic meaningless in this reference frame.
"What's allowed and what is not allowed to a Christian to receive" by Hierom. Gregory Sandu.
"The speed of precession is thus one degree in 71,5667 years. The heavenly around the ecliptic(Earth's orbital plane) with a width of 18 degrees is called the zodiac, because here are the 12constellations
through which the Earth goes successively in its yearly course
."We give below some basic explanations of patristic astro/logy/nomy to help clarify theunderstanding of this passage:Given the geocentric model, results that the Sun, the fourth planet from Earth, makes its routethrough the zodiac, that band of 18 degrees, 23 degrees inclined to the ecliptic plane. Modern and contemporary astrology is an amalgam of "classic" astrology, based on modernmovements.Broadly speaking, the classical astrology can be described as follows:"This fragment is preserved in the
 Ecclesiastical History
of Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea of Palestine (Cart. VII, chap. 32). Under the opposite side of the universe is to understand the southernhemisphere celestial of the celestial globe, which divides the celestial equator, called by MatthewBlastaris in another place of his the treaty, the great circle of the parallels, the equinoctial circle, thenorthern hemisphere. In the month of March the sun finishes its way trough the southern hemisphereand moves in the north. He has his way in
the zodiac, which is divided in 12 parts
, called by Blastaristwelfths, 6 in the northern hemisphere and 6 in the southern hemisphere. The sun travels this way in ayear going to turn through the 12 twelfths and spending in each of them about a month. The 12 months2
of the year thus correspond to the 12 parts of the solar track. The first twelfth is that of Aries, in whichthe sun enters in the northern hemisphere. When this is the beginning of it, then it is in one of the two points in which the solar path, the ecliptic, is cut by the celestial equator, equinoctial circle, i.e. thevernal equinoctial point, about which Blastaris says in another place that it is seen at the beginning of Aries." (cf. Prof. C. Popovici, introduction and commentary to" Matthew Blastaris,
On Pascha
)In terms of astronomy the observations of the new age astrologers suffer from serious flaws thatmake it appear a multitude of different timelines as to when this passing occurs. What interests us here,however, are the theological implications in these concepts and their effect on Christian faith anddoctrine. For, far from being a mere astronomical aberration and petty superstition, the new agemovement is emerging as a dangerous enemy of Christianity in a world scale. Let us compare theseallegations of human astrological with the revealed astrology. How would that period of 2147 years (byother authors: 2160 years) of the sun in a sign have occurred? Let's remember that this is the siderealzodiac and the zodiacal constellations. For the precession of the equinoxes occurs exactly in thesidereal zodiac. Turning to the first week of Creation, on the 4
day when all luminaries, planets andstars were created, the sun was in the fist degree of Aries, the time of the vernal equinox (we can call itif you want March 21). This is illustrated in a normative text for paschalion of hierom. MatthewBlastaris:3

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